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Published on November 26th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 423

listen quran online

listen quran online

Never Ever Lose Hope In The Mercy Of ALLAH”listen quran online “



bismillah r-rahman r-rahim the dog throw

eyes open

Allah is waiting when is the slave of

Allah going to come back to Allah Allah

calls out yah a body

o my beloved slaves my respected

brothers this crippled English language

or any other language cannot possibly

translate this expression here a body if

a mother as an only child and he picks

the child up with love and Muhammed and

she says my child in English or any

other language you will translate my

child but there’s two words do not

express the wealth of mamta and motherly

affection that is found in a heart which

he says my child the love my allah has

for us is 70 times more than the love of

a mother

“listen quran online “

yah a body o my beloved slaves would

love and affection more than 70 times

that of a mother whom is alive dressing

like this with such compassion and such

love whom is ally dressing is he

addressing the target bazaar is he

addressing the carnot is he addressing

the Miceli is he addressing the Siam is

he addressing the sake is he addressing

one whose everydays in his ibadat no

“listen quran online “

yadi o my beloved slays whom is ally

dressing Aladeen ashrafilal on foresee

him those who save three days in the

disobedience of Allah and with every

night is in the disobedience of Allah

Allah is calling out to them oh my

beloved slay

what is your law saying to you what does

your allowing you to know la Tecna to me

rockmetteller never ever lose hope in

the mercy of your law the Kings never

Bend on you the government may have

abandon you your own family never

abandon you society may not be prepared

to even look at you but the door of your

honor is still open

come back to your law how much longer

you been to make war the law how much

longer you wait to defy the commands of

your law in the law high up furrows

Vinoba jamia in who who is a furrow

rahim allah is most forgiving most
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“listen quran online “


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