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Published on November 13th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 462

Nauman Ali Khan “Ayat Alkursey”

well I made my way to my favorite

example you don’t have to raise your

hand but if you can’t if you if you

raise it I’ll feel good about myself how

many people know either Tim could see I

think I see the last example of the

evening I want to share with you is a

little courtesy okay we’re going to

recite it together

irulu billahi min ash-shaytaan-i’r

rajeem allahu la ilaha illa huwa hey yo

lo que yo la cocina tono voila no la who

mephista Marathi himavan and Mandela the

yesh Miranda who in the evening Jana Moo


ad ham wanna howl Tahoe voila hey tuna

be shaming Raymond Larry Makaha was he

our core co-hosts Emirati well ugh wah

wah Lonnie you know Holly ayatul kursi

is made up of nine sentences hundred

course he has nine sentences I’ll walk

you through them allahu la ilaha illa

huwa hey Luca you number one lotta

whoo-whoo-whoo singer tone what I know

number two Lahoma fish sama wati wa ma

fan-out number three what’s number four

mandala the yesh Miranda Ho in Lobby

evenings number four yay along with


ad here mama halfa home number five then

why lie he tuna be shaming him me in in

lobby masha number six then we’ll see

I’ll call see you Jose Milwaukee well

out number seven well I uh you do who

have Lahoma number eight what well I

knew Levine number nine nine sentences

the first sentence is allahu la ilaha

illa huwa hey Elka you it’s a beautiful

sentence which ends with two of Allah’s

names with what are those whose names al

hey I’ll kill you the living and the

source of all establishment everything

stands and exists and is maintained

because of Allah what’s incredible is

that the last sentence sentence number

one has something in common with

sentence number nine which is what I li

you’ll having how many names of Allah

and Allah in the last sentence two names

of Allah in the first sentence two names

of Allah in the last sentence okay

what’s the second sentence before I go

to the second sentence let me tell you

something about security security guards

have a very hard job they have you see

those British guys that wear the funny

hats at the towers like Exmark that’s a

hard job and one of the best jobs for

college students but if you get a secure

you know if you’re in security you have

to stand sit in your booth you have to

stare at the CCTV for hours an hour and

doesn’t move it’s the same picture and

if you look at it for 12 hours eight

hours it’s the most exciting thing

you’ve ever done in your life what tends

to happen when you’re guarding something

you tend to get sleepy you tend to get

tired when you’re guarding something you

tend to use you so you’ll see of course

you don’t watch movies because you’re

very religious but you know but in

movies they have these things called

movies and then sometimes they have they

have an action movie and the guys trying

to get inside a place but it has a

security guard but the security guard is

so he grabbed him crook you know and he

gets inside because he’s the guys

getting the security guards getting

sleepy you understand okay

allah azzawajal says about himself Lata

muda Hussain atone

well unknown drowsiness drowsiness

happens when you’re tired your eyes

start getting kind of closing a little

bit you’re not sleeping but you’re kind

of half sleeping like that guy over

there I’m kidding I’ll get it

well which I have sleeping that’s that’s

Sina and of course what happens after

that what’s the next step

No first comes Cena Cena is like you

know when when you go to Jamaa and the

Khateeb says in al hamdulillah alladhina

got Cena ok

by the time he gets to I you have look

what uncle on that’s that’s known yeah

that’s no okay so you know the

difference between Cena end no

drowsiness and then sleep ok this is the

second sentence the second sentence is

these are things that creation has

creation gets tired and it starts

getting drowsy and eventually it falls

to sleep you know or sometimes you tell

yourself no no no I’m just closing my

eyes but I’m not sleeping okay let me

just close my eyes for a second this is

you’re gone you’re finished okay now

here’s the thing I know something about

Cena unknown because I’m a teacher by

profession right so being a teacher is

all you might as well do is you know a

PhD in sleep sciences or sleep sleep

studies because you see students like

you know how you people check out of a

hotel you can see their brains checking

out like in the middle of a lecture line

it’s the best this is the second

sentence about sleep about exhaustion

and sea drowsiness and sleep what was

the second last sentence well who do who

have boo Huma guarding the skies in the

earth does not exhaust Allah when

someone’s exhausted what do they get

Sina and Gnome the second sentence is

actually connected to the second last

sentence that’s a hallucinogen what I

know what I Obama he says no Huma fish


will not fit he owns whatever is in the

sky and the earth now before I tell you

further you need to understand the

difference between two words two names

of Allah Malik and Malik two names of

Allah Manik and Malik I hope I can

explain this difference to you because

it will make you appreciate these I act

like nothing else

Malik is an owner Manik is an owner

Manik I already told you today what is

medic King is there a difference between

a king and an owner yes you are the

owner of your pen but you do not say I

am the Royal sovereign of this infant

Lippa you don’t do that that doesn’t

make a lot of sense

you understand owners can be of small

things you can own a car you can own a

computer you can own a phone but you

know you’re not going to be the king of

it kingdom is used for big things here’s

another problem ownership ownership is

about property it’s about property but

Kingdom is not about you know you’re not

the king over a tree or the king over a

piece of land you’re the king over the

people who live in that land kingdom is

about controlling people ownership is

about controlling objects the difference

now a law says no who now fish somehow

earthy enough and odd he owns whatever

is in the skies and the earth

what is the ayah about ownership the

ayah is about ownership and ownership

one thing about ownership it’s micro so

every single thing is owned by Allah


what’s the third last sentence anyone

remember what see I’ll come see you host

somehow what he will old his throne

extends to the skies in the earth when

Allah talks about his throne he’s

talking about his kingdom one dimension

of control is ownership the other

dimension is Kingdom both completing the

picture because if you’re just an owner

you’re not a king and if you’re just a

king you’re not in on by the way let me

tell you the difference also nowadays in

some countries we have Kings you can be

the king of an island but does that mean

you own everything in that island no

Allah is the owner of all things and the

king of all things is it both of them

are necessary just because you own and

by the way it could be that somebody

owns all the property but they’re not

the king is that possible

the only property but the king is

someone else so they have property

ownership but somebody else has

Authority or somebody has authority and

no property ownership but Allah has

Allah is Maalik and he is Malik the

monic part of allah’s attribute the home

office am i worth you a muffin or third

sentence the king the kingdom of allah

was here I could see you who somehow I

felt okay what’s the fourth sentence

let’s go back allahu la ilaha il’allah

w’allahu you la ta’khudhuhu sinatun wa

la la la whom F is sumati wa ma feel of

what’s next man under the yes miranda

who allah be if nee let’s understand

this ayah first who will come and make

shafa’a with allah except unless he

gives permission in other words what is

chef our a chiffon if you don’t

understand the concept because we use

big English words like intercession

let’s make it simple chiffon means you

got connections

chiffon means that you

about to lose your job but your uncle is

the manager and he came I said no no no

no he’s with me okay but oh he’s good

that’s chiffon on judgement day we are

in trouble possibly and then somebody

comes and says no no no no no they’re

with me

they’re with me go easy on them please

we beg allah azza wa going to qualify us

for the chiffon of also the law

salallahu alayhi wa sallam and allah

says nobody will come for you your uncle

your cousin your dad your mom your boss

you’re not going to come for you on

judgement it yeah la actually he’s not

going to have another day we’re good you

know nowadays you can do that there with

me VIP pass so you can vote inside no no

not over there there’s no VIP ticket

except the only exception is if Allah

gives permission so this ayah is about

nobody having any authority unless Allah

gives it to them nobody will have any

authority and the only exception and the

word exception is important the

exception is if Allah gives it to them

you clear about that okay when are you

gonna be shaming me they know nothing

they can control they have in the

encircled nothing of his knowledge Allah

accept me Masha the fourth sentence and

the sixth sentence are both about a

statement about Allah and the only


the statement was nobody has authority

to make a case except whoever Allah

gives permission they have no knowledge

except except whoever he wants to give

knowledge to otherwise they know nothing

well our fate will not be shame on me in

na de Masha the two fourth and the sixth

sentence are correlated the first in the


can be a the third and the seventh the

fourth and the sixth what’s left middle

sentence he says ya lamu mabini ad him

huama halfa home oh my god he says he

knows what is ahead of them and what is

behind them as though and he knew what

is coming ahead in the ayah and what was

behind in the ayah he put the big and in

the middle of it is I know what’s I had

and I know what’s behind who speaks like

that who speaks like that so Han Allah

the way in which Allah talks the way in

which Allah delivered this speech and I

want you to be cognizant of a fact

the fact is we now read the Quran is a

book we read it as a text we say

sentence number one two three four five

six seven eight nine the Sahaba do that

the delude himself sallallahu alayhi wa

sallam says look at sentence number one

in sentence number nine and 2 & 8 & 3 &

7 no because he was just what speaking

he was speaking the Quran we are able to

see these things when they’re put in

writing the Quran was so perfect when he

was it was being given in speech and

which has no possibility of mistake when

you write something when you say

something oh man when you say something

is hard to take it back especially if

it’s on YouTube it’s hard but if you’re

writing a nasty email then you can

before you hit sensing erase that and

just say Mubarak and then send it yeah

you have a chance to take it back but

when you are when you’re saying

something it’s done there’s no room to

edit there’s no longer fix allah azza

wajal revealed this quran not in writing

he revealed it in speech he revealed it

in speech you know I’ve sat with

linguists non-muslim linguists and I’ve

shared some of these things with them

and they refuse to believe that the

Quran is spoken they refused to believe

it they say it has to be written

it can’t be spoken I was like you’re

right it is written just not in this

world it is written you know if you look

at who it is written but it was given to

us we’ll say Salam as speech so it would

become very clear to

anybody who listens this cannot be from
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a human being


The writer Autobiography

Noaman Ali Khan:

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Rania Mahmoud


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