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Published on November 25th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 394

My Way Or The Highway

bismillah r-rahman r-rahim

we must stop all of this arrogance and


I’m not some of the community members

that we have who only have one way of

doing things one way there’s only one

way my way or the highway and that’s it

my way or the highway no we have a

religion that is deeply nuanced

it has a broad rule there are multiple

interpretations for many of the rulings

of Islam and beware of arrogating to

yourself the role that allah subhanallah

donna has given to his self alone Allah

knows his religion most of the issue

hadith of our great scholars were done

by signing their photos with while la

who I am Allah knows best in other words

this is the best I can do but Allah

knows best we have to stop all of this

madness where somebody says yaki Haram

is that much money is it agreed upon

have you studied these books have you

studied the O soul because there are

some things that the Ottomans say

there’s a difference of opinion some of

them I differ on certain things and you

will have this you will have opinions of

anime that say that the halal is clear

the Haram is clear and between them are

gray areas many people don’t know them

only the ulama our expertise in these

and we’re talking about the giant the


not people who have studied and done

their nizami course or done their

graduate from four years at a Islamic

University no some of the teachers I

studied with studied for thirty years at

the hands of their teachers thirty years

and they have lifelong learners chef

abdullah bin Vania one of the greatest

living scholars today he studied from

the time he was about four years old

until the time he was 21 every day five

to six days a week

1015 hours a day pure study with his

father and the other teachers he

memorized ten periods of Quran he meant

all of the the dela wean of the

pre-islamic Arab he learned the all of

these texts in Arabic grammar and

learned at Vietnam another thousand

lines after the Elvia he studied the


memorized the whole mesh war of the Med

hub of Imam addict what lie when you see

him with his piety and the way he

addresses these issues Allah Adam I’ve

heard him many times say Allah knows

best this is the best I can do I’ve

asked him about a hadith he said it’s

not in the six collections this is a

level and then we have people saying who

is Jenna dollar bin Vania who are these

these Dwarfs and with no offense to

physical Dwarfs I’m talking about

intellectual Dwarfs physical drawers

that’s not a problem you know that’s the

way a lot created them but an

intellectual dwarf you created yourself

Allah gave you the ability to expand

your mind if your mind is not expanded

you are to blame Allah subhana WA Ta’ala

says your OMA is one OMA and I am your

Lord have taqwa of me and then he says

but despite that they divided they split

there and follow different books our

book is the Book of Allah and the Sunnah

of the messenger of allah but it is in

accordance with valid understandings not

always in agreement but in agreement

that each one is valid and this is the

beauty of our religion so my advice to

myself and all of you we have to be

humble towards this

muhammad rasool allah la ilaha illallah
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muhammadun rasulullah


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