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Published on April 8th, 2020 | by Admin | Views:

Muhammad (SAW) : Linguistic Miracles of Quran

what a physique like what a gift of
Allah here we elevated your mention for
you he’ll and this offer is it’s
understood in two ways you know there’s
in Arabic you can and like in any other
language you could look at something
literally and figuratively
right so when you say we elevated his
mention it means basalt meaning we made
his mention go out loud and that’s
actually true in every event that
happens across the world not a minute
goes by that somebody’s not reciting a
shadow and I’m having my SS ooh la la la
la and everybody who hears it says
sallallahu alayhi wa send them and it’s
being elevated his mention is being
elevated like nobody else’s name any
other human being any other human being
that is mentioned in this way constantly
constantly and instead of dimension
going down over time what happens it
goes up over time it doesn’t go down
over time it increases subhanAllah and
the less it will affine alikat o’clock
what a phonetic radical so this is and
your mention right and allows that we
shall give us so many incentives in the
Quran to remember and send send praises
upon the prophet sallallaahu on you said
them that the believer is constantly
looking for opportunities to do so Allah
Himself says innallaha
well whether a kata who you salute on
and heavy allah himself and his angels
you know in arabic you don’t typically
mention the noun first you mentioned the
verb first you know so it’s your son
Allahu Allah it cut to Alan maybe that’s
the expected format Jim de Familia is
the expected format of the sentence
there are muscles in allaha la manna
ekata who you son una ala nabi you know
what that means imagine even allah no
doubt about it
allah and his messengers they’re sending
salawats upon his messenger upon the
Prophet SAW Salam then you had Lavina a
man who now realized son Luana he was
early muta stiva
right Allah didn’t say begin yeah you
and levena they didn’t begin like that
so many ayat and Quran begin with yeah
you and Nadine Amon just like that
straight but he before he gets to that
topic what does he come to you better
realize what I am telling you to do is
something I do myself and my angels
how will the messengers men should not
be elevated what a phenolic radical this
is part of the good that Allah has given
his messenger sallallaahu

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