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Published on December 12th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 335

online quran reading

online quran reading

Miracles of the”online quran reading”

Just a side note – the historicity of the Quran – the historical integrity of the Quran


you know who Haman is in the Quran?

he’s the minister

or one of the ministers of who?


Haman is mentioned in the Quran

about 6 times

and Allah tells us about Haman

that Firaun commanded him to build him a tower

Firaun commanded him to build him a tower


is there a mention of a Haman in the Bible?


is there a mention of Haman building a tower?


“online quran reading”

but the Haman in the Bible didn’t work for Firaun, he worked for another king named Xerxes in the Biblical Book of Esther

So the Biblical Catholic scholars in the 1600’s

who were first getting into Oriental studies – Islamic studies

they look this thing up in the Quran and say “Aha! We found a mistake in the Quran”


“They’re talking about Haman”

“working under Firaun, while the Book of Esther tells us that Haman worked under the king named Xerxes, a 1000 years after the Pharaoh”

“in Babylon, not even in Egypt”

“and he built them a tower”.
you ever heard of the story – “The Tower of Babylon”?

so they challenged the historical integrity of the Quran (MaazAllah) – they said from the disbeliever’s point of view

“Oh! Muhammad must have plagiarized it from a priest”

“and made a mistake”

“because he mixed up the story of the Tower of Babel”


“and the story of Xerxes with the story of the Pharaoh and he’s confused between the two of them”

that’s what he did

misquotation in the Quran

what’s really interesting is?

In the late 1800’s

the Catholic


the body of Catholic scholarship

unanimously denied the book of Esther as a valid source of history

they acknowledge their own book

they acknowledge that their own book, unanimously

is legend – just stories made up – names made up

The Jewish Encyclopedia even now tells you the Book of Esther has no historical value

none whatsoever

but then it remains – this one question remains – the Quran tells us

that this Quran tell Bani Israel about the things that even they disagreed in

vven they disagreed in some stuff and this Quran tells them – this speaker is giving this to you

“online quran reading”

he can’t be the speaker then – there’s some – this knowledge is coming from somewhere else

now check this out

You know Maurice Bucaille

this famous Muslim who wrote “Bible, Quran and Science”

before he got into that subject, he was a historian – he wanted to study Islamic history

when he came across this problem presented by Catholic priests

he did a little research – you see – what happened in the late 1800’s was

The Egyptian hieroglyphics

were now

being revived as a language

Because hieroglyphics had died about almost 2,000 years

before the Prophet (sallahu alahi wasallam)

Egyptian hieroglyphics had died as a language

and they were revived by German and French scholars

the study is called “Egyptology”

they traveled to Egypt, they studied hieroglyphics and they developed a scheme of you know spelling those images and turning them into a

pronounceable words and all this stuff – okay?

it started about a 120, 130 years ago

So they got into this study

and they made documentation of who the ministers that are mentioned in there

the documents of the Egyptians

what their roles were etc etc.

Maurice travels to France

goes to an egyptologist and asks him

“online quran reading”

by the way, in your records, did you see any name “Haman”?

And he says “Well, I wouldn’t know, you have to go to Germany, but where did you get the name Haman?”

He said “well there’s a Messenger, a man who claims to be a Messenger – in the 7th century”

who says that there was a minister of


who’s name was what?


“and he told him to build a tower”

he said “that’s impossible!”

nobody could have had access to any names

From that time because the language has already died at the Prophet’s time – for how long already?

2000 years

so he travels to Germany to look up the names of

different architects and constructors and ministers under the name – under the Pharoah

specifically under the Pharaoh at the time of the historical era of Musa (alahi salam) – of Moses

what does he find – “Haman”

minister of the stone quarries


“online quran reading”

This name is discovered in the 1900’s

they actually have a statue in Austria, I believe

“Haman” written on it underneath – they revived it from Egypt – his name is Haman – in Austria – the statue is sitting there

we don’t know for sure if that’s the Haman of – of

You know – of the Quran, but still the name exists

the fact that he’s in charge of construction exists

and this is something they didn’t have – but which speaker had?

The Messenger of Allah

but actually the speakers is who then?
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Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala

“online quran reading”

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