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Published on February 19th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 805

Surah Yusuf reading

Surah Yusuf reading

Miracle of Surah Yusuf | Linguistic Miracle | Subtitled”Surah Yusuf reading “


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the story of Yusuf (A.S.) can be broken up into 12 parts

if you know the story, you can easily – as it is in Surah Yusuf

you can break it up into 12 parts

I’ll tell you why I’m telling you this..

when I was in college

before I was even interested in Islam

I took a course called “World Literature”

and in that course,

we studies some parts of

“Plato’s Republic”


we even studies actually the “Communist Manifesto”

we read some things from “Confucius”

we read some things from the “Bible”

we read some things from the “Quran”

and at the time I didn’t know any Arabic

when we took this course, one of our homework assignments

was to compare the story of Joseph in the Bible to the story of Yusuf (A.S.) in the Quran

that was a homework assignment

and the only thing I had was the translation

now, I’ll tell you what happened at the end of that homework assignment later

but let’s go back to this

how many parts did I say the story had?


Ah, what Surah # is it?

anyone know?


Surah # 12 has 12 parts



here’s the 1st part: Yusuf (A.S.) sees a dream

the 2nd part: his brothers make a plan against him

and by the way, the plan succeeds and he’s taken away from his family – you know what happens

the 3rd major part – the wife of the Minister tries to seduce Yusuf (A.S.)

the testimony was put through

so the 1st part was the dream

the 2nd part was the brothers

the 3rd was the wife of the Minister

the 4th one was: when she called the ladies

she called all of the ladies and they also fell in and they – you know

did what the did with the knife

they weren’t very good with the knives

and then

the 5th part: Yusuf (A.S.) ended up in jail

you guys know that part?

he was falsely accused and he went in jail

the 6th part is: when the King had a dream

and he couldn’t figure out what the dream means

what kind of animal did he see in the dream?

call it out loud

“Surah Yusuf reading “

a cow

very good – that’s a very loud cow over there – ok

now, the 7th part: the dream that he had gets interpreted by Yusuf (A.S.)

he doesn’t know what to do with the dream

they send for Yusuf (A.S.), he interprets the dream

the 8th part: Yusuf (A.S.) is released from prison

he gets out of prison

the 9th part: the women

remember those ladies?

with the knives

they confess

“Surah Yusuf reading “

they admit that they did something wrong

the 10th part: the wife of the Minister also confesses

the 11th part: the brothers learned their lesson

you know the brothers who put him in the well in the beginning?

now we’re in part 11, and they learned their lesson

final part

part 12: the dream of Yusuf (A.S.) gets interpreted

finally he knows what the تأويل (ta’weel) of the رؤيا (ru’ya) was

the interpretation of the dream was


how many parts did I say again?


now listen carefully

part 01: he sees a dream

part 12: the dream gets interpreted

part 02: the brothers make a scheme against him

part 11: backwards – the brothers learned their lesson – and they ask for forgiveness

part 03: the wife of the Minister tries to scheme against Yusuf

part 10: backward – the wife confesses that she was wrong

part 04: the ladies try to seduce/ say something about Yusuf (A.S.)

part 09: the ladies confess

part 05: Yusuf (A.S.) goes to jail

going backwards,

part 08: Yusuf (A.S.) is released from prison

part 06: the King sees a dream

part 07: the King’s dream is interpreted

“Surah Yusuf reading “

this is not a book

it was a speech

there was no editing

there was no “here are the 12 parts”

“let’s put part 01 and part 12”

“part 02 and part 11”

“part 03 and part 10”

it wasn’t like that – it was given as a Surah

Rasool ﷺ recited it

and just in that recitation, it has this perfect symmetry
00:04:05,080 –> 00:00:00,000
سبحان الله! ما أعجب هذا الكلام
(praise be to Allah! how impressive this speech is)

“Surah Yusuf reading “

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