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Published on January 26th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views:

Reading Quran with tajweed

Reading Quran with tajweed

Men are held responsible for taking care of women”Reading Quran with tajweed”


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Men are based on women

But let us delve deeper into this word between

Men and women who are dictionaries

Word comes from the verb (s)

stood up

But it also means necessary

Care, conservation and spending

Seriousness and commitment to something .. fact

One of the names of God is derived from the same source

Qayyum is related to reality by word of text

The first is faith

Is that we have to take care of understanding this word because God Almighty chose it

To derive one of its most beautiful names

“Reading Quran with tajweed”

The first thing I would like to clarify is that in terms of language

Is that this word has nothing to do with power

There are many words in Arabic that carry the meaning of powerد

He is not one of them

The strength is not of them

In fact, (prince) differ from (strength)

There is a fundamental difference between them, but unfortunately, in the minds of many

So this opening sentence of the verse

This sentence is interpreted as men having power over women

Do men have authority over women in certain situations?

Certainly, I will be the first to agree

But where does it come from? Well it comes from other places

However, what does this word require?

Strength in fact is an exaggeration formula

Requires repetition, such as baker, tailor, scissors and similar words

All are the same weight

“Reading Quran with tajweed”

When a person actually does it repeatedly, he has to go back and do it again

To become professional experts in this work

And when the name is on this weight

As in the name of God the Ghaffar

The name of God the Ghafar does not mean only God forgives but forgives repeatedly and repeatedly, time after time

The strength here means that men constantly express their care, loyalty and commitment and renew it repeatedly and repeatedly to women

This is the idea of textures

The person who spends and saves

Fulfillment, love, and involvement in things are always effective

Means that men are not fit to be passive

In their relationship with their women

The relationship can not be negative among them

And not to be .. She knows that I love her

Can not ,, ,,, she knows I care for her

This must be expressed effectively, consistently, and always

Why? And on what basis should you be the one who provides care and care? Why?

Because, first, God preferred to each other

Well, when you read it at first sight you might think

“Reading Quran with tajweed”

Men must care, care, spend and renew their commitment and loyalty to their women on an ongoing basis

For God preferred men to women

But that will be (God preferred them)

But God Almighty when he says (including God preferred to each other)

This actually means

In some things Allaah has favored women

And in other things God preferred men

I will give you an example of the Qur’an’s preference for women

God reminds the most powerful and God strengthened the uterus

The womb of the mother, what is the place that he gave to the woman?

So that God puts the piety that is for God or the other day or to protect yourself from the torment of God in the Hereafter

Fear God, fear on the Day of Resurrection and fear at the same level as the mother’s womb

And all that follows, whether marriage, motherhood

Your grandmother, your grandmother .. your grandchildren

Whatever the bond that connects you to one through the womb

Is a sacred bond, you have to have piety towards it

What favor did God give to women?

Elsewhere in the Quran, Ezz and Jall said:

Give them some preferences

Compensation for some of the obstacles

This is what God says

In a dignified manner, that God did not do so to humiliate and humiliate them

Where he added the qualification: good

The idea here is that God encourages men to

Recognize that women as well as in certain respects

Because of this, they should direct some of their efforts to look after women

They have to acknowledge God’s grace and grace

In recognition of this, the man is no longer in a position of total preference but in a position of responsibility.

This burden you

This is something you will ask about at the same level: then ask about that day of bliss

The blessings that God has given you
This is one of these blessings

“Reading Quran with tajweed”

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