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Published on March 12th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 1199

read quran online

“read quran online”

Making too Much Money, Having too little time?read quran online


Theyou see the operation of the custodians”read quran online”

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of Allah’s house so they’re supposed to

and Ibrahim made the route to Allah that

the people all over the world their

hearts should be softened towards this

house okay that the people people’s

hearts should have this affinity towards

Allah’s house and all believers know

that they have that softness towards

Allah as house and if you’ve never been

there your heart desires to go there you

want to go to how do you want to see

Allah house but the people who are

custodians of it should have the softest

hearts they should have the softest

hearts but the thing that makes your


“read quran online”

hard is worldly occupation you’re busy

making a buck you’re busy trying to

provide for your family things like that

so you’re so busy in dunya you don’t

have time for worshipping allah your

hearts become hard so allah makes their

life so easy they don’t have to do

anything that the other tribes have to

do the other times barely survived so if

these people were a starving nation then

they would only be worried about food

and protecting themselves and they

wouldn’t have have any time to worship

Allah properly so Allah got rid of their

other concerns and gave them economic

prosperity so their minds would not be

occupied with that stuff now they can

concentrate on worshipping Allah you

know there are two kinds of people that

have that amass good well people that

have made good money and have good

salary you can do two things either if

you have good salary you can become even

more engrossed in dunya you have good

money and you say might as well go all

out party make me make my entire life a

big party right and you’re constantly

looking to add more luxuries in your

life and make more money out of the

money you already have or you could say

man I’m doing well there’s food on the

on the table there’s a roof over my head

I’m doing well enough so you know what I

need to do now that my time is freed up

from having to seek dunya and Allah has

provided me enough I can take breaks and

study a las Deen and worship Him and

maybe take 10 days off and make you have

takeoff and Ramadan because if I even if

“read quran online”

I don’t make that extra bonus money

there’s still enough in the house we’re

doing ok so I can take some extra time

out I can do some extra worship to allah

subhana wa ta’ala and no one should do

that more than the custodians of allah’s

house is the essential argument you know

this this came to mind i don’t

“read quran online”

– knock-on physicians or anything so

don’t take this personal leave your

physician but I have a physician as a

friend who works part-time you know he’s

got a couple of kids he works hard and

he makes good money makes like a couple

of hundred thousand dollars a year

decent salary for a part-time physician

right and so somebody why don’t you work

full-time man he goes yeah I could work

full-time and make six hundred thousand

five hundred thousand but I’m doing okay

with two hundred thousand and I need the

rest of the time to memorize Quran and

to teach my kids and to spend time with

them and to do things with them so why

should I you know what am I gonna make

this money for if I will a lot has given

me enough and I can do other better

things with my time and spend my life in

a more meaningful way than why Allah

didn’t create me to make more money you

know he created me for another purpose

so if I can survive doing less and do

more meaningful things why not you know

what a beautiful answer because you know

what I find people who do make a lot of

money you know what ends up being

“read quran online”

sacrifice the family they don’t get any

time you’re too busy making the money

you’re too busy going out and you know

getting doing the overtime and then just

sacrificing the vacation and you never

undo by the time you come on the kids

are already asleep but before you leave

forward they are you know they’re not

even they haven’t even woken up and

you’re gone so you don’t see them and

you see them on weekends but you’re too

tired because you’ve been working all

week so you don’t get to play anything

with them whenever they come to spend

time with you said go to your room

“read quran online”

didn’t I buy you enough toys already

with all that money I made so go you

spend time with those toys right and

these kids are completely distance from

you they don’t have anything to do with

you except your money and by the time

they get older and they’re independent

and then you have a little bit of time

you’ve retired or you want to spend some

time with them and you say talk to me

son for a little bit they say I gotta go

dad I don’t have time you know what you

did to them when they were little

they’re doing to you when they get older

and you’re shocked and then you come to

the Imam and I said brother my son

doesn’t talk to me I don’t know what to

do my daughter doesn’t spit doesn’t even

look at me every time I try to talk to

him say I’m on the phone I’m busy I

can’t talk right now

well you bought him the phone and you

bought him the unlimited plan – right so

so who are you blaming

right but the idea that I’m trying to

present that third concept is that Allah

softened their hearts because they more

than anyone else need to be economically

concerned free so they can devote

themselves to the worship of Allah house

and taking care of that house

that is why Allah gave them all of these

luxuries subhanAllah what an amazing


none next time somebody enjoys good

wealth they should think about why is

Allah giving me this wealth and what am

i how am I using it what am I doing with
it it’s Pownall

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