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Ramadan ramadan greeting

Published on July 4th, 2012 | by Mohammed Mominor Rahman | Views:



Make plenty of time for Allah this Ramadan

Allah (Glory be to Him) explains in the Quran that people are busy competing with each other in piling up worldly things, until they reach the graves[1]. He (glory be to Him) also says that people will come to know when they see the hellfire for themselves and are asked about every luxury and delight that they enjoyed in the life of this world[2]. In another part of the Quran Allah (The Most high) asks ‘Oh Mankind, what has made you forget your Lord the Most Generous?[3]’

It is not difficult to see how busy most people’s lives are, especially in the western world and especially in our modern time. In many families both partners are working and indeed this is the direction families are being pushed in by western governments. Despite the development of modern gadgets and technology such as mobile phones, internet shopping, twenty four hours opening supermarkets, educational TV channels, online learning and computer based Learn Quran Online services and other ‘time saving devices’, we still do not have much free time. For many Muslims around the world, it is a struggle to pray five times a day on time every day, let alone to pray in jama’ah in the masjid. Many workplaces, hospitals, stations and airports do have prayer facilities these days; more and more mosques are being built around the world. All this makes it easier and quicker for us to fulfil our daily obligatory acts of worship.

For those who want to go beyond the compulsory acts and draw closer to Allah with optional prayers and other acts of worship such as reciting Quran and giving charity, the current economic crisis is making it tougher to find spare time and money. Despite this there is a growing revival in the Muslim Ummah of learning about Islam, learn arabic online, checking the authenticity of acts of worship and traditions and in the practice of many optional types of worship in recent years, especially among the youth.

We are all given twenty four hours in every day. The rich among us and the poor among us as well as the old and the young are all equal in this respect. So why is it that some people manage to pray tahajjud every night and pray 20 rakahs of taraweeh in Ramadan, while others manage to fast in Ramadan but do not have time for even the fard salah let alone taraweeh? There are many theories and many arguments that could keep us busy for hours in response to this question. It boils down to one thing: priorities.

In business management there is an important principle for effective time management: ‘Do the most important thing first’. So what is the most important thing for us? We are busy working, shopping, cooking, eating, exercising and going to the doctor’s surgery in order to maintain the health of our bodies (and minds in some cases!). What about our souls? Do we not need to make some time to nourish our souls also? In the west, the disbelievers have denied the existence of the soul and the symptoms of that disease show in the cracks in their civilization. Muslims do believe in the existence of the soul; when it leaves the body, food, exercise and the doctor can do nothing for the body. So let us make time to nourish our souls this Ramadan. Let us thank Allah that we have been blessed by reaching this Ramadan; who can guarantee to be here next Ramadan?

The nourishment of the soul is to establish your relationship with Allah, to remember that he is there all the time. This Ramadan, do not forget Allah’s presence. Stand before Him in ritual prayer (salaat) when He calls. Make an appointment to be awake and speak to him during his surgery hours (the last third of the night) and ask him for what you want most; His messenger (saw) told us that he is ready to give at this time[4]. Make dua just before breaking fast; leave whatever you are doing ten minutes before, not once the adhan has been heard. Ask for something big, something you really want. Ask not just for yourself; ask for all the Muslims as Allah (The Most Generus) will not run out.

Make time for Allah, learn about Him and draw closer to Him, Love Him more, Make Him the most important thing in your life. Spend time with Allah (The Most High) this Ramadan. Allah (Glory be to Him) said in the Quran that those who believe love Allah more than anything else[5].

Mohammed Mominur Rahman
Sha’ban 1433 Hijri

[1] Surah At-Takathur [102:1-2]

[2] Surah At-Takathur [102:5-8]

[3] Surah Infitar [82:6]

[4] Hadith Sahih in Bukhari and Muslim

[5] Surah Baqarah [2: 165]


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