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Published on February 28th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 494

Lowest of The Low | Quran Lesson | illustrated | Subtitled


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The next ayah says ,

( “summa radadna’a hu asfala sa’fileen”)

(Quran 95:5)
Then WE lowered him..

“We rejected him and lowered him to the
lowest of the low”

(Arabic of tafseer)
There is a group of mufasiroon that say that

the meaning of being reduced to the lowest
of the low is

we reaching the oldest age. Reaching old old
age. In other words…

And Some even explain this. They say that
in old age, an animal is still good for work.

An old donkey ,
you can still put stuff on him, until he dies

you can work him (make him work) . But a man
, when he

becomes old,he becomes useless, he is a burden
on people around him, he cant even take care

himself. Animals can do that till the day

they die .
So if an animal is a low, he is even lower

than that.
But if you look at the context… other mufasiroons

If you look at the context, the context of

the Surah is not the physical creation of
human being. It’s the

moral , the ethical. The soul is what made
him so high. So , doesn’t make sense to mention

the low and
weakness of the body.

What is the weakness now?
Spiritual weakness! Ethical , Moral weakness

is being talked about.
And this lowest of the low is very very powerful

Let’s take it bit by bit.

The first word is , “Summa”!
But we will come to summa at the end.

We will start with radadna first.
In Arabic ,radadna” can be translated

to: “to return . to reject, to lower”.
Somebody gave you something, you didn’t accept

it OK?
You rejected him and lowered him . That’s

the idea. OK?
Now In Arabic, “to reject” can also be

aqlama” (to change something completely),
could be “sarafa”,

(to turn something away), walla (to turn one’s
face ) , lafata( to tilt slightly towards

Many different words for returning.

This one word, what does it mean? “Ar-Radd”!
It means to reject something based on the

fact that it’s unacceptable.
That’s what radd means.

Radadna means Allah rejected the human being
because he himself became unacceptable. He

something unacceptable.

Allah created him in the best possible fashion.
And then he did something that made him basically

loose that license and as a result , Allah

him and once he rejected him, where did he
end up?

ن ر ن د س دننا ه ه أن س سفن
ن ل ن سا ل فللي ن ن (Radadna hu

asfala safileen!!)
Now , asfal means the lowest, right?

Now , this word is used in Arabic, interestingly,
As-sifla is used for low or wretched people

.Dirty people! Nasty people !
People you don’t wanna associate with. …You

I don’t mean lower class economically but

, I mean lower class socially.
Like moral .

These are not the kind of people , the riff-raff…You
don’t wanna be around !

Their language , their demeanor, their morals!
You don’t want to be around them.

This is as sufla ,in Arabic.
Allah says he reduced him to the lowest of

the low
Safil ..

By the way; this was ,asfal = the lowest”

Safil means something that is low on the basis
of its status, its position, its dignity.

Its meant to be low and inferior. Its meant
to be low and inferior.

Now, we know that Allah created the human
being above everything else.

So much so ,that even angels had to do sajda.
Allah himself says

ن و ن ح ن ملسننا ه ه س م ل
في السبن لم ر ن والسبن س

ح ل رwa hamalna hum fee albarri wa al-bahr
(Israa’ 17:70)

(after He said, We honored the son of Adam),
he says,

We Gave him power over the land and the sea.
He says everything on the earth was created

“for” you.
ه ه ن و المن ل ذي ن خلنقنلنكهم

Baqarah (2:29)
(hu wa al azi kahalaqa la kum)

Everything on the earth was created “for”

من ما ل في السأن س ر ل ض ن
ج ل مي ع عا

ma fil ardi jamee’an (Baqarah 2:29)

Whatever’s on the earth altogether, was made
for you.

So who’s higher on the earth? The human being!
And everything else is lower than him.

The cat, the dog , the car , the building.
Everything is beneath us. Everything is at

our service on this
earth. So these things are low and we are

what? High!
Now Allah says, we made him,( because of his

unacceptable behavior), we made him , what?

lowest of the low!
So the human being became even lower than

the things that he was designed higher than.
Now how does this work?

We were supposed to worship Allah. When somebody
gets rejected , what do they worship?

Other than Allah!
They worship the tree, they worship the sun,

they worship the rock. Whatever they worship

Aren’t those things lower than themselves?
They become…

They bring themselves lower than something
that is meant to be low. They become “asfala

safileen” in
their behaviors.

Subhan Allah!
They lower themselves before that which is

inherently low. That’s how they reduce themselves.
Another meaning of “asfala safileen” is

very powerful.
Is that animals, ( and we talked about how

modern thought has made, has reduced human
beings to

animals. I wish that much was true. Its gone
even worse. Its gone even worse.)

Animal, when does an animal strive? When does
an animal attack?

If it’s scared, if it’s hungry, right?
You know, I was watching a documentary. These

sharks, they feed them, they feed them ,feed

When they are full ..when they consume maximum…they
wont munch ..

Why? Because they are full.
But this human being, when he gets really

low..even animals don’t strike when their
stomach is full.

But the human being will continue to rob and
continue to steal….continue to kill….

The animal will stop attacking when the danger
is over. But this human being will continue

to attack
and continue to kill. And these animals will

not ever do things that the human beings , you
would see

them do it.You will see them kill children,
you will see them engage in genocide, you

will see them
engage in horrific horrific acts that you

can never imagine even on an animal. You can
not imagine

those things on an animal. So if the animals
are low, what does the human being now become?

The lowest of the low!! The lowest of the

Then some mufASirroon say No, this is actually
talking about the hellfire.

That, if Allah had honored the human being
and he still wasn’t able to live up to this,

to this honor that
Allah gave him, then he should be reduced

to the lowest pits of the hellfire…
Like Allah says about the hypocrites. (May

Allah Not make us from them).
ل إ من ن الس ه مننا ل ف ل

قي ن ن ل في ال من د س ر ل ك
السأن س سفن ل ل

(Inna almunafiqeena fee alddarki al-asfal)
(Quran 4:45)

Same word!
ل في ال من د س ر ل ك السأن

س سفن ل ل ل م ن ن النمنا ل

(fee alddarki al-asfali mina alnnar) (Quran

“No doubt, the hypocrites will be in the
lowest pit of the hellfire!” (Quran 4:45)

Then Allah az zawajal, by the way, in the
Quran, this being even worse than animals,

this occurs in
surah al ara’af.

أهولنل ل ئ ن ك كنالسأننس
ن عا ل م بن س ل ه ه س م أن

ن ض مه ل
“la-ika kaal-anAAami bal hum adallu” (Quran

“They are like cattle, Nay! they are even

worse than cattle”. (Quran 7:179)
They are not even..

Even owls are better than them..
So , “summa radadna hu as fala safileen

. Its very powerful powerful statement. SubhanAllah!
In the

But then the last thing I want to share with

you in this context, in regards to this “summa
radadna hu

asfala safileen”. How do we reconcile this
with other ayaat in the Quran? On the one

hand you know,
Allah says we created the human being in the

best possible fashion. Then he says the human
being was

created weak. The human being was created
with an urge to rush. The human being is full

of despair .
“Huloo’wa” , right?

ل إ ن ذا ن م من س ه ه ال من
ش مه ر ن ج ه زو ع عا

ن و ل إ ن ذا ن م من س ه ه الس
ن خيس ه ر ن منه و ع عاIzza massahu

alshsharru jazooAAan (Quran 17:20)
Wa-itha massahu alkhayru manooAAan (Quran

All these are problems of human beings. Weakness.

He is flawed in so many ways and on the other
hand he is such a great creation. How can

he be both at the same time? How many components
of the

human being? Two?
When they are in balance, he is the best possible

When you deny one of them, what happens?

The weakness!
The weakness arises.

The desperation arises.
The despair comes up,

All the flaws of the human being manifest
when this ahsan-i-taqweem, in which Allah

created you, you
stop losing that side. You don’t address that

side of the human being.
That’s when all these problems occur.

Now we get to the conclusion of the surah

ل إلمنا المن ل ذي ن ن آ ن
منه وا ن و ن ع ل مله وا ال

من صالل ن حا ل ت ن فلن ه ه
س م أن س ج ر ر ن غيس ه ر ن

م س منهو ن ن
Illa allatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati
falahum ajrun ghayru mamnoonin (Quran 95:6)
In the beginning I said a modern person…

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