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Published on December 5th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 323

quran majeed online

quran majeed online

Love” quran majeed online”

I always tell the young boys and girls

and I’m repeating this with golden ink

today here your brain and your heart are

two of the most powerful organs of your

body do not give control of them to

anybody never ever there you are did you

hear what I said you might not agree it

will come in handy one day ciao your

brain in your hearts are two of the most

powerful organs of your body if you have

given someone complete control of them

they can really hurt you believe me they

can abuse you to the highest degree the

only one who should have ultimate

” quran majeed online”

supreme control of that is a lot brain

in your heart imagine you’ve given your

heart away to someone who you just an

option they’ve got another 10 handsome

man rush hour it’s happening and they

tell you the only one yes that’s a night

midnight review in high school and see

the left Russia so we shouldn’t do this

we should understand it’s very tempting

you know it sounds Rosie it’s also nice

and sweet and it’s not oh you know same

” quran majeed online”

thing he’s a big hug you know myself

feeling strong now but wow I can’t let

him walk you about how minutes out

that’s that’s my shower that’s what it

is just like you have fought for that I

said there another 200 girls out there

fighting for the same thing so as

tempting as if I see our ground me

better never laughing I find a small

little guy who was not that big but he

will honor you respect you put your

golden confident walk with you and you

want with it I see the smaller guys are

all happy

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” quran majeed online”


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