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Published on November 18th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 243

Lesson For Life

Alvar billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim

bismillahi r-rahmanir-rahim our antenna

you can be with the feather Nicoletti

adorn a team while a wider family skin

family little more son lean and live in

a home so I let him sell food and the

now whom you why am L so that’s final I

am Nona and now this ayah and well I

hope dr. Ayman miskeen are depicting the

same reality but it’s taking the final

step so notice this Laura began with an

attitude that’s inside the heart lying

against her religion then it transferred

the discussion became crimes against

people then the discussion became crime

against Allah then the discussion came

back to what again crimes against people

the two things are intertwined with each

other you cannot separate them they have

become inseparable entities as far as a

lot as Odin is concerned and people try

to separate these two things you know

that people say I’m a charitable person

I’m a good person I just don’t pray

right and then there are people who pray

up very very regularly but they’re

horrible to their family and to the

needs of the need the needy and they’re

greedy and their wealth and cheating

their businesses etc etc people try to

separate these two things what does

Allah do in this surah he makes the two

things inseparable you can’t separate

these two things if you’re good to

people you have to be good to Allah so

again if you’re good to Allah you have

to be good to people it’s in you know he

fused the two and this is the logic of

the Quran it doesn’t let you fall into

these extremes and traps and you know

boxes that you create for yourselves it

keeps you balanced every solar produces

its own set of balance you know that

keeps us from falling into these moral

dilemmas and these problems that we have

we’re almost done in sha allah and i

bear with me in my own one of the

description of all my own and by the way

of not only my own and they forbid they

forbid and Marylyn my own has been

interpreted by many scholars even

sahaba as zakat also very interesting

definition from a literary point of view

who a man you wanna be he can Mattie

Wilma well now it is that what you

cannot possibly be cheapened like water

you can’t possibly be cheap in it but

Allah says at the end of the surah they

forbid even not own they are that cheap

they are that you know the heart of the

heart it’s not even buckle here there’s

something more here they can’t see a

smile on somebody’s face they can’t find

themselves doing something good for

someone the first thought that comes in

their mind is why should i open why

should why should I help you

why should I give you something why

should I give you a ride I don’t care I

don’t owe you anything I don’t need this

this attitude not because not that I

can’t not that I will you need to use it

if you don’t use it I just don’t want to

I don’t like you I don’t want to help

you this is you know cotton under harsh

the hardness of the heart meaning Allah

mentions things one after another that

make your heart harder harder harder and

it comes to the point where even

somebody asks you for something small

ask you for a napkin they ask you you

knock on your door from the neighbor and

they say can have some salt

no and you slammed the door in their

face think they’re gonna get salt from

me you know pathetic this is a pathetic

attitude but this is how low a person

will reach and you call yourself leaders

you call yourselves custodians of the

house of Allah you that Allah has large

offices Optima home in jeweler and in

the previous surah I fed you I gave you

food and you’re gonna act like this it’s

like it’s yours you can be like this if

it was yours I gave you the food and

you’re gonna hold it back like this

subhanAllah the contrast between what

Allah demand what get what he gave them

and the behavior that they’re showing so

this surah as far as the teachings of

the Deen one of the core teachings of

the Deen even if you don’t remember the

ayat and the proofs and the evidence is

the teaching the lesson for life in this

Deen is essentially very very simple the

two things that will keep your heart

soft and keep prove to you that you are

not in denial of the final you know

reward and Punishment the

that mean the two proofs of it are how

you pray and how much you give giving

your dealings with people and your

prayer to Allah so these are an

indication of how strong your belief in

the Asura is and what you should you

should be expecting from it and if our

prayers are weak that’s a life project

now that becomes a mission and if our

dealings with the orphans and we don’t

even talk about the needs of the other

if we’re not concerned about these

things then these things become a

concern first and foremost in your own

family you know for a fact there are

people in your family that need help and

there are some people you don’t like you

don’t like your cousin you don’t get

along with him but he needs help you

don’t like your own she yells at you

she’s annoying but she needs help she’s

financially in need these people deserve

it no matter what because you’re not

doing it for them you’re doing it

because it proves to you for yourself

and insha’Allah Allah it’s a case with

Allah that you believe in being paid

back in the end may allah azzawajal make

us of those who believe truly in our

hearts may Allah correct our prayers and

keep them from these you know these

despicable acts may Allah make us the

best to each other and to all of

humanity and make us living models of

the beauty of this Deen barakallahu li

walakum field Colonel Hakim when a Fanny

welcome bill IIT was the Hakim was

Salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa
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