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Published on March 31st, 2020 | by Eaalim Institute | Views:

learning to read quran online

learning to read quran online

Nobody Loves You like Allah Does, So Keep Asking For Forgiveness” learning to read Quran online”


Have you ever wondered about Tafseer [The explanation of Quran verses]? What are you waiting for ?.Just log on to “Free Quran Education” on Youtube.


The last thing I want to share with you just having hope with Allah

Because for some people it’s very hard to accept that Allah will actually listen

They’ve been going through a problem for a long time

And they start assuming Allah is not listening

Allah doesn’t care

What’s the point of making du’a anyway?

The first thing is, the greatest gift you will ever get from Allah, you know what it is?


That’s the greatest gift you’ll ever get

Whether you realize it’s price or not

Everything else that Allah says He will give you is an added benefit

Everything else

Now, let me give you an example. I have kids

Let’s say one of my kids made me very upset

He did something wrong. I got very angry

“You should not have done that. You should not have spoken like that.”

“I can’t believe you did that.”

And I scold him

Now that I scold him, he goes home

He goes back and he was drawing something for me

He was making me a card

“Abah(dad) I love you”

“Here’s a house I drew” or something. He drew something beautiful for me

And when he drew it for me, who’s he supposed to give it to?

He’s supposed to give it to me

learning to read quran online”

But he crumpled it up and threw it in the garbage

And before he threw it in the garbage, his other brother asked him, “Hey, why didn’t you give it to abah?”

“Why did you throw it away?”

“Abah is so angry at me. He doesn’t care about that.”

“He doesn’t really care. He doesn’t love me anymore.”

If I knew that he felt that way

What would I do?

“Yeah, that’s right. You better throw it away!”

No, I’d be in tears

“How did you think I don’t love you anymore?”

“Yeah, you messed up.”

Yeah, you did something bad.”

“But you’re my baby.”

“You can mess up a million times. I’ll still love you.”

Even if I’m angry I still love you

“Give me that paper. I’ll frame that paper”

“Forget putting it on the fridge. I’ll put it behind the glass.”

“I’ll take it out of the garbage. I’ll cherish it forever.”

Why? Because I love my child despite their mistakes

Even when they make me upset

That’s just me and my child

Well, I’m not talking about me and my child

learning to read quran online”

I’m talking about me and Allah

I mess up with Allah

I make mistakes

Allah doesn’t even scold me

He didn’t strike lightning from the sky

He didn’t push me into hell

He didn’t make my heart stop beating

Everytime I lied I didn’t develop an inability to speak

Everytime I ate something haram my hand didn’t become paralyzed

It didn’t happen

Everytime I looked at something haram.I didn’t go blind

He still kept giving

He still kept providing and I start thinking that Allah doesn’t really love me anymore

“We used to be good, but now that I’m bad the love is gone.”

“So what is even the point of making du’a to Allah?”

Nobody will love you like Allah does

Every ounce of love I have for my child, every ounce of love you have for your child or you have for your parents

That love is only a fraction of something Allah put in you

You’re not capable of loving anyone

The love we have is actually revealed from Allah

It’s a gift from Allah and if that’s the little fraction of the love between the two of Allah’s creations

We can’t imagine the love Allah has for us

Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise

The only one who believes Allah hates him and that’s it, their stories are over is Shaitaan

He believes it

There’s no reason for him to ask for forgiveness because he’s a lost cause

He’s accepted that about himself

If you accept that about yourself

Whose footsteps are you following?

Think about that

learning to read quran online”

If Adam alaihissalam was in Jannah

You couldn’t have a better home than Jannah

And he made a mistake and

And Allah (azza wa jalla) put him on the earth

If he starts believing “I have been given such a huge demotion.”

“Allah is so upset with me,(He) brought me all the way to the earth.”

“How can I ever speak to Allah again? After I’ve disappointed him so much?”

Allah taught him what to do, how to fix his heart?

“Ey Rabbimiz! Biz kendimize yazık ettik, eğer bizi bağışlamaz ve bize acımazsan muhakkak biz, ziyana uğrayanlardan oluruz.” (Araf, 23)

You could be in a really good place and fell into a really bad place

Compared to Jannah dunya is nothing

He went from Jannah to dunya

And as far down as he came he still just as close to Allah

Just those words are enough to connect him to Allah

Don’t give up on du’a

Make this coming month, even from now, preparation

How you’re going to make genuine genuine du’a to Allah

Know that Allah will listen to everyone of your du’as

is an announcement of Ramadan

I immediately respond to the one who calls on me whenever they call on me

That’s the promise of Allah

And the number one du’a you make, the number one du’a I make is going to be for forgiveness

Allah says about nations that he won’t destroy

There are nations that deserve to be destroyed and Allah wouldn’t destroy them. You know why

Because among t0,000hem there are people who still seek forgiveness

learning to read quran online”

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