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Published on March 30th, 2020 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 1


learn the Quran with tajweed online

learn the Quran with tajweed online

“learn the Quran with tajweed online “


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learns happening especially in this

country is the end of temple in someone

s Wahhabi and the other part is for

proclaiming themselves as a disentangle

demonic so this is the situation is I

used to follow one of the well-known who

stars in this country and all his father

his words but I encountered some

“learn the Quran with tajweed online “

Facebook pages attacking him being one

of the Wahhabi and wrote with some

screenshots of his warnings but what

parties are holding Islam is their

religion so what happen is increased up

in my mind towards the estas so can I

say explanation for this issue thing I

didn’t want this catch question but

anyway it’s the last one so let’s go for

it as much as I wouldn’t like to address

the matter I have to okay let me explain

something it’s not an issue of Wahhabi

non Wahhabi what what people have been

here for years on end it’s an issue of

intolerance it’s an issue of extremism

on all parties I believe every gustas

makes mistakes without exception take

the good from all of them and leave the

bad when someone preaches hatred against

another discounted and if you have the

opportunity go to them and tell them

please don’t talk about other people I

want to ask you a question and I’m going

to stand for this you know who I am

right I’m a brother of yours in faith

have you ever heard me talk bad about

another person mashallah

“learn the Quran with tajweed online “

mashaallah the innocent have borne

witness do you agree why I have so much

of goodness to share with the world that

I don’t have time to worry about others

come on come on those who talk about

others don’t have something to present


“learn the Quran with tajweed online “

I am busy doing my work so many people

send me messages or someone called you

our happy someone called you a Sufi

someone said you’re a Salafi someone

said you that they’re Bundy someone said

you’re a Barelvi some of these names I

don’t even know what they mean to be

honest with you I was waiting for the

day they said someone called you a

chocolate man because that’s more that’s

true you know but all these names for me

I say look I know what I am I’m a Muslim

and I’m trying to spread a good message

amongst all groups let me carry on doing

my work the minute I turn to fight them

I become a fighter I caused a bigger

problem and now who’s going to do this

good work because my energy like I said

earlier all the energies are now being

utilized waste of resources to do

something where it’s going to be less

beneficial in fact destructive so please

do yourself a favor when you hear

“learn the Quran with tajweed online “

labeling you need to be more intelligent

than the label you need to rise above it

and tell yourself whatever good is

coming from this person I will take it

whatever bad is coming I will discount

it the reason is even if you belong to

one group it does not mean that you

stars of your group everything they say

is right they will also say wrong things

you will have to pick it up and it

doesn’t mean that there is a Christian

across the road so they cannot teach you

something good I have had people who

taught me mathematics and geography and

biology and sociology and English

“learn the Quran with tajweed online “

language who were Jews and Christians

and Hindus and people who belong to

other faiths I took from them whatever I

had to and I left whatever I didn’t you

follow what I’m saying so when you go to

the University you will have a lecturer

who might be gay for example you know

I’m not talking about this nation in

particular but maybe in Europe okay you

take from them whatever you feel you

need to take from them and leave the

rest I’m there to study petroleum

engineering for example or whatever else

I took whatever I had to and that’s it

and I respect him for having given me

what they did

that’s humanity the problem with us is

the problem is all over we all are

guilty of labeling others this one is

this let’s let’s understand its

qualities that make us or break us you

have a bad quality look I’m sitting with

people I don’t need to know what

“learn the Quran with tajweed online “

inclination he is or I am I know I get

along on common factors that are 9999

compared to the one item that I might I

might find that I’m different with him

in do you know so this is why I say

let’s not allow our nation to crumble

based on this labeling that’s going on

take the good from everyone and leave

that which is not good no matter where

it’s from

may allah subhanahu wata’ala grant as

ease and goodness may Allah bless your

nation may allah subhanahu wa ta’ala

grant you strength and growth and may

whatever issues you may be having be

resolved in the best possible way that

results in the true growth of your

beautiful nation

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“learn the Quran with tajweed online “

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