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Published on March 30th, 2020 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 1


learn the Quran online

learn the Quran online

Pairing For A New Life”learn the Quran online “


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Pairing For a New Life – Nouman Ali Khan

“Wa anzalna minal mu’sirati ma’an sajjaaja linukhrija bihii habban wa nabaatan wa jannaatin alfaafa.”

And we sent down from mu’sirat. Mu’sirat those that squeeze.

Mu’sirat are those that squeeze meaning clouds push against each other,

squeeze one another and from it to juice come the water.

And than fajaaj means actually kasrotul ma’

or kasrotul ishoob‘ meaning heavy pouring rain comes down with clouds fighting one to another.

And you hear the thunder sounds of clouds squeezing against each other.

And from it Allah says, we sent down water that pours and pours and pours down.

“Linukhrija bihii habban wa nabaata.”

By means of which we bring out all kind of seeds turning into crop.

And all kind of produce grass, weeds, trees, bushes, all kinds of produce comes the earth turns colorful.

Because of the rain that comes on the earth.

And then He adds, “Wa jannaatin alfaafa.”

And gardens are all folded up into each other,

“learn the Quran online “

“Lafiif,” laf in Arabic is when something is muddled into something else.

Meaning you know, trees together, you can’t tell if that branch belongs to this tree or that one,

coz they’re intertwined

That’s “Jannatatin alfafa,” lush green garden.

Let me tell you the significant of this passage.

In this passage, basically what’s happening is, to put it simply, here’s the Sunday school version.

It rained and the earth came to life, basically right? it rained and the earth came to life.

In other words, the sky and the earth worked together and out-came new life.

Isn’t that the case?

If you look at the passage I just described to you,

It’s started with the earth and it ended with? the sky.

You remember that? The earth is the cradle.

And the cradle is meant to be carrying a baby.

It’s a Mihaad (habitation) should carry a baby.

And by the end, Allah mentioned, the sky is very intents.

And now that same sky, from it what’s coming? Water.

And where’s that water going? On the earth.

And together they work and what happens? New life happens.

Allah is telling us that one things are in pairs, new life happens.

When things are in pairs, new life happens. The sky and the earth are paired and they produce new life.

“learn the Quran online “

Man and woman are in pair, and they produce new life.

Guess what, this entire life,this entire life was compared to one day. You remember that?

This entire life is like, one day, and it is paired with another day.

What’s… what’s… what is it marry to?

What’s this one day marry to?

The Day of Judgment, and when these two get married,

and there’s new life, either Jahannam or Jannah.

That’s the point so beautifully illustrated.

With the imagery of rain and the life coming forth,

Allah didn’t just make things in pairs, He make things in pairs for a larger purpose.

Up until now, in this passage, everything we learn is about one day, isn’t it?

But this one day should be married to what? The Day of Judgment.

So look at the next ayah, “Inna yaumal fashli kaana miqota.”

The Day of Separation is an appointed time.

Now that Allah is done talking about the first day.

He’s gonna talk about the day that is paired with.

Because Allah made everything in pairs.

You know it’s important i remind you again,

when we come before Allah and Judgement Day,

we will testify that on this earth.

We lived for a day,

maybe part of a day.

“learn the Quran online “

And that itself the time when we meet Allah is also called the day.

So here’s this day, and here’s this day.

They come together.
That’s when the larger purposes produce.

“learn the Quran online “

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