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Alphabet arabic alphabet

Published on September 9th, 2012 | by Admin | Views:



Learn Arabic Alphabet

The Arabs are not free from studying Tajweed because majority of Muslims in the Arab countries that we know of speak and learn Colloquial Arabic as opposed to Classical Arabic. This has led many Arabs failing to learn Tajweed naturally with its rules and its application. At the time of the Prophet (saw) and his companions they did not need to learn Tajweed the way we do today because the Arabic they spoke is what was known as Classical Arabic, so majority of Arabs have to learn Tajweed the same way non-Arabs learn Tajweed.

The correct pronouciation of the Arabic alphabet is the stepping stone towards learning Tajweed. If you can eradicate all the common mistakes when pronouncing the Arabic letters your Tajweed will also be free from common mistakes. Unfortunately there are many Quran tutors who are not qualified to teach Noorani Qaida and this has led to many Muslims learning the Arabic letters with a lot of mistakes, and the longer this mistake is there with you the harder it is to remove. The first thing to do is find a qualified Quran tutor online or Tajweed tutor online who will listen to you, and correct your mistakes.

The Tajweed rules can be learnt without a teacher but the application of it will need a qualified teacher to help you recite with perfection and free from mistakes. Also the Arabic letters will need support from a teacher to pronounce them correctly while getting a description of the articulation points, and practice placing the lips and tongue correctly. It is also imperative in finding the place in the throat where the letter is articulated from, at the same time compare it to the letter when recited by the tajweed tutor.

Oh Muslims! Tajweed and praying Salah is linked, because when you pray you also recite in front of Allah (swt) and while you recite you do not want to meet your lord in prayer making mistakes in your Arabic alphabet or Tajweed. Muhammad (saw) has commanded us to perfect our prayer so learning Tajweed is a part of this perfection.

Why not try to find a Tajweed teacher in your local area or for convenience you can look to learn online with Middle Eastern teachers qualified to teach Quran. Quran teachers are rare to find especially if you live in an area that has low population of Muslims, which can cause difficulty in finding a suitable tutor. If that is the case for you, it is advisable to look online or just move to a different area.

The Prophet (saw) encouraged to learn Tajweed, so why not learn Tajweed online, mosques, madrasas or at home. Why not get started now and learn the Makharij on Eaalim Online, also click on the below Arabic letters and learn the articulation points.



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