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Published on November 15th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 306

Leadership Quality

the story of use of honey Saddam Yusuf

Ali somebody came out of prison he came

out of prison as a result as a result of

interpreting dreams and when he was

brought before the king not only did he

establish his innocence he actually

presented his resume

Yusuf is I’m actually asked for the job

he wasn’t given the job he was he asked

for it himself and he didn’t just ask

for it he said here’s why you should

hire me he said yadda yadda huzzah in

and out which basically means literally

means install me upon the treasures of

the land what that means in simplest

simple English is make me the treasurer

I would like to be the Treasury

secretary of Egypt and here’s why in the

Ephesian Alim first of all I’ll guard

this duty I’ll take it seriously I won’t

sleep on the job I won’t have lame-duck

sessions in my Congress I’m going to be

on the job I’ll take care of it I’ll be

honest about it and I know what I’m

doing Eileen because the guys around you

are a bunch of idiots they’re going to

destroy this problem and it’s going to

create a fiscal crisis and people are

going to die so I need to take care of

business I’m letting you know I’m

qualified to handle this leadership is

about confidence leadership is about

confidence too much confidence and you

have arrogance you have too much

confidence you have arrogance that’s why

before you have leadership the at the

discussion we began with today was

understanding that you and I are up to

Allah slaves to Allah which is the

lowest position you can have but when

you are out of Allah then you realize

Allah you is not you

Talent Allah has given you certain

talents Allah has given you certain

abilities and it is your god-given

responsibility as a slave of Allah to

use those talents to the best of your

ability and if that means you have to

take a position of leadership well that

means you have to take a position of

leadership if nobody is going to stand

up and take the job you have to take the

job that is not arrogance that is

actually being true to what Allah has

given you arrogance is when you are

obsessed with holding your title and you

can’t let it go the motivation Yusuf

alayhi Salam has for leadership is

because it’s going to save lives not

because he likes Treasury secretary

Minister of Treasury’s he doesn’t like

the title he wants to save lives that’s

true leadership leadership not for its

own sake for the sake of providing a

service if you truly believe you have

something to offer in leadership go for

it and some of you Allah has created you

natural-born leaders kids cut class when

you cut class in school you’re a leader

you know people go to the restaurant

that you suggest they don’t go to any

other restaurant you’re a leader Allah

is giving you that natural you have a

personality it’s charismatic people

listen to you they do what you say you

have an influence over the opinions of

others you are a leader and some of you

are not leaders some of you are

extremely good followers you guys are

machines amazing and you know what you

should acknowledge that accept that as a

gift from Allah because the world

doesn’t just work on leaders the work

need the world needs good followers some

of you are neither leaders nor followers

those of you need to pick a lot of

mister far so you’ll find yourself ok

because you need to do something you

need to fit somewhere you know but now

now that we are basically the the two

qualities that that Yusuf alayhi Salaam

describes of himself that justify his

leadership role are a field and I leave

you will guard that responsibility you

will take care of it seriously and it’s

something you will protect

and second you know what you’re doing so

sincerity is under it’s implied it’s

obviously that if you’re a slave of

Allah sincerity doesn’t even have to be

talked about because it’s understood

that’s the foundation anywhere for all

actions but on top of that one you have

a very serious attitude towards the job

– you actually know what you’re talking

about when it comes to that job you know

what you’re talking about

so religious fervor you’re extremely

religious you’re extremely righteous

you’re extremely pious you’re a Hafidh

of Quran that doesn’t mean you’re a

leader that does not mean your leader

your extremes ahead you make go off for

hours and hours and hours and hours that

does not mean you’re a leader because

leadership requires one seriousness with

the job and two knowledge of the job

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