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Published on November 23rd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 748

Laylat Al-Qadr

lailatul cutter have you heard about it

we usually call it the night of power

it’s mentioned in the Quran that Allah

sent down the Quran and the length of

cutter in the night of power and what

will convey unto you what the night of

power is it’s a night where any better

for you than a thousand months not a

thousand nights a thousand months more

reward more ice in this one night then a

thousand months well of course you know

me I got out my calculator set that beer

down it’s a little bit over 83 years 83

years of worshipping Allah all in one

night I’ll take it

that sounds like a bargain that I can’t

refuse oh but waiting when is that

little cutter actually it could be any

night during the month of Ramadan the

Quran doesn’t tell you then we found a

hadith uh-huh that the Prophet peace be

upon him is telling us it’s on the last

ten days walked on but in any case I

didn’t want to take any chance so you

know what I did my first time in is in

Ramadan when I got this lamb I got up

every single night never mind

odd nights even nights every single

night I got up made sure I woke up and

I’m a will do and put on something nice

and I would just begin to pray

and ask Allah to accept from me I wanted

Allah to guide me in Islam to make me a

good Muslim and to use me to help other

people know this message about what is

Islam and I didn’t miss a night but at

work Allah made me a Muslim

alhamdulillah and Allah let me learn

about Islam so that I could explain it

if he’s in my Texas English anyway and

sure enough I’ve got a chance to go all

around the world and see so many of my

Muslim brothers and sisters and talk

about my favorite subject a lot and

Islam so I’m sure no doubt that that

lailatul clutter is there because it

worked for me but which night exactly

well a lot of people have opinions but

for sure now here we are in the last

last of the month I really want to

encourage you and myself to get up and

try each and every night to catch that’s

what they say to catch that night of

power that this night of power is better

for you and me than a thousand months

I pray for you and meet both to catch

that night and we could really open up

your pride to Allah and ask Allah this

is your chance this is my chance to

really make our connection our salah
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with the Loess upon Owatonna


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