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Published on November 23rd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 749

Last 10 Nights Of Ramadan

I said I’m not equal to la the 10 nights

of Brahma Bonner almost here you’ve been

waiting for them in the entire year the

entire year Muslims all across the world

are longing for these ten particular

nights what’s so special about these ten

nights the special thing about these ten

nights is the fact that the prophets of

Allah audi will send insured with this a

secret through which we can have all of

our sins forgiven the prophet salallahu

ID he was 7 and he said the hell roulade

at the other finish eating oh I edema

dermabond see the night of power within

the last 10 nights of ramadan what is

this night of power what’s so special

about this night of power this night of

power Allah Subhan Allah cada tells us

is better than 1000 months that’s right

1000 months that is 83 years one night

of worship will be equivalent to 1000

months of worship this is something

truly special it is so special indeed

for that reason the prophets of Allah

who are you was sending himself as found

in the hadith of aisha radiallahu ta’ala

anho gannon abusive a long ago said

lemma either dahod Elijah when the ten

nights would enter shed damisela the

prophet salallahu Eddie was sending them

would prepare himself for worship at the

same time Elena huwa ala ala he would

wake up the entire night sallallahu

alayhi wasallam Indies 10 nights also he

would also wake his family up also so

that they can all worship together it

would be a family everybody’s worshiping

Allah subhana Allah these are the

special nights they’re finally here and

amongst these special nights is a very

very special night that night is better

than 1000 months that night is the night

about which the prophet salallahu alayhi

wasallam said man amal a little other

man and wife t700 zawada hamata

ferdinand in Zombie whoever stays up

worshipping allah subhan allah ta’ala

during the night of power of Las Okinawa


we’ll forgive all of the sins that he

had committed previously so Paranal not

what were born this is an amazing night

indeed this is a night full of a word i

ask allah subhan allah ta’ala to give us

that’ll fit to practice the sunnah of

rasulullah salallahu idea settlin by

standing up then this night in the Far

are in the obedience of Allah subhana

Allah and also waking our families and

in joining the good to worship within

these nights Allah Subhan Allah data

alone what’s all allahu ala sayyidina
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muhammadin well I daddy he was so happy


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