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Published on November 23rd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 452

Know What Is Islam?

if someone were to ask you what is this

Islam all about 30 seconds that’s all

what you have and by the way the one

who’s asking you this is the president

of the country and you’re in front of

him he’s not muslim all the media’s

around all the Muslims aren’t hearing

what’s going on the enemies are also

aware of what’s going on everybody’s

around and he had 30 seconds to tell the

president was what is it slam all about

sink and thinking think what would you


bismillahir mornin ye a poor miss me

Rebecca Nelly holla holla Paul ears and

inhale m.o.e Cora vocal come Ellie on

level pollen all ml in San another me


the basic message alaris Arjun in these

five verses emphasized the cornerstone

of our religion and that is knowledge

knowledge Brennan the cornerstone of our

religion the foundational factor that

makes us truly Muslim is to know who is

allah who is the profit what is our book

that is the religious knowledge and then

also to master the secular knowledge ‘as

we have mastered secular knowledge

there’s no question about that how many

amongst us here are engineers doctors

lawyers accountants yet the fact of the

matter is how much do we know of the

first econo air crop is fear up pick how

much do we understand of the Quran what

do we know of our religion how much have

we studied the Sunnah of the Prophet so

the law either he will send them when we

have neglected that knowledge of what

use then becomes the other knowledge you

need to have the religiosity you need to

have this spirituality without it that

knowledge is not going to be of benefit

you need to have that rouhani and that

email in you XO brothers and sisters the

primary purpose of this surah of these

five verses is to emphasize one concept

the importance of knowledge it was

revealed to the prophet alayhi salatu

salam and I was chosen to be the first

verse to be revealed that the profile a

salotto us an offer I reason and the

reason is to tell us how important

ologies in Islam and how important it is

for every Muslim to seek knowledge

it’s nap does not just stop at praying

does not just stop at fasting does not

just stop at performing hides and pains

again but you need to know more so you

could get closer to allah azzawajal moon

you need to learn more so you could

understand more you need to learn more

so it could be aware moon you need to

learn more say could not a preach this

is the duty of the Muslim and this is

what the prophet muhammad sallallahu ala

was a lot had established and planted in

the heart of the believers in the heart

of the Companions around him not only

salallahu alayhi wasallam commanded them

and alayhi salatu salam encourage them

to seek knowledge ballets alotta

wassalam made them love the seeking of

knowledge the love to seek knowledge he

made them love seeking knowledge that

seeking knowledge was one of the most

beautiful things in their lives and the

prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi

wassalam he says in many many a hadith

the virtues of seeking knowledge and the

status of those who have knowledge the

prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi

wasallam e says mayor ed Lowe be higher

on your fat little 15 if a loss of Hanna

what the other ones good for someone if

allah azzawajal wants to grant this

person something good allah so much i

will teach him the knowledge

obviously to us something good means

money something good means beauty

something good means of myself something

good means a high status to a loss of an

entire life a lot so much I wants to

give you something good a lot of Hannah

Montana gives you knowledge because

knowledge to allah azzawajal is a lot

better and greater than money is a lot

better and greater than if everything in

this dunya why is the command repeated

if crap is marathi kia ora Booker Akram

many wisdoms and benefits of the wisdoms

and benefits yaris would Allah your role

your job your mission is to recite and

recite and to recite and recite and to

recite and recite that is all you need

to do in the Marid a Calvin ah you need

to preach the message so you should

recite the Quran once and you shall

recite it again and you should recite it

once again and you shall continue to

recite it so while repeating it crop the

emphasis is given the outer suit Allah

your role is to preach the message your

role is to educate that is what you need

to do and not to judge Allah is the one

who will judge Hill gotta give Korra

defeat the point here you need to preach

the Quran continuously another benefit

that scholars derive some scholars say

that in this verse Allah is saying if

quorum Buchan Akram recite and your Lord

is the most generous the one who taught

by the pen the one who taught man that

which he does not know some scholars say

that the reference to the second ikura

is to the knowledge of the pen so it is

as if the first year clock is to recite

the Quran from memory that is coming

from Allah and the second aircraft if

current water buca Akram already had

never been bottom the second if crop is

for the Muslims to read what men have

discovered and written in other words

what we call in our language secular

knowledge so the first if club is for

religious knowledge for the Quran for

the wha hey if directly from Allah it

throughout the knowledge of the Quran

and the second if clock is two o’clock

from the knowledge of men read what men

have written really about chemistry and

physics and mathematics and biology and

history go and master all the sciences

what men have written but realize that

what these men have written it was a las

origin who taught them all of this

knowledge does not give you some of it

until you give it all of you

remembering at the same time or

reminding and the same at the same time

that the way the steps that you take for

seeking knowledge is in itself the steps

that will be taking you to paradise as

the prophet salallahu samson men

sericata even yell tell me to be here

man sir Hallam law who never will be hit

or Ethan it’ll Jenna whoever took a step

away seeking thereby knowledge Allah

will facilitate when t is for them away

for Jenna so the way the knowledge is
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the way to Jenna it’s up to you how much


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