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Published on February 18th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 279

Judging Others | Nouman Ali Khan | illustrated | Subtitled


The explanation of AyatulkursiLog on to “Free Quran Education“on Youtube.


The idea of people’s hearts being sealed
is not something you

and I have privy to.

We do not have access to know whose heart

is sealed and whose isn’t.

Thank God for that.

We don’t; and

using that term and that label carelessly,
is actually blasphemous

in my opinion.

Allah speaks from the position of Master and

can say about a person’s heart what He can.

I can’t say that

because I am not god, He is, He can talk like

Just because

He speaks with authority doesn’t give me
the same authority.


actually helps me recognize His Authority
even more.

So when

He is angry at a group of people that doesn’t
translate into you

should be angry at them.

You have to understand this point.


I know I should move on but this point needs
to be understood.

For instance, with all due respect to Christians,
God is actually

extremely angry at the idea that a son be
attributed to Him in

Islamic faith.

This is something that offends Him, in our


And in Surat Maryam it comes to its climax:

skies and the earth are about to tear upon
when it is said that the

Most Merciful and Loving has taken a son.

So He is extremely angry, bottom line, in
the Quran at who


Christians, right.

And yet, the Christians who

according to Him are saying this and it’s
a big deal to Him, this

shouldn’t be said, come to visit the Messenger
of Allah


They come to visit the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

the city of Madinah and they are there to
discuss faith with him

because they have heard he has made claims
to Prophethood.


where do they stay?

Where do they stay?

The mosque of the

Prophet (PBUH) and where do they pray to Christ?

Where are

they told by Divine decree to pray?

At the mosque.


perform Christian prayers at the mosque.

And yet, we have

revelation already, Makki surah, Surah Maryam,
that this angers

God, but Allah has the right to be angry at
what He has a right

to be angry with.

His anger doesn’t translate into my anger.


are still supposed to be the best we possibly
can be.

They are

still our brothers and sisters of humanity.

A lot of times Muslim don’t know where to
draw the line.


take Allah’s authority from the Quran and
make it their


What do you think you’re doing?

He speaks from His

position of authority, we have to read the
Quran as slaves, not as

masters, not as judges of others.

This point needs to be very,

very clearly understood.

And even the way in which the

discourse was done by the Prophet (PBUH),
the height of

courtesy and respect, the height of it.

So, this distinction, especially from Muslims,
if somebody says

“Why should we even talk to atheists?”

First of all, I know what you mean by talking,
that you wanna

go into debate with.

Don’t debate with people, I told you

already, stop that.

Go get some pizza with them, do that, go play

some basketball with them or whatever.

If you have a friend

who doesn’t believe in God, he’s not evil,
he doesn’t have two

invisible horns on the side, a tail on the
back or a pitchfork, just

because he is an atheist.

He is a human being; he is a dignified

human being.

Every human being has dignity.

You don’t know

how they can turn around, you just don’t

You’re not there to constantly preach to
people, you have to be a
decent human being to people first.

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