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Published on February 26th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 651

learn quran

learn quran

Joking About Allah’s Commands | Nouman Ali Khan | illustrated | Subtitled”learn quran”


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Messengers do not make jokes in regard to
commandments, so when they say that you are

taking us as a joke?

What was the response of Musa (A.S), “qaala
aaoozubillah” first thing, I seek refuge in

Allah, what is that tell us?

That tells us that making jokes in regards
to commandments of Allah is something very

serious and if you are engaged in it, you
better seek the protection of Allah because

that can only be from Shaitan and then he
said, ‘an ‘akoona minal jaahileen “I seek

Allah’s protection in his refuge that I might
become from those, now the translation says

ignorant, but part of the meaning of the jaahil
is ignorant, but that is also ghafil heedless,

ignorant, jahil actually is the opposite in
Arabic of aaqil, is the _____ of aaqil.

Aaqil in Arabic means someone who has control
over their emotions, jahil means someone who

has no control over what they say and what
they do, they have no restrains on them, so

Musa (A.S) says, “If you think I am joking
with you about what Allah commanded?

“learn quran”

Then that would be an act of jahal, that would
be an act of lack of restraint, I seek Allah’s

protection from ever been that way”, Qaala
aazubillahe ‘an ‘akoona minal jaahileen.

Once again in my final point about this to
just to relate something as a lesson to what

we are facing right now, among Muslims specially
among youth, certain things have become a

joke and they have become a joke with us with
American Muslim youth because we see them

as a joke in the larger society.

For example, even in elementary school and
I will just come out and say because you guys

have to know this stuff, jokes about homosexuality
are common, it is a joke, “you are acting

gay”, “don’t be gay”, this and that, “you
are such a homo”, etc, etc. you know that

is what she said, these kind jokes, they have
to do with fornication, adultery, homosexuality,

these are common jokes, its considered small
talk, it is not a big deal.

Are these serious matters of crimes as far
as our Deen is concerned?

They are very serious, the first line of defense,
the first it would crack when you stop taking

something seriously is when you can joke about
it, if you can joke about it, it is an indication

you no longer take it that seriously, so when
the society jokes about it you know homosexuality

was actually entered into mainstream culture
in America if you studies history, it was

entered by means of comedy, it was entered
by that means.

“learn quran”

Eventually first it something to laughed at
and laugh about and it was entertaining and

eventually just became so much so a part of
you know the culture that it is kind of crazy!

You know a friend of mine was playing a basketball
the other time in New York City, in Queens,

he was playing ball and somebody called a
foul and the other guy is, “Man ! you are

being gay!”

“learn quran”

And the guy was “what’s wrong with that?”
and he starts like getting angry, _______

you know, but our children, Muslim children
don’t think they are immune from these things,

they hear these things all the time, they
see them all the time, so when this happens

to them, they make jokes about these things
that in of it themselves are completely and

utterly unacceptable in Islam and this would
be an act of jahal, because the first thing

is to be able to joke about it and once that
line has been crossed, you don’t know where

it goes eventually.

“learn quran”

Because now that thought has become common
and these utter and says that it become common,

the things you say a lot, other things you
think about a lot and when you think about

something a lot it influences you!

You know it influence, this is why we have
to have very strict sensitivity in regards

to what we allow our self and our children
to sin, specially youth, sometimes even religious

youth make these kinds of jokes not releasing
the potential harm they are doing to themselves

and the environment around them, because they
say, “it is harmless”, everybody is doing,
everybody has these kind of jokes, it is not
a big deal”, well it is!

“learn quran”

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