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Published on November 19th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 668

Islamic Ruling on masturbation

the last question that of masturbation

and this is an issue over which of

course scholars have different

some say it’s Haram some say it’s

makrooh if you ask me what is your view

personally personally I my view is that

it is makrooh in that the rulings for

something to be Haram you know it needs

clear texts and really in this action

there are not clear text there are

implications people are drawing

implications so I would be wary or shy

to say Haram however no doubt it is not

a good thing it doesn’t solve whatever

problem a person is thinking of solving

it does create problems for people later

on when they get married etc where that

became a habit and they can’t get

fulfilled in normal husband wife

relations I’ve picked cases people came

to me and complain about this you know

this can happen this is not a good thing

and the Prophet SAW said Allah when he

gave the options for that those who are

not able to fast he didn’t say you can

masturbate no he said I mean sorry those

are not able to get married he said fast

that’s what he said so fasting has been

given to us as the way of controlling

our desires in this regard so that’s

what we should do take that which the
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Prophet SAW seldom gave us


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