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Published on November 18th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 290

Islamic Psychology

on the phone you see the vast majority

of loved ones today or such a huge

number of Muslims today that are

educated maybe they’re educated with a

bachelor’s master’s maybe their

physician but they’ll middle class or

upper middle class or upper class you

know what the assumption is in selenium

Wilson line then Islam is backward and

it’s not just Islam they think religion

itself is backward we’re living in the

modern time in modern time and then here

we hope of modernity we have to keep up

with the time in Islam is one of those

things that is holding us back Aslam is

not dealing with things that are

happening right now when we create

practical Islamic education that deals

with realities of our time then we are

able to display in the most intellectual

fashion that Islam in fact doesn’t just

deal with the situation’s of our time

the needs of our time the criteria that

you know the areas of inquiry of our

time but actually have solutions in

these areas that haven’t yet even been

discovered allows things to offer the

world of psychology that the world of

psychology has never known they have

never known I’m a I’m a basic level

student of psychology I can tell you if

Sonic psychology can revolutionize how

psychology studied it can completely

revolutionize it modern psychology

studies begins with the assumption that

human beings are flawed that they have

to be fixed there’s a flood I’m from

Freud onward northward messed up and we

have to get on messed up so whether it’s

by means of pills or therapy whether

it’s cognitive or you know medical

clinical psych you have to undo the mess

that you are it’s long begins with the

premise that you are flawless kundo Manu

Daniel ado I’m in supply you start with

football and then there were corruptions

that came in you have to end if you can

undo the corruptions there’s something

good at the bottom there’s something

pure there’s something great at the

essence of the human being is our

approach going to be completely

different as well since I

perilous psychologist yeah it’s going to

be totally different Islamic psychology

says your whims your desires what you

wish for what you want Allah put that in

you but you have to control it in order

to achieve happiness if you let your

desires control you you will be

miserable in this dunya and in the

ocular modern psychology says do what

you love feels good do what feels good

that’s what they’ll tell you what makes

you feel comfortable that must be the

judge of what is right for you because

what is right for you is that what’s

right for me everybody has their own

what’s right for you based on what your

whim your personal desire desert clown

have something else to offer evil and

the psychological side absolutely and

i’m not even i’m not a PhD in psychology

Club acular level psychology but i’m

telling you we have a completely

different world you to offer and it can

really help people this beam came to

help humanity right so we are going to

be able to give the highest levels of

education in islam if we address the

foundations this is a few things that i

want to share with you about the

renaissance in Islam that enchilada I’m

completely optimistic that it’s coming

if we have division fort and we have the

drive force the evening after Allah we

will achieve it in our own lifetime we

will see a revolution and how Islam is

understood all across the world and the

OMA will be uplifted in its information

and its understanding and in its

application Moloch Allahu you’re welcome

I’ll open it up at this point in channel

Darla for questions and answers but

before that Rayland and some of the

associates at e at so far going to make

someone else’s for you guys rock
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