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Published on December 29th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 847

reading quran with skype

reading quran with skype

Islam: Back To Basics, Mufti Ismail Menk, Malaysia 2014″reading quran with skype”

Salam alaikum warahmatullahi

wabarakatuhu smilla mana Mahima

hamdulillah rabbi l-‘alameen was salat

wa salam ala al anbiya he will

mousseline nabina muhammad ali he wa

sahbihi what happen a woman tell him be

a sunny Neela o medina were bad we

praise Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala we send

blessings and salutations upon muhammad

sallallahu alayhi wa seldom his entire

household all his companions we ask

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala to bless every

single one of them and to bless every

single one of us as well and we ask

reading quran with skype

allah subhanahu wata’ala to open the

doors of goodness for every single one

of us and we commence with a prayer for

those families and those who have been

affected directly and indirectly by the

Malaysian Airlines it’s only correct

that we pray that allah subhanahu wa

ta’ala grant us a miracle and allah

grant by his will may he grant subber to

those who have been affected may allah

subhanahu wata’ala bless us all brothers

and sisters back-to-basics if we take a

look at the time of muhammad sallallahu

alayhi wa sallam where the people were

involved in much ignorance they were

doing things which were absolutely

barbaric and engaged in that which did

not make sense people worshipped sticks

and stones and they worshipped other

people they were hierarchies in society

and community and at the same time those

who had a high standing position got

away with murder and those who were of a

lower standing in society they were

always penalised and sometimes made to

be scapegoats if we take a look at what

reading quran with skype

happened to women for example at that

particular time they were traded they

were considered as a commodity they were

not allowed to inherit they had no right

to Oh

anything they were given to those who

were owed money and they were of those

who had no position in society nothing

at all a pastime amusement sex objects

and so on and then you take a look at

what happened Allah has blessed us and

Allah blessed us in so many different

ways like alderman love what a lonely

Nina’s bath a FEMA Solon mean for him

yet slowly him Ayrton he was a king him

while you are limb Wilkie Tabo a link

man what you can in Kabul olesja Paulo

Lima Bean Allah says indeed Allah has

favoured the believers when he sent to

them from amongst them a messenger who

read the verses of allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala he who reads the recitation or

the revelation and he who cleanses

purifies them allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

has made it very clear that this was a

gift of allah upon the meaning those

prepared to believe in the message of

reading quran with skype

allah subhanahu wata’ala and he taught

them the revelation and the wisdom

divided into two things

revelation meaning that which your maker

and mine has sent down as a word that is

sacred it will never change and it will

be valid until the end of time we need

to remember this and secondly the term

wisdom would also refer to the entire

lifestyle of the man who brought that

message from allah subhanahu wa

whose name is muhammad sallallahu alayhi

wasallam may allah’s peace and blessings

be upon him so allah says these people

were astray before before revelation

they were astray before believing they

were astray the same would apply to us

before believing we are astray or we

were astray and we will only be rightly

guided for the amount that we are

prepared to surrender to what Allah has

just made mention of in this beautiful

verse if you are prepared to surrender

yourself to al-kitab while hikmah that

is when you will be able to be rightly

guided and so will I and the more we

have turned away from it the more we

will be misguided even though we might

think we are sharp we are intelligent

but if you take a careful look you will

come to understand that the maker of

every one of us knows better how our

system operates where we were where we

are where we are heading so what took

them out of their misguidance what took

reading quran with skype

them out of their misguidance it was the

gift of Allah that took them out of

their misguidance it is Allah who

chooses who will be rightly guided and

who will not he has put within our

capacity the ability to strive towards

achieving guidance but ultimately he is

the owner of guidance this is why allah

says very clearly in the opening song of

the quran and we repeat the so many

times a day

yackin our Buddha why can a Stein in

DINO show up almost happy

you say open letting an untie him

waiting lo lo VI l’amour L’Amour

only you alone we worship you alone we

ask for help that is point number one we

worship Allah alone and we will seek

help from him in a way that he has

reading quran with skype

condoned and he has taught and then we

continue to say guide us to the straight


after having confirmed that we worship

Allah alone we will do nothing to

displease our maker then we say o Allah

keep us steadfast on that path the path

of worshipping you alone the path that

will please you keep us steadfast on the

path the straight path the path of those

whom you have favoured the path of those

whom you have favoured those who have

believed those whom you have been kind

too kind enough to to guide them to show

them where they were where they are and

where they are heading so that they

prepare for the future the real future

“reading quran with skype”

in life today we prepare for the future

but sometimes it is the fake future do

you know what that means that means I go

to school and I learn so much and I have

memorized all the books and I get a

certificate and I graduate and I go to

reading quran with skype

university and I become something and if

you are to be asked or if you ask me why

did you do that perhaps the answer would

be from the most of the people on the

globe that I need a life I need to get

married I need to have children I need

to have a salary I need to have a house

and I need to have a car and I need to

be able to afford life and then I need

to afford a holiday or

as well then then I need to invest so

that when I die my children will be ok

my brother when you die will you be ok

that’s the question you see the

deception one is we are not saying it’s

wrong to study and to prepare for the

temporary future it’s not wrong but not

at the expense of the real everlasting

future we are guilty a lot of us of

“reading quran with skype”

saying that I would like to set my

children in a way that when I die they

are ok forgetting that really we need to

be asking ourselves when I die will I be

ok if we have lived up to a yucca

na’budu wa iyyaka nastaa’een

then we will be okay

if we lived up to let’s say a lot and we

look for it and we make sure that we try

our best to tread upon it then we will

be okay then by the will of Allah he

will assist us and this is why he says

in so many different places in the Quran

regarding the true believers that for

them shall be paradise in lovina a man

he was solely had a coma so la da da

musica telugu majora da beam wala ho

foon Ala Moana Musa

Oh indeed those who believe and do good

deeds and establish prayer and give

charities reach out to others with arms

to the poor and the media and so on for

them there is no need to fear there is

no need to worry they will have their

reward with their up with their maker

their reward is with their maker they

have no need to fear or worry no sadness

they will never be sad why because they

have invested in the right thing they

have gone back to the basics to look at

what it was that took those people out

of the darkness and brought them to the

“reading quran with skype”

light we need to understand we must go

back to see exactly what it was that

took them out of the darkness and let’s

be careful not to return to a new type

of darkness this is why allah says

subhanahu wa’ta’ala welcome Nephi

beautycon now I’ll add a barrage Annetta

Bell Johnny Ola in Surat Eleazar Allah

addressing the wives of the messenger

sallallahu alayhi wasallam and by

extension the lesson is for us all the

females of today as well

we Allah addresses the wives of the

messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

and asks them to be indoors and asks

them not to go back to what is known as

double Raja tub ROG

perhaps to dress for others this is what

happens to beautify ourselves for those

whom we are not supposed to be

beautifying ourselves for and to try and

Lear and attract those who we are not

supposed to be doing it to something

important so Allah says don’t go back to

the ignorance the barrage of the first

ignorant period there are different

translations as to what exactly the

first ignorant period is referring to

but what we do know there was a

and when people were in ignorance so

your dress code took you out of that

period of darkness and brought you into

the period of light and gave you the

respect that you deserve do not go back

to being the sex object that you were a

long time ago do not go back to being a

person who did not prepare for the day

they were going to meet their maker for

the ultimate life that would be

everlasting do not be the person of the

past who was astray to the degree that

they drank all weekend and they partied

every Friday night and Saturday night

and even sometimes partying on a Sunday

night to the degree that Monday morning

they are half awake and half asleep

Panama Allah protect us is that what

life is we earn we spend we enjoy we

earn we spend we enjoy when we die

people who don’t have knowledge will say

what a great achievement this man or

this woman has achieved they really

enjoyed their lives they lived up to the

age of 90 they had a lot of fun and they

amassed a lot of wealth but did the

person ever call out to the one whom

they will now go to forever this is why

the period of time I shall spend

underground when I am buried will be far

longer than the period of time that I

would have ever spent above the ground

remember that if I am given a good life

perhaps 70 perhaps 80 how much more

would I want perhaps 90 then perhaps 100

let’s plot the century masha’Allah with

all the 2020 going on across the globe

and the cricket when you say clocking a

century they get excited even if you

give them the century that does not mean

they won the match la Akbar does not

mean that they won the match no but in

reality even if I was given a hundred

years I will only be a winner by one

system one plan there is only one way of

achieving that win and

these develop your link with he whom you

are going to return to and remember one

thing the rest of us need exactly the

same thing the rest of us need exactly

the same thing I need it as desperately

as you do so if you were to think that I

am the one who is going to result in

your paradise because I have a contact

you must remember there is no corruption

on that day no in this world you might

have a traffic fine you might want to

jump a queue you might have something

you’d like to really bypass and do

because you know someone in this world

you may achieve that that does not work

in the life after death and Natsu Sawa

see as Nana wished people are equal like

the teeth of a comb in so many different

ways subhanAllah I need Allah as

desperately as you do yes allowed to use

some of us to guide the others that

would be a reward for us who have made

an effort and the reward even for those

who have been guided if I was guided

through the effort of someone Allah will

reward them for their effort and make it

more easy for them if he knows the

sincerity levels and whatever else the

person had in terms of goodness then

reading quran with skype

Allah will grant them the reward and

make it easy for them to earn paradise

but they would require and need paradise

in the same way that I do subhanAllah

the same way that I do and from this we

learn that Shaitaan comes to us to

contaminate a you can our boudoir a yuck

and a stain don’t forget that don’t ever

forget that when we return this evening

we go to our holes we should ponder over

that term why do we repeat it so often

because that is the basic tenets of

Islam that is the prime teaching of

Islam it is what we move the people from

worshipping P

to worshipping the Lord of all the

people subhanAllah it is what to remove

the people from worshiping sticks and

stones and material items of value of

the dunya to worshiping that which is of

value of the Athena love occupy

something very important people do not

like to be told sometimes because they

are living in a comfort zone comfort

zone so when we remind each other people

get upset they say but I am worshipping

Allah alone so this is why we say don’t

forget shake hands plan he comes to try

and return us back to the first period

of ignorance but in a smart way

through your smartphone and through your

technology and your Wi-Fi and so on I

remember the last time one of the

youngsters asked me a question and he

told me if Shaitaan was kicked out of

heaven how did he affect Adam may peace

be upon him

if Shaitaan was kicked out of heaven how

did he affect Adam I told him and this

was recently I said turn on your phone

he turned it on I said turn on your

Wi-Fi he turned it on I said what do you

see he said there are so many different

life eyes that are available for me to

connect on I said do you see them since

no I said ok now turn off your phone the

example I’m about to give is very

different from a phone but in the same

way you can receive data and you can

receive messages without seeing the

person or being near them you can

receive a strong broadband internet

connection without seeing your photo

flying in the air imagine if our

photographs had to fly in the air

perhaps we would not send them because

we would be too embarrassed that they

might be intercepted by others who had

Allah they are encrypted and sent

through the air when you breathe the

last time did you breathe somebody’s

photograph subhanAllah I took a deep

breath but I didn’t breathe any of your

messages no but the same way we need to

understand Allah knows how Shaitaan did

it and this is why he says that in

we are cumavi no home in Haifa latinum

in agile mache arena Ali Ali live in LA

you mean home shape on sees you him in

this group they see you from a position

that you do not see them so they attack

you through your thoughts and they are

the ones who give the false comfort to

those who disbelieve they are the ones

who give the false sense of security to

those who disbelieve amazing look at the

verse Allah says they give the false

sense of security to those who

disbelieve how we disbelievers may Allah

protect us but on the other side of the

coin are we people who have a false

sense of security if that is the case

strengthen your Eman strengthen your

belief in Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

go back to a year can abu do what he I

kind of stay locked but go back to that

and ask yourself am i worshipping allah

am i worshipping him alone do I receive

my education from a trusted source when

it comes to my link with Allah or am i

worshipping the one who has come to me

with the message imagine you know I and

I like to give this example I might have

given it before but I will repeat it by

the word of allah subhanahu wata’ala the

best of creation is muhammad sallallahu

alayhi wa sallam without a doubt the

highest in rank of all the messengers

muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the

one whom we hope for and pray for his

intercession on the day of judgment

muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he

has such a privilege and such an honor

we acknowledge it and we will only be

considered believe

reading quran with skype

if we acknowledge that muhammad

rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam

amongst us are people who try to deliver

the good message we will respect them we

will honor them and we will understand

that they have perhaps been chosen by

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

to bring the message to us and we will

understand they are human beings they

may they may make an error so what would

happen because they are human and

because they may make an error

everything they say we have to test it

to see if it passes a certain test no

matter what is being said whether I say

to anyone else says it if it is to do

with your faith and your preparation for

the life after death there is a test you

test the words that the person is

uttering do they conform to Revelation

or not as simple as that if they do we

take him because that will be the true

preparation for the day we die if they

don’t we do not need them to say the

minimum this is why when a person

associates a partner with allah

subhanahu wata’ala say for example i am

calling out to allah alone and i’m

asking allah alone and so on then comes

a man and he says I can help you I can

assist you I can tell you so many things

about your life and I will tell you what

to do and if he comes and tell us that

which is in total disagreement with what

Allah has revealed and if we are to

still accept it then we have associated

that person as a partner with allah

subhanahu wata’ala then do you know what

allah says in a hadith Qudsi he says an

honest worker ie a Nishiki Manami la

Amal and a Chaka Fatima

who was it cat when we when there is a

partnership I am the one who does not

need that partnership so whoever wants

to engage in such partnership between me

and someone else I withdraw and I leave

the two of them to do their thing this

is a las plan so it’s very important

keep on calling out to allah someone

asked me a few days ago that if i am

possessed by the devil

surely i can go and do those 80 lemons

and those 100 rose petals and i can run

around the the the you know the four way

street naked at 12 o’clock midnight in

order to be cured because i am possessed

what other way is there of doing it so

immediately i said my brother something

very important you need to know allah

has a way and a system that he has

taught for us to achieve and receive

cure from our sickness and possession

and that is through permissible means

you either seek medication or you

continue reciting the quran and make

sure that you do it through the Quran

and the Sunnah and although the process

might be a little bit slower but Allah

knows why he has kept you in that

condition for a longer period of time

when a man would like to become rich

again you may have heard this before he

can either work very hard and after 20

years he sees wealth oh he can go and

steal and through corruption he can have

millions overnight but those millions

overnight will never bring happiness to

him they will bring about destruction

they will bring about that which will

really make him depressed but he has the

millions and this is why I always laugh

when I see people winning the lottery

and they say 100 million won by

so-and-so and I just say let him go and

read the statistics of those who have

won similar amounts in the past see what

has happened to them with

a short space of time they lost their

help they lost their lives they lost

their families and they are totally

depressed and they have no wealth in

most cases go and search it it’s on the

Internet subhanAllah so if we are sick

and ill one of the ways of achieving

that pure is going via the devil we will

still be cured we will still be given

perhaps that cure maybe even quicker but

we have stolen it we have done the wrong

thing never use the excuse of wanting

something desperately to lead you to

that which displeases Allah know because

then you fail your test subhanAllah it’s

like I am Telling You this is a

mathematics test you are not allowed

calculators so it will take you a little

bit longer to work things out but you

become a person who does things

correctly but then comes a person who

says no whilst they are not watching let

me quickly use my calculator and if they

use their calculator they will fail the

exam although the answer was correct you

see although the answer was valid and

they got it in no time but you had to

take your time to work out the sum some

of us when we don’t have wealth when we

are tested by Allah in sickness when

certain things happen to us we want to

use calculators when Allah has told us

not to for that examination it’s just a

metaphorical example may Allah Subhanahu

WA Ta’ala grant us ease may he open our

doors so we go back to exactly what

brought them out it was adopting what

muhammad salallahu alayhi wasalam came

with to the tea everything he brought

they considered it a gift and this is

why allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

as he has declared the basics we are

talking about going back to the basics

he has declared the basics and he has

shown us the path of happiness of the

Companions of Muhammad SAW

hey he was alum how did they achieve it

well listen to one of the verses of

surat al-ahzab allah says what mcanally

me new minute in a canal amalfi aluminum

rim when I assume oof upon la batalla

Mabini it is not befitting for a

believing male or female that when Allah

and his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa

sallam have declared something decreed

something issued an instruction that

they feel within their hearts that they

have a choice in this regard they a true

believer male or female would believe

that they have no choice in this regard

that is the meaning of the term Islam

and Iman to surrender and to believe and

Allah says whoever goes against or

transgressors or sins against the

instruction of Allah and His Messenger

they have indeed gone astray in a very

manifest clear way they are far astray

may Allah protect us from being astray

so that is what brought them out of

their darkness and that those were the

basics at the time and that goodness was

based upon like I said there are new

ways of deviation where people still

think that you know what I can change

what was there at the time in terms of

worship remember when it comes to

worship Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

wasallam made the famous declaration

famous declaration what is the

declaration he said

Manami la amylin la la omona

for who are powerful words the


whoever engages in any act of

that we have not instructed it shall

return to them in sin and in evil llahu

akbar it will go back to them it will be

bound to them which means the people at

the time did not know how to worship

Allah not at all they had no clue so

Allah sent a gift of muhammad sallallahu

alayhi wa sallam to the people in order

to teach them how to worship Allah

reading quran with skype

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala so when he came he

taught them ok you will do Salah in this

way you will give arms to the poor in

this way your declaration of faith will

be in this way you will fast during the

month of Ramadhan in this way and you

will go for Hajj in this particular way

these are 5 pillars basics can I say I

am going for Hajj to Disneyland little

children might say yes yes that is not

hatch hatch needs to be at a specific

place at a specific time in a specific

way I cannot claim that I am going for

Hajj but because I have 50 million

ringgit in my account my harem is going

to be a suit can I say that you will

wear exactly

it was something else the same applies

to fasting Allahu Akbar Allah protect us

if you think you can fast at your own

time it’s not fasting you have to do it

exactly how it was taught you know some

people fast and they think you know

perhaps one day there will be a certain

type of food that we just breathe and we

will be able to not feel the fast we

will be able to perhaps become full

through the day no it’s quite easy you

get used to it by the will of Allah

people in Europe at the moment are

fasting for perhaps 1718 hours in the

month of Ramadan and they tell you the

same fast outside Ramadan we feel it

very difficult but once it comes into

Ramadan we have belief we have Iman and

it’s coming from your maker it’s made

easy very easy by the will of Allah this

is why you know some people who have

missed their fast do for sickness or

other reasons when they are making it up

after Amazon they always say it’s quite

difficult it’s not as easy subhanAllah

amazing why because it is the blessing

that Allah has kept in that month of

Ramadan may he make it easy for us so we

have to do it exactly how the messenger

has taught and we have to understand and

realize that from the very beginning

humbleness was always a sign of belief

and closeness to Allah a person who is

humble that was the sign that they are

close to Allah it was one of the main

science so if you have a person who

fulfills their prayer five times a day

who engages in perhaps fasting so many

times a week and who does lots of

charitable activity and who goes for

Hajj and Umrah as much as they can and

they are constantly engaging in liquor

and so on to be honest if their attitude

stinks they cannot be close to Allah all

this is a show it’s a show that’s what

it is you develop your attitude that’s

the basics you understand

the rest of mankind are your brothers

and sisters in humanity who are also

desperately in need of the guidance so

you will use every capacity of yours to

try to convince them regarding what the

goodness is bearing in mind that the

most powerful way of inviting those who

have not seen the light to the line is

by living upon the light the most

powerful way of inviting those who have

not seen the light to the life is by

living upon the light by living upon the

goodness of the deen will others be able

to see that this is a beautiful Deen but

the moment we develop an attitude and we

have this arrogance and we become people

who badmouth others and we swear others

and we do not respect the rest of

humanity what will happen immediately we

find people having the wrong picture of

who we are and worse than that having

the wrong picture of who Muhammad

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was solely

because we have led a barbaric life may

Allah forgive us so it’s important to go

back to the original teachings of

goodness and that is impossible unless

we learn the Deen

many times we claim to love the

messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

yet we have not even studied the

in-depth biography of his and we don’t

even know the details of his character

and conduct the way he treated the

non-muslims who had harmed him

physically and personally he always

maintained hope that they will turn

towards the goodness instead of away

from it

he always maintained hope no matter who

it was take a look at Abu jahil who was

known as one of the main enemies of

Islam Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

sallam did he called out to allah o

allah guide this man to the goodness o

Allah bring this man forth to the

goodness o Allah let him see the light

and in one occasion he says o Allah

grant strength to the Deen through the

Iman or the acceptance of the faith

by one of these two powerful men either

al-kitab of the allah-allah later to be

known as or a mob magician who was abuja

with us we have a small problem with

another Muslim brother or sister we

start cursing them Oh Allah destroy this


Oh Allah destroy the sister Oh Allah fix

them Allahu Akbar whoa whoa and that is

your brother in Deen we have two

differences of opinion or five

differences of opinion amongst us and we

are cursing each other all up destroy

him Oh Allah break their bones Allah

grant them and you don’t know they are

sitting at the same time praying for

your bones to be broken is that a Muslim

is that going back to basics is that

what we were taught is that what

Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did

is that what he taught is that what he

stood for is that the Islam that we are

promoting really that his ignorance of

the highest degree it shows we have no

link with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

sallam Schleif we probably don’t even

know what he would have done in that

situation may Allah protect us this is

why there is a powerful bomb that allah

subhanahu wa tada has made mention of in

the quran banoffee lana wa wa 9/11 as a


imani Willetta jongseo novena wallet

envy blue bin abdul-allah in a meadow

bana in Nakano for him the true

believers they continue praying to allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala saying o our lord

forgive us and forgive our brothers who

have preceded us in this faith and do

not keep in our hearts

any ill feeling any grudge any negative

feeling towards those who have believed

don’t keep that ill feeling and grudge

towards those who have believed we are

brothers and sisters in the Dean and the

rest are our brothers and sisters in

humanity may allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

help us distinguish between the two to

understand the rights of both may allah

subhanahu wata’ala

use us to spread the goodness my

brothers and sisters it is important

that we go back to the basics because

there are people today who are trying to

hijack the deen in order to promote it

as a barbaric religion that teaches the

killing of innocent people wherever they

are instead of teaching them the

goodness of the faith this is something

that needs to be spoken about if someone

for example it does not believe in the

same thing you believe in you need to

look at them as a client as a customer

as a potential muslim someone you can go

to and showcase the deen and market the

product known as the dean to them rather

than imagine you standing at a huge

supermarket of your own and every

customer that comes in you kill when are

you going to make business every

customer that men the other one

foolish the man needs mental health the

same thing applies we have the Dean

those who are outside the door there are

clients coming in subhanAllah we want to

attract them through leaflets and CDs

and DVDs and videos and everything else

and talk to them and try on and we need

to showcase for example a man who wants

everyone to believe that the Lexus 600

Hybrid is the best vehicle on earth or

let’s give you another example the

Mercedes Benz maybe Allah knows best if

you would like to mark a bet as the best

vehicle on earth when you are driving it

you need to make sure that people see

how comfortable you are and you’re just

sitting and cruising in your vehicle but

other people say wow I need one like

this it looks lovely man you are

marketing the product we are good at

marketing items of material value why

don’t we market the Deen that is the

basics go back to it market the deal

when people see you they see a calmness

in your face they know you’ve been

through difficulty you have health

issues you’ve lost family members they

know that you are struggling financially

but you are so happy when you get up for

Salah you just raise your hands and you

are so calm when they look at you they

know deep down there is a driving force

behind the contentment and that is the

link this person has with his or her


I remember that you want contentment if

you want it develop your link with the

one who made you the owner of

contentment he owns it subhanAllah it’s

amazing so this is Allah he has given us

all the ingredients the problem with us

sometimes we don’t even know the

ingredients and sometimes they are right

in front of us and we are too lazy to

make an effort to get hold of them and

to make use of them so remember we go

back to the basics how many of us we

would like a lot of goodness we want to

see ourselves happy but I promise you

salat al-fajr we could not be bothered

could not be bothered no bother someone

says but what about Suba salata soup

salad and feta and we say I had this

saying a lot of for him you know I

needed to sleep Allah is most forgiving

most merciful who are we talking to

little children make an effort to get up

it might be your last Salah I recall a

story of a man recently who asked a lot

forgiveness and he was in them above in

Makkah which was quite full and he

decided to go into what is known as the


the little try circular or should I say

the little semicircular part of the

Kaaba in it is considered as inside the

cabin and he went in there to read Torah

card of Salah after having led a life

full of you know sin and he comes there

and Institute he passed away Institute

this is a true story very recently

Institute he passed away and the Sheikh

who was with him was actually shocked

because just before that he was talking

about how he has turned to Allah just

now he says I have chosen to turn to

Allah and that’s it nothing is going to

deter me from my link with my maker and

he passed away now the question is

sometimes Allah has written for us to

pass away at a certain time of the day

every one of us is going to go I always

ask Allah Allah I ask you to grant me a

good death may Allah grant it to all of

us now don’t go home and say we were

praying to die love

but because it happened once funny

hunter came to me and said hey but shake

every time you make it wide to die I

said no we ask Allah for a good day we

ask Allah for a good day there is a

difference we want to leave this life

for as long as we know inshallah we will

be able to continue earning reward for

Allah Subhanahu for our sake and our

link with Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala but

we ask Allah Allah – Allah Cohoes not

Fatima oh Allah we ask you for what is

known as personal hearty man the last

days should be the best rasulullah

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say

reading quran with skype

allah how much i’ll hire a young min our

fellow ha mihaela our milena Fatima ha

oh Allah let the best of our days be the

last days and let the best of our deeds

be the last final closing deeds so if

Allah has written your death at the time

of Hodja and you are busy in bed for

example sleeping dreaming what would

happen you might have been awake in

Salah and you wouldn’t be taken away the

best thing for you to have done get up

and fulfill it don’t be lazy so one of

the basics of Islam is to fight laziness

there is no room for laziness in Islam

and there is no room for saying tomorrow

I will turn to Allah that word tomorrow

means to late I need to turn now if I

want to make big decisions make them now

and if you take a look at Muhammad

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you will

find that at his time they laughed at

those who followed the Deen up to today

they will laugh at those who followed

the deal you will find at that time if

you go back to what happened there you

will know that family members made it

tough for those who accepted the Deen to

live upon it the same applies today

where family members make it tough for

those who want to put on a scarf as well

and they say that they make their life

rough-and-tough that is the jahiliyyah

that is the period of ignorance and

sometimes community makes it semi

impossible for people to live with ease

in the fold of Islam if they have

reverted to the deed just today I got a

message of someone who wanted to be with

us this evening but their family members

blocked them and stop them because they

said no way you are not going to go to

those muslimeen may Allah protect us and

these people are not Muslim may Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala help us to

understand that the gift we are upon is

such that if they knew the goodness we

are on they would be here first you know

when I was in Hajj in 1996 there was a

fire in our oven sorry in minner there

was a fire and the tins were being burnt

and I was passing in the morning and I

heard one of the policemen on their

walkie-talkies on their little radio

systems being instructed to empty out

the whole of Mena and I was shocked and

this policeman was asking a question are

you sure and the instruction was coming

from the top to say empty out the whole

of Mena and I happen to hear the so I

went back into my tent and I told the

people that look I heard an instruction

empty out the whole of Mena because the

fire has started on one end and the wind

is blowing and the gas canisters are

bursting and it’s coming very fast up to

the top so I remember clearly there was

a man who said he’s talking nonsense

make dua Allah is the greatest

the fire will not come here did you hear

that so I got up with respect and I was

still a young person student and I said

you know we make du’a but with the dua

we need to walk out as well really I

cannot insult a lot to say Allah I’m

doing – I help me you know today we have

a beautiful venue

is a big effort put into this I’m sure

the brothers did not just sit and say

Allah let it happen

Ya Allah let the light come yeah but we

say bismillah in the name of Allah Allah

give us the courage the power the

ability and so on and accepted from us

then we start in the name of Allah and

that is the achievement so later on I

decided to create a little flag we put

up a pole and a piece of cloth at the

top for the people of the tent to know

that we are walking in this direction

because we were belonging to one tent

and we are walking towards Makkah or at

least words as easier which is just

outside minner and you know what

happened about one hour later the same

man who was telling everyone to sit and

relax and we do our I saw him in front

of me and I looked at him and I said

Subhan Allah he understood the value of

the statement I made now the reason why

I am saying this is there are people

sometimes who don’t know the value of

the deen of islam but had they known him

they would compete with you regarding

the deal they would be intelligent

before you and they will probably be in

photo and we the better salad and all of

yours put together this is why I say do

not underestimate the gift of Allah

there are people out there who will

catch us on the day of judgment and say

I interacted with you all your life

why didn’t you introduce me to Allah so

it’s our duty from the very beginning

believe on me wallah I convey from me

I’m not sallallahu alayhi wasalam says

even if it means a single verse conveyed

give it to others in what way give it to

them through your actions and through

your words from your character and

through your words so one is to say

islam teaches this islam teaches that

and islam is so good and islam teaches

good character but more important

and that is to live by it so that people

look at you and they say wow this is

what you get as a Muslim may allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala grant us is really

may he grant us all contentment that we

are searching for may he make us go back

to the basics the basics so one of the

first points that I am mentioning is how

strong are you with your Salah if you

are strong with your prayer the rest of

your Deen will fall into place by the

will of Allah but if you are weak with

your prayer what do you expect the main

point everywhere you look in the Quran

well our King was solid our a 2-second

welcome our luck in so many places in

the quran allah says establish your

prayer give alms to the poor find

yourselves playing with those who are

praying bowing prostrating with those

who are bowing prostrating and so on

so many different places in the quran

the issue of salah so important whereas

when we don’t read it what happens we

want to call ourselves good muslim i’m a

good muslim Shalala you know humbler

addressing this way i say

salaam-o-alaikum when I see people is

that what Islam is I just say

salaam-o-alaikum do you know the term

Salam alaykum assalamu alaykum means may

reading quran with skype

peace be upon you in other words I will

not harm you to start with and I pray

that there is peace upon you from every

other direction there you are

but the hypocritical behavior of today

as you and I know you Somali cool sorry

I come and as soon as they move

that’s sister you know that woman

dangerous poisonous watch out watch out

I’m saying it in a Malaysian accent so

you understand

poisonous whatcha get for love walkabout

in fact I had a new one can I tell it to

you mashallah

reading quran with skype

poisonous la la la but we ask Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala to open our doors to

grant us ease that is hypocritical

behavior because why are you screeching

them with such a powerful dua when you

are lying you’d rather say

assalamualaikum make dua Allah help her

help me Ya Allah whatever has happened

between us resolve help it solve and so

on and do something about it say my

sister I’m so sorry you know we have a

misunderstanding I really hope that you

don’t hold it against me I didn’t mean

it don’t worry please forgive me and

I’ve forgiven you and so on and you know

one day I met a brother and I told him

just being polite I said brother you

know what they seems to be a little bit

of a misunderstanding between us you

know forgive me please

and you know I forgive you he says what

are you forgiving me for what did I do

I said oh we’ve got to a new level now

new level I was meaning it in a good way

to say let’s clear the record if

anything I was hurt I forgive you he

says you don’t need to forgive me

because I didn’t do anything wrong

going back to understanding that

sometimes we hurt people without

realizing we hurt them sometimes we do

things bad to people without realizing

that we have clear the record you ask

for forgiveness and forgive them too so

Han Allah and make sure that we make

this forgiveness something open so that

Allah will forgive us as well look at

Abu Bakr Siddiq of Allah I know when he

forgave misbehave no Asafa I’ll be

allahu and

after the accusation of against his own

daughter I shall be long Ranma you know

what had happened and he forgave him

with such a big heart by the instruction

of allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala and he was

so happy even after that he developed a

good link with this man amazing who

would do that

today we fly out accusations like a

little you know fly coming out of our

mouths true it’s out where did it go but

it’s set somewhere and it’s set here it

comes out of our mouths subhanAllah

accusation after accusation statement

after statement so we become engrossed

in the lives of others in such a way

that we’ve stopped leading our own lives

my life came to a standstill

by you talking about how badly others

are driving it’s not going to improve

your driving remember that you need your

lessons you need to drive on you need to

make sure you are the one who is polite

you need to make sure you drive

correctly and you make an effort to

improve that will improve you are

courteous on the roads you know I was in

London a few days ago and something very

strange happens there different parts of

the country there are different levels

of politeness when it comes to the road

so in London itself sometimes you find

people might be less patient so if you

are waiting some of them might let you

go after about five cars someone will

flash and you continue you know they are

courteous they let you in they let you

go they might wait for a second and let

you go through but the minute you travel

a little bit up to some of the different

areas some of the people subhanAllah so

polite they will stop and wait one car

two cars three cars four cars five cars

and the people at the back if they were

in my country they would probably be

hooting madly

Hey carry on what are you waiting for

everyone else ho and I’m thinking look

at how disciplined these people are they

are teaching me a little bit of subtle

subhanAllah we don’t even have patience

with our fellow believers and our

children parents family members husbands

wives in-laws and what have you we don’t

even have five minutes of patience with


subhanAllah this is why one of the basic

teachings of Islam is to work on

yourself and to work on people that you

interact with work on them and working

on them means it will take you years to

improve a relationship don’t just

suddenly jump in and out of a

relationship you get married today and

tomorrow it’s over and the following day

you you are not changing Motor Vehicles

my sister no these are human beings you

need to understand you in something you

will be tested and part of the test is

it will take you time look at the lives

of others they will tell you when we

started off we were worse than you today

eight years down the line of a lot of

patience and wisdom and tact and so much

of give-and-take we are the happiest

couple we could ever be it has happened

and it continues to happen but if you’re

not ready to make an effort

forget about being happy forget about

being content because no matter what you

will have you will always be a person

who’s not happy now allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala grant us happiness

so inshallah we will be all fulfilling

our salon am i correct we will be always

fulfilling our salah and that inshaallah

should be yes inshallah don’t just say

inshallah as you know sometimes you tell

someone are you coming to my house

inshallah that means no I won’t it’s the

way we say but if someone says are you

coming to my house inshallah I will be

there inshallah I will be there and you

can tell from the enthusiasm that they

are serious so each other will be

fulfilling our Salah

inshallah that looks more Halle

enthusiastic by the will of allah

subhanahu wata’ala

my brothers and sisters that is one of

the things we need to understand and

realize the fulfillment of the arms to

the pull the fulfillment of our fasting

for the sake of Allah the fulfillment of

our journey for Hajj and so on these are

part of the basic teachings of Islam and

then we have something that is mentioned

in the hadith of gibreel alayhi salaatu

wa salaam when he once came to hamid

sallallahu alayhi wasallam in the

presence of the companions and they

looked at him they did not recognize him

they just saw a man very good-looking he

had black hair and he had white clothing

and he did not look very tired nobody

knew him and what happened he set right

in front of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

wa sallam in such a way that his knees

were almost touching Muhammad sallallahu

alayhi wa sallam sneeze they had got

together and he says tell me what is

Islam so Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

sallam responded and Islam Shahada to

Allah illa Allah one knee rasool allahö

a karma Salah T where it is zakat II was

only Rama vano had Jill Bateman estaba

alayhi Savita five pillars you know them

we all know them off by heart but to

live by them is not a joke to live by

them is something serious I believe in

Allah what does that mean that means I

worship Him alone

he is my maker when I put my head on the

ground I know that this is for the one

who made me that’s it

nobody else is old that that is part of

believing in Allah subhana WA Ta’ala

but I’ve acted it with my tongue whether

or not I’ve lived

by it that is a whole lifespan it’s a

whole lifespan so Shahadah to bear

witness muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

sallam is the messenger which means he

came with a message have you ever sat

and thought what’s the meaning of

messenger we always say the messenger

sallallahu alayhi wasallam

the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa

sallam have you set and thought what

does it mean what is a messenger a

messenger is one who carries the message

from one to another

that is a messenger so he carried the

message the message came through him

from Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala do you

consider that as the message is that V

message and if you did did you read your

message do you know the message was for

you have you read your message love


I just thought of an example imagine you

have a whatsapp message PPP whatsapp and

after a little while another one and a

third one and the fourth one and then

you look at the phone like I looked at

my phone this afternoon

328 unread messages whoa where do you

start or then you get to a level where

you search for your loved ones so what

happens is you press the little

magnifying search and you press a name

of a person whom you’d like to see what

they’ve said that’s what happens because

you need to prioritize due to your

timing then you get someone bombarding

you telling me that you know what you’re

online but you haven’t replied me relax

if you knew what I’m going through now

perhaps you would realize that you know

what I’m just a human being a mere

mortal whose capacity is extremely

limited so don’t hold it against me but

if you reply to them your time will be

up so just ignore that for now ignore it

for now but imagine with us it happens

with me as well if I know that my phone

has been peeping one after the other and


third and fourth I am somehow really so

much looking forward to seeing what is

that message

I really feel when will I see what what

it is it must be something important you

know it must be something serious

imagine you have a phone and 2030

messages showing beeping waiting and you

know sometimes the light flashes

depending on how you set it and it keeps

on flashing your messages from someone

important you will immediately take your

phone your heart is beating hoping that

it’s something good and then you eat you

are invited to a wedding tomorrow

Wow beautiful mashallah hum did that I

like Ron barakatu all those coming

through I’m the LA and LaGrant Baraka to

all those who are married Allah blessed

him with offspring who will be the

coolness of the eyes and Allah grant

them goodness in their marriages and

those who are not married Allah grant

them spouses will be the coolness of

their eyes you see the men they don’t

like to say I mean so loudly have you

noticed that’s a problem the minute I

say may Allah give you another wife and

the third one and the fourth one I mean

now my brother you haven’t yet started

with one you haven’t even lived

correctly with the one so come on take

it easy you know like I normally say you

don’t know how to drive a vehicle and

you want to own four of the Walkabout

may Allah protect us may Allah grant us

ease but the point being made is that

you get the message you want to read it

you will make sure that you read it and

you will make sure when it is someone

important that you reply you acknowledge

and so on but you have a message that

you still haven’t read from the most

important person in your life who is he

Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he

brought the message he delivered it

somehow Allah delivered you see two

ticks delivered done believe me but you

have not made the effort to open it and

read it every day the amazing Quran read


subhanAllah your message

two ticks it’s given to you not once you

have so many copies of the message all

over every phone of yours has the

message but you haven’t read it that is

the basic message of the Dean we haven’t

read it and he is the most important

person like me know I had to come Hector

hakuna a happy lady meanwhile a de Y

lady he won a see a Jemaine none of you

are true believers until he or she loves


Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam says

more than his own child in his own

parent and all the other people he comes

first subhanAllah but I haven’t read his

message I’m still holding it it’s still

in my you know on my phone do you know

what when I sit and think of technology

I feel like crying to say Allah you’ve

made it so easy for us we’re still lazy

do you know we are sitting here a few

thousand people perhaps I can I tell you

something we probably have as many corns

with us in our phones and with us and

around us and the whole farm and so many

different ways we have this message with

us almost all of us if not all not at

home right here with us and right now

it’s the press of two or three buttons

and you’ll be able to read that message

but we’ve become so lazy that we are so

happy I remember a young man telling me

what’s the best app the best app to read

the translation of the Quran so I told

him according to me it is this one and

so on

I believe the sahi international

translation of the Quran is very easy to

follow if the language is not difficult

and I have a habit when you talk use the

simplest language so that those who

might you know feel or who might not be

linguistically so at high at least they

will understand what you’re saying

simple language so I believe that

translation I met him some time later I

told him did you download it he said I

downloaded it straightaway have you

ready not yet Allah Allahu Akbar Lara

Carmela protect us o Allah grant us ease

what’s the point not yet love Akbar

hello really what was the point of

asking and finding out when you haven’t

made the effort so I call on you all and

myself spend the time every day even if

it is a few moments read that message

the original message of the Quran go

back to it see try and understanding ask

questions to those with knowledge if you

have not comprehended the translation

here and there may Allah Subhanahu WA

Ta’ala increase our knowledge brothers

and sisters these are just some of the

basics the message that came it came it

is valid up to the end we have it it is

in our midst the problem is we’ve become

lazy to read it we’ve become lazy to go

buy it it has in it the solutions to

everything that we face and we go

through the problem is we don’t want to

act upon it as well

sometimes we know things I want to end

off by saying something very important

everyone has some form of a problem or

difficulty or issue in life every single

human being that’s the plan of Allah

nobody can say I’ve got no problem


there has to be something some are big

some are small but even if it is small

it’s still there I want to tell you the

solution to anything you are going

through lies in developing your link

with Allah worshiping him alone crying

out to him alone understanding why you

you are going once you know that you

reclaim everything to allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala look at muhammad sallallahu

alayhi wasallam

when he lost his son Ibrahim What did he

say he says in lillahi ma esada

allahumma la rocca Lucia in hinder who

will be agile in some indeed to Allah

belongs that which he has taken away it

was always his and for him is that which

he gave me in the first place what I

have belongs to Allah what he took away

it was always his subhanAllah and every

single thing comes with a fixed time in

our language expiry dates you know when

you go to the supermarket and you want

to buy some fruit juice or something

what do you look at what I hope you look

at the expiry date the expiry date I had

a friend who only used to buy recently

expired items and I told him why he said

because it’s on sale said ok then he

tells me come here it’s not bad look

what it says it says best before it

doesn’t say was after not workable and I

said when people want to do things they

continue doing things but when I have my

expiry date in yours Allah says in agile


allow us : kuntala moon when the

prescribed time of a lock comes

precisely at that moment it will happen

no delaying even for a moment it will

not be delayed for a moment if only but

you knew so this is why I say ultimately

I have to return to Allah everyone has

to return to Allah the difficulties and

issues that I have in this world are so


they are so short-lived so let that not

distract you from Allah rather use it as

a blessing to bring you closer to Allah

to study further inshallah we hope to

meet again tomorrow

until then Oh sallallahu wa sallim wa

barik ala nabina muhammad wa salaamu

alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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