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Published on February 26th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 519

tajweed quran

tajweed quran

Intention Only for Allah | illustrated | Nouman Ali Khan | Subtitled”tajweed quran”


Quran tajweed lessons “Free Quran Education“on Youtube.


I said Islam is concerned with more than
yourself remember that

islam by definition is concerned with more than yourself

if you say” O you who have believed, bow and prostrate and worship your Lord “

that’s yourself make rko3 make sujood
Be in state of worshipping but what he says

do good good help to

now that would you if you really want to
be successful then you have to help


you have to do good for others so you can be successful

but anyone if you do good for others is
not for them it’s for who

yourself so our voluntary contributions in whatever way

shape or form are actually efforts to
help our own selves

don’t ever do I should I dare look back
at a( Masjid) that i gave time to a program

a convention I helped put together a
check I wrote to the you know the school

or whatever and say I help them

I only helped myself and the moment I
say I help them

it doesn’t count for me anymore I cannot
go to a Allah and say ya Allah where is the money I gave

Allah wiil say you already said you
helped them

you didn’t say you help yourself you
can’t have it both ways

Allah only takes one intention so
if you’re going to give weather you give time

whether you give money whether you
give effort whether you give suggestions

if you’re going to give you better only
expect returns from Allah you expect

anything from anyone else

Allah doesn’t like to share in intentions
Allah is very jealous of intention

Subḥān Allāh he wants his intention
to be exclusive

you try to put anybody else yourself
some other agenda and that intention is

gone it doesn’t count for anything

so you know how sometimes in Islamic
organizations especially because so many

of our organizations are donation
dependent masajid (mosques)are donation dependent

schools are donation
dependent write dawah organizations

are donation independent publishers are
donation dependent people write a big

“tajweed quran”

check some rewrites – 20:30
thousand-dollar check or something and

then all of a sudden shitan(devil) comes to them

first of all and says congratulation and then he says hey by the way why

don’t you give them a suggestion about
the color of the carpet

I mean after all you wrote a big check
you should at least have some weight in

your opinion

“tajweed quran”

and so you go and you give a suggestion

you didn’t give a suggestion before you
wrote the check but all of a sudden and

now your opinion just got thirty
thousand dollars heavier so you want to

give an opinion and you’re expecting
that your opinion will be taking out

taking a lot more seriously now why
because you give some money then your

intention for giving the money was not a
Allah anymore it was just to get your

opinion to weigh a little more that’s
all you will get out of that sadaqa(charity)

that’s all you get is it worth it

think about that just think about that
before you before you ruin the sadaqat(charities)

you give in any cause

I swear by Allah in any cause don’t tie your
contributions to expectations

if you want to have expectations have
them with Allah personally when I have a

right to write a sadaqa(charity) check i I just to
remind myself i just write a little word

on top

“tajweed quran”

money never goes out when giving sadaqa(charity)

I remind myself whom I giving sadaqa(charity) to and

I’m actually depositing in my Akhirah account so
i remind myself the withdrawal is going

to happen after i go in the dirt

so I don’t expect any withdrawals yet
you try to withdraw now you will get

anything there

I want to make sure you get that
I get that across to all of you
God willing

“tajweed quran”

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