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Published on November 17th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 244

Incredible Power of Dua (FULL)


now the ayah of God subhanAllah every

word of this ayah we begin with the word

ether ether is translated as I like

everybody right so it begins with ether

ether means in English when when there’s

a difference in English and in Arabic

between when and if I want you to

understand the difference between when

and if Allah be Honorable in in well

America subhana wa ta’ala wa in al

akkari budyonny khalwa either al akkari

budyonny so what’s the difference

between if and when let me tell you a

story there’s a mother she sent her her

son joined the army and he went to war

now she’s missing her son and she

doesn’t hear back from him no calls

coming no emails coming nothing he’s at

war when you talk to her about her son

does she say when my son comes back I

will be very happy

or does she say if my son comes back I

will be very happy which one does she

say she says when my son comes back I’ll

be very happy she does not say what if

my son comes back I’ll be very happy

because if she says if my son comes back

then she has accepted that he will die

if she says when then she’s expecting

him to come home you understand when you

lose someone and you really want them to

come back and your heart cannot accept

that they won’t come back you don’t say

if you say when Allah says when my slave

asks you he does not say if my slaves

ask you why because he’s not saying oh

maybe they won’t ask Allah is expecting

you to ask he’s waiting for you to ask

it’s not just a possibility it’s like

Allah saying when are you gonna ask

so how Allah either it’s a there’s a

taco there’s an expectation there’s a

bun up there’s a love inside the word

either if Allah was talking about people

he didn’t care about them whether they

asked or not who cares he would have

said in say Allah he said e dasa Allah

then there’s a lie itself so an affair

and Mahdi you can say it is a loo also

either eucla alayhim if that comes with


comes with MALDI that comes with the

present ensign comes with the past tense

when it comes with the present tense it

means over and over again

meaning if my slaves ask you over and

over again that would have been it is

Elka yes a Luka hey buddy

but the ayah says either Psilakis

analyze the past tense the past tense

you in Asmara l montréal Waheeda is

one time something that happens one time

meaning I’m waiting for my slavery

figure they can only ask about me how

many times once I’m not even waiting for

a lot of times I’m expecting just one

time asked then he says salaka they ask


yeah Neela food allah salallahu alayhi

wa send up allah is waiting some sahabi

says that i want to know more about

allah who’s he gonna go ask rasool ullah

sorry salam alayka a buddy and then he

didn’t say Allah kaha Allah these people

Sonic alladhina amanu those who believe

so an economy known the believers so

allah cal mostly moon us ha book none of

these he said ilaha illa allah khair

ibadi my slaves

my slaves and he didn’t even say a bad

do now or a bad Allah he said anybody

the e at the end of that means I my

slaves Allah uses my in the Quran my you

know sometimes Allah uses he sometimes

uses we sometimes use his I right you

know that right

when does he use I he only uses I when

he has a lot of love or a lot of anger

there’s only two times if you read an

ayah of the quran has i in it

it’s either Allah showing a lot of love

or he is showing a lot of anger there’s

only those two there’s no normal

situation this is an ayah of a lot of

love so he says a body that a badou ‘no

my slaves they’re mine you know even

when you when someone is distant from

you but they’re yours my brother my

sister my mother my father there’s an

it’s not it’s not just you own them you

love them when you say my to someone

it’s an expression of love and they’re a

bad now these people may not be

worshipping allah but he still calls

them very bad now who did they ask let

me ask you if you were paying at

the people who asked about Allah do they

ask Allah to they asked the Prophet they

asked the Prophet they asked the

prophets Elijah them so what you expect

is now here I’ll say the English if they

ask you about me

then tell them I’m near but the ayah

does not say tell them ayah does not say

tell them here’s what the ayah says

allocated by the I’m nifA in Micah deep

when they ask you about me

then I am near then I am near what is

missing then tell them I have a column

in the Karim there’s no Facundo home

there’s no tell them why not the people

came to ask taesu salallahu alayhi wa

sallam somebody comes to ask the island

without allah will alliance for my

daughter i have a lot of mistakes i

missed a lot of salat well allah still

answered my door well Allah Allah put me

in Hellfire he’s asking the island in

this case he’s asking us Allah Allah

Allah and Allah says he puts the loesel

aside and he answers him directly he

starts talking to you and talking to me

he’s not talking to us or to lie anymore

he says by mu Caribe I am near I’m so

near I’ll talk to you I won’t even tell

the messenger to talk to you I’ll talk

to you myself that’s the beauty of Quran

people came and asked pursued allah

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and allah

did not tell him you go tell them Allah

said no no I’ll tell them myself

I am so near you don’t believe me why

did I say you don’t believe me he said

in knee in now is used in Arabic Allah

is a lot a shock you know a little

hotter motor motor I did hooray

so if someone is in doubt then you use

in Nam Allah is saying don’t you ever

doubt that I am near why are you

doubting that I am near why do you think

I would go away from you you turn your

back on me I don’t turn my back on you

you turned your back on me you disobeyed

me you stop loving me I never stopped

loving you you become distant I stay

near and the word Caribe also cannabis

is some sofa which means I’m always near

the sentence actually means certainly I

am always near let my slaves know now

the other

thing is how many names does Allah have

at least 99 at least 99 so many

beautiful names of Allah and the one

when Allah and some and the messenger is

told when people ask you about me when

they ask the Prophet about Allah then

the most important thing you need to

tell them is which name of Allah which

description that he is what near that he

is near why because when he is near it’s

easier for you to talk to him when when

someone is far you can’t talk to them

when someone is near you can talk to

them when someone is near you can

respect them so if you’re in school and

the teacher walks out of the classroom

the teacher walks out of the classroom

do you behave the same way or no no and

don’t lie you’re in the mustard okay go

outside in life I am kidding okay when

the teacher is near do you behave

differently you do don’t you now you’re

taking a test

the teacher walks by he just walks by do

you cover your exam a little more you

know just to shadow makes you like ha ha

oh my god especially if he puts his hand

on your desk and he looks down at your

paper and he goes oh when I come out I

do that to my students because I really

enjoyed torturing them psychologically

this is one of the great joys of

teaching you get to mess with students

oh my god Allah says if my slaves ask

you about me tell them I am what near

when you know someone is near you act

differently because he’s always near but

in the okati now if he’s so near then

what does he say boogy boogy boogy booin

arabic means to a java means to respond

to give an answer but there’s another

word in arabic which is esta Jabba am ia

fool unfamiliar offer faster job Elohim

or Abajo hostage a barrage of Elohim

coil faster job Elohim he said he

responded to them their master responded

to them so there are two words in Arabic

Joba and ista Jabba there’s a Java and

ista Java now a Java if file is actually

immediate when you answer somebody

immediately without any delays that is

called a Java when you take time to

answer you don’t answer right away but

you answer over time that is called SD

Java Allah says oh gee boo he says I

respond when immediately I respond


some people make dua and they say when

is I’m not going to respond what is the

help of Allah coming I’m sick when is

I’m not gonna make me better I can’t

find a job what does it look at me

you’re gonna give me a job you know I

can’t get married what is I’m not going

to get me married my mother keeps

turning all the dishes down what is I’m

not going to change our heart

this one’s noses too long this one’s

eyes are too far apart this one is you

know this one doesn’t know how to make

chai properly I can’t get married my

mother is killing everything yeah well

what is my mother gonna you make dua to

Allah Allah says I will respond when

immediate and by the way by the way

these are the ayat of Ramadan yes so if

you really really want immediate answers

when do you make God Ramadan man and if

you really want a lot to be close get

close to Allah first recite a lot of

Quran and then make Dora then recite

Quran and McDonald then whose head quran

and McDonagh

that’s what you should do a normal not o

man you’ll enjoy Ramadan if you make

lots of dial you start enjoying them a

lot you don’t make lots of dua you won’t

enjoy them about the joy of Ramadan is

in draw so he says you g vu I respond

then he says that what a diary such

powerful words he says I by the way I is

used when when did I say I I envy and he

when is I used too much love too much

anger which one is this too much love I

respond I myself respond immediately

respond now respond to who you might

think Allah responds to someone who

makes a lot of God I only make dua like

once in a year when you have exams yalla

I have an exam I mean and then you take

the dog

a lot now if you if someone makes a lot

of door

you use the word drop if someone makes

dough out one time just one time you

call that that wotton dawa with the

timer boot at the end the time of hotels

used for muscle Marva it’s used for the

words in Arabic that happen one time

Allah says that what a diary I respond

to even the one call the guy only made

the how many times one time Allah does

not say to him where were you all here

you never made any Salaam you only make

one Doha to me your whole life forget

you you only remember me one time you

know if you are an employee and you only

show up to your job one time in the

whole year you don’t have a job

oh so who are you I work here what when

I got my job last year what are you

doing here well you know I was uh I

don’t know but I’m here now at least can

we start all over again is your boss

gonna say yeah sure oh right away sir

please why don’t you get a promotion no

he’s not gonna offer you that Allah is

giving you in the word that what he’s

saying I will even answer the person who

never makes daal only me draw one time

even they should say Allah he will

answer don’t say to yourself man I don’t

even have a beard Allah is not gonna

answer my dog I only have a mustache I

was gonna you know I just watched like

three movies before Ramadan cuz I

figured I’m not gonna watch a normal but

now I’m gonna make da ya allo still

answer your dog don’t watch movies but

don’t expect never think Allah will not

answer even the guy who makes one drop


now you say okay okay the guy made one

draw but maybe it’s a really good guy

maybe it’s like al Saleh a mock min

someone who has a lot of taqwa and or

maybe a guy who made Toba oh oh gee

buddha wat at Taibbi i respond to the

door of the guy who made Tova he didn’t

say that he said i respond to the guy

the dawa the wonder of the guy who

called a DA the one who called the

description of the guy is that he did

what he called in other words that Allah

put any other expectation on him then he

said that little more suddenly the hotel

would turkey now what Elmo no he didn’t

say you have to have taqwa he didn’t say

you have to have Iman he didn’t see you

have to have it in not in this door none

in this doll why because Allah is

talking to people who are so far away

from Allah and the first thing he tells

them is look I am near you’re far I am

near and then he tells them look I know

you have nothing but this wonder all

right now that’s ok just give me just

give me this one doll even if you’re

just a doll you’re just a caller

I have no other description for you I

can’t even call you Sally yet Muslim yet

not mean yet I can’t call you anything I

am just calling you a DA the caller

that’s not even a qualification just

that it’s good enough

just call me it’s hot Allah what an

invitation from Allah and before I go on

I told you sometimes the boss has 500


does he know their names no especially

if the employee only sends him in his

entire life only sent him how many


well any real how’s he going to remember

if he sends him a text message he

doesn’t have his name saved he doesn’t

know where this number came from Allah

did not say Yuji buddha wat da da in he

said oh gee buddha wat ha ha

the unnie Flamm in the word makes it

matter differ which means it makes it

proper specific in other words anybody

who calls Allah Allah

not just say someone who calls me he

goes that one who called me that one in


he is you are specific to Allah Allah

knows youth especially personally you

call Allah Allah knows who exactly you

are and he wants to answer you

immediately he wants to start a new

relationship with you immediately

whatever happened yesterday is done

start today you become Muslim today you

become a caller to Allah today would G

would that with a diary now the question

I told you before was the problem I gave

you before was if you want to meet

someone important that happens on your

schedule or my important person schedule

important person schedule you don’t say

I would like to meet the Minister of

Education let me just you know walk over

to the Ministry and say let’s go I want

to talk to you for a minute not going to

do that they don’t have time he doesn’t

have time for you when will Allah when

can you what’s a good time to call a lot

people say what’s a good time to make

duaa people say that right and of course

we’re talking about Lama baht what does

he say though he says o ji Buddha with a

dari either whenever whenever Dharani

whenever he called me whenever you call

me I will answer you immediately call me

1:00 in the morning I’ll answer you call

me in the afternoon I’ll answer you

before you go to sleep you call me I’ll

answer you Han Allah this is not the

whole ayah this is the first half of the

ayah I will answer you whenever you call

this is the invitation of Allah now I’ve

given you my invitation my invitation is

I’m near to you I’m ready to listen to

you whenever even if you haven’t made

door I accept only one time I’ll still

listen to you doesn’t matter if you have

no other good Islamic qualities except

door I’ll still listen to you what

should you do though this is what Allah

is doing for you what should you do for

him he says well yes that G Bulli the

other word remember there was a jabra

and mr john st java also means to try to

answer somebody says brother I want to

have lunch with you I say I’ll try to

make time I don’t know if I can do it

I’ll try trying means maybe you will

succeed maybe you will

fail Allah says file yes dodgy bully

they should at least try to answer me

you are asking things from me Allah says

you’re asking me for a better job you’re

asking me for health

you’re asking me to protect your

children you’re asking me for your

parents you’re asking me for a house

you’re asking me for all kinds of things

I’m asking you some things too

what about what I’m asking you hi Leah

study bully then they should respond to

me they should respond to me now the the

thing is in the Fatiha in Surat

al-fatiha what do we want from Allah in

suratul fatiha anybody know we want

guidance but what is Allah want from us

robada Yaka now you do well yokka

listeria neste a means we want help but

before we ask allah what we want we tell

allah what we will do for him what will

we do for him yokka na’budu what will he

do for us is Tiana he’ll help us so what

you do for Allah should come first

what you want for yourself should come


but in these ayat of Ramadan he said I

will answer you whenever you call me and

then he said you should answer me he

didn’t say you should answer me then I

will answer you subhanAllah

he even put himself second and you and

me first in these ayah he put himself

second fun yesterday bully what will be

they should respond to me they should

have really man in me they should really

believe in me now I love children so

that they can be set straight so they

can be good people they can change


so how Allah these few ayat of Ramadan

are transformative then completely

change the way you think about this

month if we reflect just on these ayat

the relationship you’re going to have

with the Quran the relationship you’re

going to have with God the relationship

you will have with Allah after Ramadan

is done these are the things you have to
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