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Published on November 15th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 366

Importance of Zhikr and Taqwa

and the point is making here is where

the hot namitha when we took the

Covenant from you and we raised the the

mountain of Thor above you Karuma

attained a cumbia WA hold on to what we

have given you with great might this is

these are the words of Allah when the

mountain was hovered above them right or

it was collapsing a lot about to

collapse on top of them why not to force

them into accepting it

they’ve already accepted it it’s very

important we took the Covenant from you

then we raised the mountain and we told

you take it seriously in other words it

was already proven that they had

accepted the messenger but they weren’t

taking him seriously

so Allah Azza WA Jalla as an act of

mercy from him they call it nowadays the

scared straight program right they Allah

is everything is going to rattle them

he’s going to scare them so they get

their act together nothing else seems to

get them to fix their behavior so

perhaps this event if nothing else will

solve the problem this should solve the

problem you know so wait so you know

Allah tells them cool Ummah attain our

cumbia hold on to what we have given you

with might now the other thing also

that’s kind of interesting in the

imagery of the ayah is when there’s an

earthquake or something heavy is about

to hit or something like that

people grab onto something right you

want to grab onto something grab onto

what we have given you the book that

will protect you Kodama athena come

Bakula then he says what guru-murthy he

very important he gives them the formula

for how do you hold on to it with great

might he says what guru mafi he and make

mention of what is in it thicket in

arabic is two things to remember

something and to mention something so

both of those apply here Allah is

telling the Israelites in regards to the

book Allah gave them that a lot he’s

telling them remember what’s in it and

mention what is in it in other words

knowing what is in it is not enough you

have to remind yourself repeat it and

you have to mention it to yourself and

others you have to actually outloud

recite it to yourself and others and

this is exactly the traditional law gave

us in the Quran what do we do every time

we makes a lot we fulfill with

guru-murthy he reminding yourself and

mentioning what is in it what Allah has

given us he says at the end of all of

this van Lagoon dr. Koon so that all of


may attain taqwa this step one has been

understood once again in two ways one

taqwa means to protect yourself so Allah

is saying you’ve earned your you’ve

gotten yourself in some pretty serious

trouble if you hold on to the book

you’ll be able to protect yourself from

my wrath

the other is top one it’s universal

meaning you want to become people of

taqwa because guidance is for people of

taqwa you want to get their hold onto

the book and remember it and make

mention of what is in it repeatedly

welcome to takuna


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