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Published on February 11th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 476

Iqraa quran with tajweed online

Iqraa quran with tajweed online

Importance of 5 Daily Prayers | Nouman Ali Khan | ILLUSTRATED | Subtitled” Iqraa quran with tajweed online “


“Free Quran Education“on Youtube”Free Quran Education“on Youtube” .


but if you’re praying five times

you are praying five times

then you and I also have a tendency

“man, I got time”

“Zuhr is for a couple of hours more – I got time”

“You know”

and then like 5 min before Asr

“oh man! ok ok ok!”

and then you what? hit-and-run Salat

you hit the ground and you run

couple of times

” Iqraa quran with tajweed online “

you do sajda – that’s hit-and-run Salah

like the [subhana rabbiyal a’la]

you know

need to do the cardiovascular, and you move on

you know

there’s those of you that are just chilling, sitting there, talking at the restaurant or whatever

Maghrib came in

“no no, sky still looks blue, we’re ok, we’re ok, we’re ok”

you keep putting it off

you know

there’s that tendency

there’s those of you that haven’t prayed Isha at its normal time for a very very long time and today because you are at the Masjid, you can afford to pray

but otherwise, It’s like 12 am, 1 am, 2 am

you know

it’s a very real problem

Allah say people – who Allah describes as people who pray

are not people like this

there are people who are constant in their prayers

in other words you

your life revolves around Salat

Salat does not revolve around your life

everything else

has to revolve around Salat

you know- you ever seen pillars in a building?

ever seen pillars in a building?

can you move the pillars?

no, you have to go around them

if you want to put furniture, set something up, you cannot move the pillars – because if you try to mess with the pillars, what happens?

the entire building collapses

” Iqraa quran with tajweed online “

the 5 prayers are the pillars of our day

you can’t move around them

you can’t move them around

you have to keep them where they are

and if not, then the foundation of your faith – the building of your faith – is ready to collapse

you got to keep them in their place

And so the advice Allah is giving to the people – or describing the people of real Salat

first quality

They are constant with their prayer

which means they have a very set, precise, methodical schedule for their Salat

you’ve heard of importance of Salat lectures before

I’m sure of it

I’m just trying to be real here guys

especially the young brothers here

I am telling you

if you have any love for Islam

and you want to do something for Allah

you want to do something for this Deen

and you have aspirations to learn more about this Deen

and serve this Deen more

then let me tell you, all of your aspirations are fake

and they’re ingenuine

until you have the

urgent Desire to want to pray Fajr at the Masjid and Isha at the Masjid

and if that is not your concern

and you don’t even feel bad about doing that

then you have

you really don’t have a genuine concern for Islam itself

because if you want to serve Islam

then you have to first be ready – qualified to serve Islam

and yeah – that won’t happen until your Imaan is in a certain place

And that Imaan will not be in its place

until Salat, especially Fajr and Isha
are constants for you

” Iqraa quran with tajweed online “

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