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Published on January 20th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 308

Iman works like a muscle


1-Know your religion properly . Go ahead get satisfied and gain satisfaction from Allah ( Quran Free)



a man rises and falls rises and falls

the thing we need to try to fix though

is that it doesn’t fall to the point to

where we fall into sin it’s like a

muscle we have to learn that a man is a

muscle if I go to the gym when I pick up

the the 50-pound weight first and you

start chucking that thing off my head

if I’d never work that before no man I’m

gonna rip every muscle in my body

that’s it I’m that’s gonna be the last

workout I’ll probably do for at least a

month I’m gonna tear every ligament and

tendon if I can even get the things

above my head and then I’m not gonna

work out anymore let’s say that’s too

much right correct no you start with the

little weights great and then when those

get easier why you go to the other one

because what happens is you build

something called muscle memory I’m a

martial artist by profession so I used

to run martial arts schools and this is

something I know you but you develop

muscle memory so that the muscles

remember these movements and they get

stronger but if you start working on

those muscles what happen they go

straight back down here a man is a

muscle that must be worked on but if you

want to work on you’re a man you can’t

start by saying okay I’m gonna fix my

Eman by reading one just a day

I’m gonna pray twenty raka of camel ale

you know I’m gonna read fifty a hadith

yeah this that in the third because why

ya gonna be able to keep up that

regiment I’m gonna fast every other day

the fast of the road you’re gonna put it

all in it once you’re gonna go from

being a margin or Muslim to a super

Muslim in one day it doesn’t work like

that you’re gonna jump off the building

thinking you’re Superman you’re gonna

splat right on the ground you need to

work at it slowly maybe you’re gonna say

today I’m gonna start praying the Taraka

before fudge your every day because this

is part of the Sun and something the

prophets of the law have never left

even when he was traveling so I’m gonna

pray to raka before Fajr every day and

that’s the only thing you’re gonna do

for a week

leave it once that becomes easy and now

it becomes part of your regiment then

add something and once that becomes easy

and it becomes like almost you can’t

live without it then add something else

slowly add the weight on as you get and

you will find your Eman continue to


you’ll find it continuing to increase

because Eman is a muscle little by

little by little people ask me how I

increased my Amen

you work little by little and Allah Azza

WA JAL loves this this is why he

increases the Eman the Prophet Sawa

Mahadev seldom said Allah loves a good

deed that is done continuously

more than he loves a large

huge great deed that you do it once in

you leaving maybe I’m gonna give Sal

Department started giving sadaqa by

giving one pound a day that’s it I’m

gonna give one pound today oh one pound

a week and I’m gonna put that in a jar

and I’m gonna save it to the end of the

month and I’m gonna donate that for a

good cause that’s it after that you will

find yourself disgusted with that one

pound you think that’s nowhere near

enough and you start putting – and then

you’ll put three and then you’ll start

realizing the more you put the more you

get and the more you can give it starts

becoming a process that you can’t win

you can’t win it’s like if someone let’s

say you have two hands and you took a

dinar or excuse me you took a pound out

of a jar and gave it to someone and

someone put two in your hand you’re

gonna eventually end up with more in

this hand than you will in this hand and

you’re gonna start having to give more

you could say okay let me take three or

four or five six and they just keep

pouring and pouring important this is

sadaqa jariya for a lot as origin it

just keeps coming it keeps coming it

keeps coming and you’ll find that you

cannot outgive a lot you can I dare you

try it if any one of you thinks you can

out give Allah try it for a month and if

you end up poor and broke and homeless

in the streets call me and I’ll give you

a house it’s not gonna happen not if you

do it sincerely for Allah Azza WA JAL

the Prophet SAW Allah has sent him said

I will take it off upon three things in

this life the first of them man a

costume a loom in siddhappa you cannot

decrease your wealth by giving for the

sake of Allah as Rajan you can only

increase it the Prophet Sawa honey who

sell him said every deed has energy and

strength and then the strength and

energy is followed by a period of

slackening so he who’s slacking is other

than in accordance with my son he’ll be

doomed meaning that every deal it has

strength when you feel like you can do

everything the other must say when you

feel you a man high like that take

advantage and do good deeds then when

you feel the amount slow down

stick yourself to the Ferrari the

regulations because then you will find

the energy come again to you because you

can’t always be the superhero for the

deen you can always be the super Muslim

every single day there’s gonna be days

where you’re not feeling it anymore

we all had those days stick yourself to

the Ferrari and you will find that you

are on the straight path Allah will

increase increase and increase you but

when you find you’re slacking causes you

to fall into the sin and be derelict of

a lot of duties you should be worried

you should be worried because you’re

gonna fall into doom because you never

know that slacking might be something

that Allah calls you that

you might die in that period of slacking

you die upon that so be careful

insha’Allah Tirana


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