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Published on November 18th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 371

Illustrated Lesson From Surah-An Naas

Who is the biggest victim of Shaitaan?

In the Qur’an, a lot of bad people are mentioned
but after Shaitaan, who would you put at number

two, Fir’awn, you would put Fir’awn at number
two and I want you to note something about

Fir’awn and actually before you know something
about Fir’awn, I want you to note something

about this Surah, I’ll ask you to remind yourself
once again, what three names of Allah did

we find?

Rabbi An-Naas, Malik An-Naas, Illah An-Naas,
I’ll tell you three things Allah says about


One; Faqala ana rabbukumu al-aAAla, what did
he say about himself?

I’m Rabb, the biggest waswasa(thoughts) of
Shaitaan what you’re supposed to attribute

to Allah, he attributed to himself, Rabb,
listen to another Ayah from Fir’awn, alaysa

lee mulku misra, pertaining to Fir’awn alaysa
lee mulku misra wahathihial-anharu tajree

min tahtee, don’t I own the kingdom of Misr,
don’t these rivers flow beneath and only I

am the king of Misr?

what’s he referring to himself as?

Malik, that’s what he is referring himself,
so he mentions himself as Rabb, then he mention

himself as Malik, what’s left?

Ilah, let’s see if he committed this crime
too, he turns to his chiefs and he says, Waqala

Fir’Awn, Ya ayyuhalmalao ma AA alim tu lakum
min ilahin ghayree, my generals, listen up,

I don’t know if any other Ilah for you other
than myself.

For Fir’awn we find himself declaring 3 things
for himself, Rubbubiyah, Mulk, and Uluhiyyah,

all three for himself, Rab, Malik, Ilah, we
find, this sampling that Allah has given us

in the Quran is very important, you shouldn’t
be overlooked and it’s not just for you and

I to say, oh man, fir’awn, La’natullah, what
a loser but there’s something here, that is

what the waswasa of Shaitaan can lead to,
what was the biggest problem of Shaitaan?

Shaitaan himself, what was his biggest problem?

Arrogance, arrogance, what is the biggest
thing he could instill inside a human being?

Arrogance and what is the worst manifestation
of arrogance?

fir’awn, but you don’t have to reach fir’awn
to be worried that you’re headed down the

same road that leads to Fir’awn, today we
are not living in a time where people declare

themselves Gods over others but we are living
in times where people declare themselves God’s

over themselves, they declared themselves
their own master, I am my own man, I am my

own master, they declare themselves their
own king, king of the house, king of my territory,

king of my domain, they declare themselves
their own Ilah, their own desires become their

Ilah, Afaraayta mani ittakhatha ilahahuhawahu,
did you see the one who takes his desires

and turns them into his Ilah, even we’re living
in times where we can each turn into mini-fir’awn

without even realizing it, we don’t have to
have large castles and fight with messengers

and you know, be arrogant, outspoken against
Allah Azza wa Jal but that concept of ego

that is crushed in the beginning of this Surah
by you openly saying, I need protection, I

need Allah’s protection, I’m coming into His
obedience, there is a very powerful lesson

in this, very very powerful lesson, Iblis
himself recognizes the lordship of Allah but

wants the human being to forget it, he himself
said, you are the one who created, Khalaqtani,

even when he was disobeying Allah, he gave
Him credit, Khalaqtani min naar, You created

me from fire, even then he acknowledged Towheed
himself, even he himself but he wants the

human being to forget that Towheed, he wants
the human being to become ungrateful, May
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Allah protect us from the waswasa of Shaitaan.


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