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Published on March 12th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 1590

Surah al Asr read

Surah al Asr read

Illustrated Explanation of Surah al Asr | Nouman Ali Khan |


Overwhelmed .Free Quran Education“on Youtube


and the imagery that I want to share

with you is one that will help you

understand the larger concept of

socialism imagine with me that you are

drowning that you’re drowning and you

are unconscious to things you’re

drowning and you’re unconscious do you

have a lot of time if you’re drowning

and you’re unconscious do you have a lot

of time no you don’t have a lot of time

which means your time is running out and

you know in Arabic what word is used for

20 time is running out the time the word

for that is an awesome an awesome

literally means time that is running out

it’s the last part of the day when the

day is running out is time of Austin

prayer okay awesome literally comes from

a seed juice that is squeezed out time

that’s being squeezed out of your hands

you know I sort of fell but even it’s

used that you know you take a coal a

cloth that is drenched in water and when

you squish it like this all the water

comes out Marsala is a verb is used like

that right to squeeze it out so a lot of

talks about this time your time you’re

drowning you’re you’re unconscious your

time’s running out what’s the first”Surah al Asr read”

thing you need to do to be able to

survive if you’re in that position what

if you hope to survive what’s the first

thing you’re going to need what do you

think wake up that’s the first thing

you’re going to need if you keep your

unconscious then you’re finished the

very first condition has to be you have

to wake up and even if you live in the

most wonderful dream and in your dream”Surah al Asr read”

you were enjoying the greatest success

you’re driving you’re driving a Ferrari

down you know this you know to have this

car commercials with the hills and the

highways on the side the water on the

other side right you’re one of those

cars that on top drop is the tops

and you’re just cruising along the

highway enjoying life that’s your dream”Surah al Asr read”

but when you wake up what do you realize

you’re drowning you’re underwater that’s

the first condition you have to wake up

once you do wake up you say oh man this

is a nasty reality and I was enjoying

such a good dream I should go back to

sleep if you do that what kind of person

would you be insane you’d be insane or

someone at least who has no courage to

accept reality because they found

reality to be very difficult they

decided they’re going to put themselves”Surah al Asr read”

back to sleep even though they woke up

does this person if he drowned can you

blame anybody else the one who woke up

and went back to sleep you think someone

who never woke up may be right but the

one who woke up said mmm this is not

good and they went back to sleep they

have no one to blame but who themselves

they have no longer the consult now

let’s imagine that they did wake up what

do you have to do next oh it’s pretty

bad I’m drowning even if you don’t know

how to swim will you not use every

muscle in your body to make certain

kinds of motions to go towards the

surface wouldn’t you do that and you

make certain kinds of motions that make”Surah al Asr read”

you go further down and certain kinds of

motions that will make you go up and

once you discover which ones help you go

up you will only do those right you will

do those in other words the first thing

was you have to wake up the second one

you have to swim you have to do

something to try to get to the surface”Surah al Asr read”

when you got to the surface you gasp for

air and you got pulled back down you got

pulled back down and you want you who

you got pulled back down you won’t

believe this there’s a chain around your

foot and your relative your cousin is

sleeping and he dragged you down and now

we’re drowning because you’re sleeping

cousin what do you have to do now you

gotta wake him up and you’re not even

making it up to him up because you want

to save him who are you waking him up

for maybe you want maybe if you don’t

even like it “Surah al Asr read”

I don’t know right but what’s the point

the point is you’re trying to waking up

because if you don’t wake him up who’s

also going to drown your son so you wake

him up and he says man I was driving a

Ferrari you woke me up for no reason I’m

going back to sleep forget you can you

just say okay well I didn’t like you

anyway suit yourself

can’t do that if he goes to sleep again

what are you going to do no man wake up

let’s go let’s go we gotta go can’t give

up you can’t not accept reality and you

have to keep trying to wake him up until

he finally okay fine what do we do he

says let’s you say to him let’s swim

together both of you come up together

the third time you both get pulled down

by your grandmother by your aunt by your

neighbor by your son by your daughter

does the process continue your process”Surah al Asr read”

continued there’s a four-part process to

this people surviving the first was they

had to wake up themselves then they had

to try to swim then they had to tell

other people that they’re tied to this

is the truth

let’s go and even if they got tired and

some of them one of them said man I

can’t do this anymore we’ve been doing

this style over and over again I don’t

know if I could do it anymore and the

other one says no we are all going to

survive together you have to do this

come on let’s go let’s go let’s go keep

going keep going you ever seen those

kinds of movies where they’re trying to

escape from some army and one of them

gets tired and says I can’t run anymore

what are the others do come on come on

let’s go let’s go we can do this we”Surah al Asr read”

could do and they get him to run anyway

even though he thinks he can’t run


they work with each other because their

their survival depends on each other

they work together desperately what is

Alessi at the end of this surah first

this is indigent MMF you won us the

first of all time’s running out

then he says in the lithography for sell

out translated human beings are drowned

in laws you see the parallel even beings

are drowned in laws what’s the exception

in lovina and those who believed

believed what Allah didn’t say I’m a

noble a hero when I Iike a hero could to

be hero sudhi he won the omen Anthony

was the highly you I shall even a lot I

ll back you buy them nothing he didn’t

mention anything even though all of

those things are included

according to the siak of the solar the

context of the solar what is the first

thing these people have to believe that

they’re in loss that they’re drowning

and if they do come to believe that and

they correct their email was necessarily

going to happen they’re going to swim

and move upwards how does it like this

action what am i doing a sunny hot they

do good things they do things that help

reconcile the situation by the way Salah

is an adjective here

Saudi hot young enough salmon which is

literally means that much corrects

something something was wrong any

correction so they do actions that

correct the situation literally like the

guy trying to swim but because they were

tied to other people what else did they

have to do what the law so huh they had

to tell the other the truth and it’s not

even us but Allah I mean they told them

about the truth no no you had to wake

him up and let’s go let’s go we have to

go no matter and over and over again the

last even has the continent that has

repetition it over and over again they

said this is the truth this is the truth

this is the truth you know why because

the people you’re trying to save even if

you wake them up temporarily for twenty

minutes thirty minutes during the Kaaba

guess what happens on the whole buzz

done they go back to sleep they start

drowning again so what do you have to do

you have to go and wake them up again

then they get sleepy again then you

gotta wake them up again this is the

last a bit Huck and you might get tired

of doing it you might become impatient

so Allah also adds what also does subdue

you got to keep doing it some it means

consistency constancy perseverance


you got to remain on point you got to

keep doing this because your survival

depends on it in the end if you do all

of these things but you have no patience

and you give up you will you drown too

so even if you have you man and you had

good needs

you told people about the truth but you

didn’t have southern you still drown so

how many conditions do you have to

fulfill to survive all four all four

conditions are required they’re critical

and they’re necessary which is why

there’s a wire in between them you see

the logical progression from Amanda

middle slightly hard at palazzo makeup

that also so beautifully articulated in

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