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Published on April 18th, 2020 | by Admin | Views:


I want my mother …..please

Short story

The Mother ( I want my mother )

Authored by Mr. Ali Salama

Translated by Sayed A. Raouf

The moral :” As you sow as you harvest”

Characters :

1- ٌRiad ,the younger son aged 50 , an engineer who has 3 children .

2- Irfan ,the elder son, aged 63.

3- Yassmin , the mother aged 86 .

4- Sheikh Ahmed , an old wise friend of the family .

1st scene ;

Riad: calling his brother …

Riad     : Asslamu Alicom Irfan.

Irfan :   Wa Alaikum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa baracatu , Riad . How are you ?

Riad     : Fine alhamdulillah . What about you and my mother ?

Irfan  : Fine alhamdulillah .

Riad ( in a hesitant manner ) :I want to discuss something with you .

Irfan :  Sure , what is it, Riad ?

Riad      : Brother , you’ve grown old now and so has mother .I….I want um to stay with      me .

Irfan ( with trembling hands & voice ) : Mum ! you want to take mum ?!! 

Riad      : Yes .

Irfan : So , you are sending me to death ., you know how I love mum .

Riad     : Yes , but you must be reasonable and put emotions apart ., You are sick and mum is too .

Irfan:“ touched by those words” :No… .I Cannot live without mum .

Riad    : I have to take her to stay with me , my wife and I ‘ll take care of her .

Irfan: I can take care of her .I can , I can .

Riad    : Sorry brother , I have to do it .

The second scene :

Sheikh Ahmed sitting with the two brothers . The mother enters the room .The children play in the hall .

Sheikh Ahmed : Well, Irfan. I know how much connected to your mum 

but age has its effect , hasn’t it ?

_ Both you and your mother have grown old , she had better stay with Riad, his family is capable of taking care of her more than you .

Irfan : No.. no  ..not mum .

Sheikh Ahmed : You can visit her any time you wish .

Irfan: How can I wake up in the morning not finding her near me ? 

Sheikh Ahmed to the mother : With whom would you like to stay , Hajja ?

Mother  : I love both of them ., Erfan is one eye to me while Riad is the other .

Sheikh Ahmed  : But Hajja , we are discussing …..

Irfan( interrupting ) :I want my mum .. I want..

Riad: ( touched by his brother’s feelings ) : Are you crying , brother ?

Irfan: Yes I am . And I will . 

Sheikh Ahmed – who seems to be affected – :Okay , no problem . Hajja may stay with Irfan. One of Riad ‘s children can go to help his uncle .

Thus the conversation eRiadErfan’s  two boys talk 

_ When I grow up , our parents will stay with me .

_ The other boy : Oh no , they will stay with me .

They all laugh happily .

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