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Published on February 19th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 358



I Am Near! | Part 5 | illustrated | Nouman Ali Khan | Subtitled


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Now I have give you my invitation my invitation is I am near to you i am ready to listen to you whenever

even if you haven’t made dua except one time one time, I will still listen to you

Doesn’t matter if you have no other good islamic qualities except dua, I will still listen to you

what should you do though?

this is what Allah is doing for you

what should you do for him?

He says ‘fal yastajibooli

the other word, remember there was ‘ajaba‘ and ‘istija

istijaba‘ also means to try to answer

somebody says brother I want to have lunch with you. I’ll say ‘I’ll try to make time’

I dont know if I can do it, I’ll try

trying means maybe you will succeed, maybe you will fail

Allah says ‘faljastajibooli‘, they should atleast try to answer me

you are asking things from me, Allah says, you asking me for a better job, you are asking me for health

you are asking me to protect your children, you are asking me for your parents

you are asking me for a house, you are asking me for all kinds of things

I am asking you some things too, what about what I am asking you?

faljastajibooli‘ then they should respond to me

they should respond to me

Now the thing is in the Fatiha

Surah Fatiha , what do we want from Allah in Surah Fatiha? Anybody know?


we want guidance

but what does Allah want from us? Ibadah

iyaka nabodoo, wa iyaka nastaeen

nastaeen‘ means we want help

but before we ask Allah what we want, we tell Allah what we will do for Him

What will we do for Him? ‘iyaka na’bodoo


What will He do for us? ‘istiana‘ He’ll help us

So what you do for Allah should come first

What you want for yourself should come.. second

but in these ayaat of Ramadan, He said ‘I will asnwer you whenever you call me

and then He says ‘you should answer me’

He didnt say you should answer me and then I will asnwer you



He even put Himself second and you and me first in these ayaat

He put Himself second

falyastajeebooli wa yoominoo bi’

The should respond to me, they should have real iman in me

The should really believe in me

‘la a’lla hum yurshidoon

‘so that they can be set straight’

So they can be good people

” quran teacher “

they can change themselves

Subhanallah, these few ayat of ramadan are transformative

they completely change the way that you think about this month

if we reflect just on these ayat

the relationship you are going to have with the Quran

the relationship you are going to have with dua

The relationship you will have with Allah after ramadan is done
These are the things you have to internalize

” quran teacher “

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