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Published on February 26th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 622

quran teacher

quran teacher

I Am Near! | Part 2 | illustrated | Nouman Ali Khan | Subtitled”quran teacher”


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now who did they ask?

let me ask you if you’re paying attention

the people who ask about Allah – do they ask Allah or do they ask the Prophet ﷺ?

they ask the Prophet ﷺ

they ask the Prophet ﷺ

so what you expect is – now, I’ll say the English

“if they ask you about Me, then tell them I’m near”

but the Ayah does not say “tell them”

Ayah does not say “tell them”

here’s what the Ayah says

[waitha sa’alaka ibaadi anni fa inni qareeb]

“when they ask you about Me”

“then I am near”

“then I am near” – what is missing?

“then tell them”

[faqul lahum]

[inni qareeb]

“quran teacher”

there’s no [faqullahum] – there’s no [tell them]

why not?

the people came to ask the Rasool ﷺ

somebody comes to ask the Alim about Allah – will Allah answer my dua?

I have a lot of mistakes

I missed a lot of salat

will Allah still answer my dua?

Will Allah put me in hellfire? He’s asking the Alim

in this case, he’s asking Rasool Allah ﷺ

and Allah says

He puts the Rasool ﷺ aside – and He answers him directly

“quran teacher”

He starts talking to you and talking to me

He’s not talking to Rasool Allah ﷺ anymore

He says [fa inni qareeb] – “I am near”

“I’m so near I’ll talk to you”

“I won’t even tell the Messenger ﷺ to talk to you”

“I’ll talk to you myself”

that’s the beauty of Quran

People came and ask Rasool Allah ﷺ

and Allah did not tell him

“you go tell them”

Allah said: “no, no, I’ll tell them myself”

“I am so near”

“you don’t believe me?”

why did I say you don’t believe me?

He said [inni] – [inna] is used in Arabic
لازالة الشك (To remove suspicion)

u know

المخاطب متردد حريب
(the addressee is in doubt)

so if someone is in doubt

then you use [inna]

Allah is saying: “don’t you ever doubt that I am near”

why are you doubting that I’m near?

why do you think I would go away from you?

you turn your back on me, I don’t turn my back on you

you turned your back on me

you disobeyed me

“quran teacher”

you stopped loving me, I never stopped loving you

you become distant – I stay near

and the word [qareeb] also

[qareeb] is اسم صفة (that describes the quality of a noun)
which means I’m always near

The sentence actually means:
certainly, I am always near”

“Let My slaves know”

now, the other thing is

how many names does Allah have?

at least 99

at least 99 – so many beautiful names of Allah

and the one – when the Messenger ﷺ is told
“when people ask you about Me”

when they ask the Prophet ﷺ about Allah

then the most important thing you need to tell them is which name of Allah or which description – that he is what?


that He is near


because when He is near, it’s easier for you to talk to Him

when when someone is far, you can’t talk to them

when someone is near, you can talk to them

when someone is near, you can respect them

so if you’re in school

and the teacher walks out of the classroom

the teacher walks out of the classroom – do you behave the same way or no?

no, and don’t lie – you’re in the Masjid okay?

go outside in line – I am kidding -okay?

When the teacher is near – do you behave differently?

you do – don’t you

now you’re taking a test

the teacher walks by

he just walks by

do you cover your exam a little more?

you know – just a shadow made you like – Oh my God!

especially if he puts his hand on your desk

and he looks down at your paper

and he goes


hahaha … Malak ul Maut! (the angel of death)

I do that to my students because I really enjoy torturing them psychologically

it’s one of the great joys of teaching -you get to mess with students

Oh my God

Allah says: if My slaves ask you about Me tell them I am – what?

near – when you know someone is near you act differently

because He’s always near
[fa inni qareeb]

“quran teacher”

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