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Published on February 10th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 202

How to Teach Kids Salat – Nouman Ali Khan – illustrated | Subtitled


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I’m using a good age to encourage kids to pray

even before that – even seven eight is good

You don’t have to be harsh about it

if they – you know – some of my kids are pretty good with prayers,

some kids are kind of lazy

And, so we pray together and some kids are still playing with their legos even if they watch me pray, so I don’t say: “Hey!”

“Come here! You weren’t making your Salat. Where were you?”

I used to do that until my wife kind of yelled at me like that:

“Why’d you do that? yelled at them?”

So I don’t do that anymore

And so I just – you know – go over, play with the legos

“Hey, could you – could you pray – could you pray with me next time?

I felt so sad that you weren’t there”

Okay Abba!”

“I could be with you next time”

and next time he just shows up and say,

“Abba! I’m next to you this time!”

I was like “Yay!”

“Let’s pray together.”

It’s got to be a loving thing. We have to be patient with kids.

It’s not a law and policy to


“It’s Salat time. where are you guys?

and the kids are hiding under couches like –

“It’s Salat time!”

You know and

they don’t even know how to make the intention

“I pray 2 Rakat for for the sake of Dad”

like you know – Like you don’t wanna do that

You don’t wanna do that

You know

so just

Loving, encouragement and consistency

and if they fail every once in a while, or they’re lazy or they’re not in the mood

It’s okay

It’s okay

Overtime Insha’Allah o Ta’ala you want to build a love for Salat

This is something that connects us to our Master

It’s an act of love, not an act of fear

You know

and so – you know

I pray that we’re able to be patient parents with our children

and we don’t expect perfection from them
because – wallahi – we didn’t have it

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