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Published on December 24th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 819

online tajweed classes

“online tajweed classes”

How To Get The Real Taste Of Happiness Removing Depression, Mufti Menk”online tajweed classes”

my beloved brothers and sisters it is

indeed a pleasure and an honor to be

speaking to you this evening once again

and to be in this beautiful country the

island here of Trinidad mashallah and at

the same time to be given this

opportunity by allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

to speak about something extremely

important it is very very important for

us to know that the religion we follow

Islam is a way of life it does not have

rules and regulations only connected to

one aspect of living but in fact it

includes every aspect of living and if

we were to live according to Islam we

would actually be very happy people many

people today are depressed because they

earn through the week and they spend

that money in the weekend on clubbing

perhaps at a nightclub

sometimes they wasted on something that

would result in the depletion of their

money the same weekend or the end of the

month depending on when they get paid

“online tajweed classes”

and then they are depressed once again

because they need to start from scratch

they start earning again and they waste

that money once again and this life

becomes so depressing because they are

getting nowhere

they are getting absolutely nowhere we

are so upset with this life it’s all

about a show I must show the rest of the

world exactly what I don’t have

I must pretend that I am someone that I

am NOT I need to show the world and

that’s what would make me temporarily

happy whereas as muslimeen you are

taught to be yourself those who love you

based on what you look like exactly

without having made yourself up in a way

that you don’t look like what you’re

supposed to be looking like then it’s

unfortunate it’s actually something

“online tajweed classes”

really sad when a person gets to that

level but those who love you for who you

are without changing yourself are the

genuine people they are the ones who

bring a true smile to your face a person

who can tell you that he or she loves

you as you are when you wake up first

thing in the morning

they really love you subhanAllah but for

those who look at you when you’re

perhaps at a shopping mall or on the

streets and you’re all made up and

that’s what they like it’s the makeup

they like I’m so sorry to be speaking

about makeup the second time today like

I said I’m not saying it’s Haram but the

obsession people become so obsessed with

some of these things that they forget to

focus upon the reality of life the day

they don’t have that they become

“online tajweed classes”

depressed they wouldn’t even like to

answer the door so when it comes to

Islam it teaches us to be who we are

your identity you’re supposed to be a

person what-you-see-is-what-you-get

subhanAllah when I pray I must pray with

my heart that heart needs to be cleansed

a lot of people pray but their heart is

not cleansed it means there is something

wrong with this prayer of yours

there is definitely something wrong with

the prayer the reason is if you prayed

correctly to Allah it would clean your

heart it would soften your heart you

would learn to love the rest of the

creatures of allah subhanahu wata’ala

starting with mankind so if you are

compassionate to other human beings it

means your prayer is in order but if you

are not there is something wrong with

your prayer

he or she who is linked to his maker

definitely a better person he or she who

is linked to his maker is definitely a

better person to the rest of the

creatures of the same maker

remember that so when we become horrible

to those whom we live with there is

something wrong with our link with Allah

with our link with our own maker when we

are horrible to our parents to our

children to our brothers and sisters to

our uncles and aunts to our in-laws to”online tajweed classes”

our relatives when we are not patient

with them when we are not tolerant of

their different ways and habits

sometimes it could mean we have a

problem with ourselves and this is why

my brothers and sisters life is a

struggle to become a better person no

matter who you are no matter what level

of spirituality you think you are upon

you will never be upon perfection so

keep on working keep on trying harder

keep on perfecting your relationship

with the rest of mankind sometimes

people come to me complaining

complaining about their children you

know my son he’s disobedient but to be

honest with you sometimes

sometimes it’s the parents who don’t

treat their children correctly sometimes

it’s you my beloved father who is the

problem it’s not your son sometimes it’s

you my beloved mother who is the problem

it’s not your son or your daughter so as

much as we say be obedient to be kind to

your parents we have to tell the parents

to be merciful to their children to

understand what their children want and

what Allah wants and how to strike a

balance between the two if we all had

perfect children from the beginning what

was the point of us being in their lives

we have to help them we have to help

them grow up understand things looking

at things from a certain angle

certain perspective being able to get

along with other people understanding

that not everything you want you’re

going to get but the problem the problem

with the parents is there are times we

don’t understand that this is actually a

child who belongs first to Allah and

then Allah has given me the chance to

say that the child temporarily belongs

to me too

ultimately our children belong to Allah

he made them in the first place he gave

them to us may Allah bless those without

children with children may Allah bless

those who don’t have children with

children say I mean mashallah but at the

same time those who do have children

those children are Allah’s they belong

to Allah you have them for a moment for

a short period of time if he wants he

can take them away before you or he can

take them away in infancy childhood

teenage or a little bit later that is

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala and it’s his

decision it goes to show that he is the

owner he is the one who owns you and I

he dis when I’m going to return to Him

it’s his decision and at the same time

whether or not I will have children is

his decision so allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala has kept rules and regulations

for us i want to speak about something

very important today many of us are

searching for happiness many of us are

searching for contentment contentment

lies in adopting what the Almighty says

we should be adopting never be selfish

when you are selfish you cannot be

content remember that when you are

selfish you cannot be happy when you

reach out to others you become happy

when you see this

smile on the face of your

daughter-in-law that’s when the

mother-in-law will be content and vice

versa sorry to give you that example

when you see the smile on the face of

the orphan that is when you will be

happy but that often happens to be a

child perhaps even of your own brother

who may have passed away he often

happens to be a child whom you are

connected to many of us when a father

passes away leaving behind little girls

for example we tend to usurp their

wealth we cheat the women we cheat the

little girls regarding what the

inheritance the estate the estate of the


whereas Allah has given them a share the

brothers sometimes are unfair to their

own sisters the uncles are unfair to

their nieces sometimes so if a person

wants to be happy himself fulfill the

rights of these little orphans

if Allah tells you through the blessed

lips of muhammad sallallahu alayhi


of the importance of looking after these

orphans and how you can earn paradise

through fulfilling the rights of widows

and orphans then obviously we need to

take it seriously the prophet sallallahu

alayhi wa sallam says and now carefully

lea Tameka attained evil Jenna myself

and the one who looks after the orphans

will be like this in paradise and he

showed the two fingers bringing them

together so if you’re going to look

after the orphans you will definitely be

a person who’s happy if you’re selfish

you won’t be happy so I want you every

one of you and myself included to put a

smile on the face of someone else every

single day a person who may be connected

to you your spouse to start with imagine

think up ways of making your husband

smile think up ways of making your wife

smile mashallah think up away an idea

even if it means to take the microphone

away from the emcee if she smiled I’ve

achieved by the will of allah subhanahu


think of ways of making your children

smile think of ways of making your

parents smile subhanAllah many of us

probably lost we’re lost for ideas

no sometimes if you don’t know how to

make them smile break into a smile

yourself and see what happens

subhanAllah just break into a smile and

they will start smiling back at you


tabarak Allah that’s what it is so Allah

has kept a smile contagious because you

don’t have to say things sometimes you

can do something and you don’t have to

do something complex you can do

something very very simple to make them

smile but the problem is we’ve become

selfish it’s all about myself I’m

searching for happiness happiness lies

in making others happy

that’s where happiness lies we are sad

because we make everyone depressed they

are upset because of us we block their

lives we stop the good things they want

and then how do we expect good things to

come to us right reach out to others do

something for them your time your effort

your energy your expertise use it to

help people it should not only be about

yourself the reason why so many people

are depressed on earth today is because

we are all living for ourselves we want

to earn we don’t want to reach out with

our earnings our time is for ourselves

we come home from a long day at work and

we spend our time on the mobile phone

when your wife and your children or your

husband and so on have been waiting for

you all day sometimes more than a day

depending on how you work and you come


and you’re on your phone doing what

nothing that phone can be set aside set

aside your phones for two hours every

day set it aside a lot of you might say

I can’t do that well for one hour set it


switch it off off put it on flight mode

and you know what you’ll enjoy a

beautiful journey without even going out

of your house you will be talking to

those you are supposed to be talking

with I promise you write it down or make

a mental note of it

switch your phones off for one hour

inside the house when you are with your

family members

switch it off not because you want to

hide something illicit no ho no it

should be for the right reasons the

reason is you would like to communicate

with people you are supposed to be

talking to if you died there and then

they would be responsible to make sure

you are given a decent burial

so this is why we say people are

depressed because they’ve become selfish

that’s what it is when I earn it’s about

me that’s it this is my money that’s I

want to save up for my things take out a

little bit give it to a charity take out

a little bit reach out to those who

don’t have anything take out a little

bit give it as a gift to someone give a

little bit of pocket money to your child

making sure that you’ve taught the child

how to spend and I’m not saying a large


I’m not saying give you a child a large

amount so that he or she gets spoiled in

a way that tomorrow when you don’t have

it they turned to Haram means to earn it

but I’m definitely saying once in a

while they deserve to be spoiled

subhanAllah don’t be selfish go out and

greet people go out we heard of go we

heard a few moments ago about

how the RO you team goes out to give

Hampus to the pool well join them once

at least once

and guess what bring some hampers

yourself contribute financially and then

go out with them see how you feel when

you see homeless people living under the

bridges and the flyovers of your own

City for example living in ghettos and

slums who don’t even have food and

you’ve given them one meal once only

once you’ve reached out to them with a

meal trust me you will smile for a long

time it will bring about a feeling

within you that humanity will return to

you that’s something a lot of us have

lost to do good is not difficult but we

need to think about it be in good

company and you will notice how you feel

good because that good company will

remind you about reaching out to others

today my brothers and sisters there are

so many of us do you agree many

mashallah you’ve come out in large

numbers by the will of allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala there is a sickness

we won’t greet anyone unless we know

them that’s a problem the brothers as

well as the sisters we go to the masjid

the house of allah we don’t greet people

unless we know them or unless they’re

someone someone big the who’s who you

know the wealth like I always say we

greet the money not the person and the

evidence of it is when they don’t have

money they no longer greeted her a Tunis

a man who Elliman in the home a loo

I saw people inclined towards those who

have wealth Wow

they inclined towards them hey how are

you doing man that’s because he has

those twenty dollars you know the minute

it’s gone no more greeting you you walk

right past me uncle even if he greets

you no more response no reply forget

about greeting when people greet us we

don’t bother replying who greeting me me

and the sister says yes I greeted you

know and you just carry on mistake I

think you’ve mistaken identity

it’s a sign of the hour do you know that

where people will only greet because

they know we are taught to greet

everyone greet them smile at them those

who don’t know you could make their day

you don’t know how depressed someone

might be by greeting them by smiling at

them by acknowledging them you may help

them and as a result the Almighty will

help you but the problem is we don’t

think this way we’re selfish I’ve got a

problem I am stressed myself why should

I greet the people well you want to

de-stress greet them greet the people

smile at them they won’t even dream that

you have a problem they will think

mashallah this person’s life is so


they’ve got time to smile well they will

start smiling too they will forget about

their problem for a little while and

guess what

through that and the blessings of the

good deed that you have done we call it

Baraka through the Baraka of that

beautiful deed you will be able to

achieve that happiness and tasty we

might hear what I am saying today but

trust me you’re going to go back home

ten o’clock tonight and with your own

family members you’re going to sulk once

again for what why go back home make a

difference change things in the house

call everyone sit them down and tell

them from now on we’re going to greet

each other when I was young and up to

this day I would greet my parents before

I go to bed if they’re there Salam

alaikum and I’m gone to bed when I get

up first thing in the morning assalamu

alaikum I greet my parents but the new

generation no way they not bothered

about greeting their parents they will

duck and dive and hide and they probably

sitting on their iPads until midnight

only God knows what they’re doing

where is all this gone where are the

etiquettes gone the problem is with us

they don’t see us doing it so they don’t

do it or we haven’t taught them since

they were young but learn to greet even

those in your own home the greeting in

Islam as you heard a little bit earlier

from chef Mosley

this greeting is absolutely important

as-salaam so start with it in your own

home greet the people every time you

enter whenever you come back home and

every time you want to go to bed and

whenever you get up greet say things

it’s a prayer

it’s a powerful prayer and smile and be

good and learn not to be lazy

laziness makes you depressed did you

“online tajweed classes”

know that when you’re lazy you don’t

want to do things you don’t even want to

turn off the light so now we’re in the

room and I’m telling my son to turn the

light of anything but you turn the light

off and we’re looking at each other and

then we sleep with a light on mashallah

electricity bill I’d rather pay but I

wouldn’t like to turn off that light why

we’re both lazy may Allah forgive us

I hope you don’t think I’m talking about

myself but anyway it happens in our

homes we become lazy no one wants to get

up you know to make the coffee for

example and I’m not saying it’s just the

job of a female no the males too

sometimes need to get up and do

something you can make the waffles can’t

you on a Sunday morning you can make the

eggs in the breakfast on a Sunday

morning can’t you look at them look at

them no Nadia no nothing no

acknowledgement la vaca but come on

can’t you make eggs can you not make

eggs Oh Masha Allah now they’re saying

yes hamdulillah don’t worry you’re on TV

they’re gonna see who said yes and who

didn’t you’re in trouble you better know

how to make eggs by the will of Allah

I’m sure you do but we become lazy it’s

laziness when you are selfless you

contribute to that home it becomes a

home of happiness because we smile and

we plant a smile on the faces of others

in the way that that smile just doesn’t

want to go this is what I mean

subhanAllah once in a while do things

spoil the people those you live with to

start with and that’s when you’ll be

able to do it with others what is the

point of someone who wants to put a


on the rest of the world but there’s no

smile on the faces of the their own

family members you’re helping the world

to solve the world’s problems by trying

to help everyone else but in your own

home you need help start off at home the

best of those who are best at home first

and then everywhere else don’t be from

among those who are hypocritical don’t

be from among those who procrastinate

that’s another problem you leave things

ok I want to do this but I’ll do it it’s

ok it’s very early it’s actually only 9

o’clock now I can do that maybe we’ll

see guess what will happen before you

know it you’ll be off to bed you’ll be

sleeping and then leave it for tomorrow

and tomorrow never comes do you know

that so when you want to do things do it

not be lazy don’t be lazy

do it now get up and do something make a

change you make it now this is why we

say when you want to change when you

want to repent to the Almighty you never

ever say I will do it on Friday I will

do it when the Ramadan starts I will do

it at the end of the year I will do it

when I go for Hajj you may never see

that Hajj you may never see that Ramadan

I will do it now and here I want to

repent to the Almighty I want to quit my

bad ways and habits happiness is

snatched away through sin when you

transgress against the commands of the

Almighty your this is gone when you

transgress your happiness is gone you

don’t know why am I not happy it’s

because you’re sinning every day a

person who’s on drugs trust me they lead

a very very depressed life the only time

they might feel a little bit high is

exactly when they’re high that’s it

and once that high is no more you can

tell them goodbye it’s depressing it is

it’s very sad and it’s a false feeling

of happiness but in actual fact it is a

sadness it is a depressive condition

so all these sins that you’d like to

give up give them up now and don’t say

you know what it might be so difficult

and it might this if you have faith and

conviction nothing is difficult you do

it and trust me in an in no time you

will feel so happy you will feel content

you will gain your family once again

you will gain your happiness once again

things will start becoming in order

it’ll take a little bit of time be

patient but Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

will guide you if you want to do things

for the right reasons

you will find the right solutions coming

in your direction that you know the

result of your action will be positive

rather than negative my brothers and

sisters these are just a few life skills

these are a few tips but they are taken

from your faith from Islam did you know

that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

sallam has taught us all of this and

much more than all of this he’s taught

us not to be lazy not to procrastinate

he’s taught us to reach out to people to

greet people to smile to create a

positive vibe around you not negative

anything happens and you look at the

worst scenario when you look at people

see the good in them the weakness with

us we see the bad in people you see a

sister you’ve had two problems with her

that’s it you put a cross next to her

name you don’t want to see her you see a

brother you’ve had two issues with him

that’s it it’s the end of everything put

a cross on him no yes there may be some

people who are bad company bad influence

you’ve had many bad experiences you will

greet you will respond to a greeting you

may not want to associate more with them

because they have negative vibes or a

negative vibe around them in that sense

there are people who perhaps are very

depressing you may want to stay away but

the initial greeting is important and

let all of branches of utmost importance

what I mean here is if you have had an

issue you

always be open-minded to be able to

solve the matter if possible give them

the opportunity and I’m not saying that

you need to give up what is right in

order to solve the problem no you don’t

give up what’s right but you try and

discuss it to be able to solve the

matter if possible most cases we will be

able to solve the matter sometimes we

won’t sometimes you might want to

distance yourself but remember my

brothers and sisters many of us have

problems for petty reasons petty we look

“online tajweed classes”

at the negative of a situation and we

become depressed look at the positives

so many things that happen in our lives

that seem to be negative actually have

been the most positive things that have

ever happened in our lives I know of

people who’ve been diagnosed with

sickness and illness may Allah grant us

all cure I mean and they come up and say

I’m so sad I’m so depressed and you know

you have a chat with them you talk to

them and you remind them and one of the

questions is did you use to pray five

times a day before you were sick no I

didn’t now diagnosed do you pray five

times a day yes well then that’s

something positive how can it be well

you pray you call out to the Almighty

yes and sometimes if you haven’t yet

done that if you haven’t yet turned your

you know turned away from your bad if

you haven’t yet turned away from your

bad habits perhaps the Almighty might

keep you in that condition a little bit

longer it softened your heart you become

family you saw people dedicate something

happens you break a glass in a store for

example how do you talk to the people

I’m so sorry

oh I’m so sorry I really I didn’t you

know I’m that’s how you would say things

right what did you do you made an

expression you wanted to perhaps strike

a call

heart of the person you’re talking to

and you apologized but in our own homes

no Express Paula jeez we don’t we’re not

interested in striking any chord it’s

like you know what come here come here I

want to show you what you did come here

relax now allah subhanahu wa ta’ala

grant us that relaxation mashallah

may Allah help us in a way that we can

smile we can also address the people in

our own homes who’ve broken things the

way we would like to be addressed when

we break things elsewhere think about

how you talk

think about the expression on your face

this is the problem sometimes we say

I’ve got a clean heart but the way we

say it is so ugly it’s a dirty way of

saying it I’ve got a clean heart if you

think I’ve got a dirty heart you’ve got

a look at the expression on your face so


come on may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

guide us what I’ve told you today is

very simple but I promise you we will

still go home and not practice upon it

and that’s why we’re not getting anyway

we’re not happy we still won’t achieve

that happiness we don’t want to develop

a link with Allah we don’t want to

develop a link with the rest of the

creation of Allah we don’t want to help

out we don’t want to smile we don’t want

to reach out to people we still won’t

greet people we don’t know

we will walk out of this stadium today

and we still won’t greet people only

those we knows and sisters to greet

those sitting nearby to smile at them to

make them feel happy we have a problem

even in the Masjid can I tell you what

happens you have the brothers who are

regular goes for prayers they go

regularly sometimes and even the sisters

some of them who are you know fulfilling

their prayers and so on when a person

walks in sometimes who’s not usually

there or who doesn’t look who doesn’t

look like what we would have expected a

person who prays to look I don’t even

know what that’s supposed to be but a

person doesn’t look like us and we give

them a dirty look

they’re not welcome here if you are

welcoming to someone who’s coming to the

Masjid for the first time in their lives

well llahi that could just be your

ticket to paradise

a few days ago I was in Malaysia and

someone actually told me that they hated

a place of worship a Masjid to pray and

they were not properly dressed they were

you know not looking like a Muslim

should be looking and their life changed

because the people welcomed this person

and said oh you’re most welcome and

smiled and made them feel at home

Wow and I’m busy thinking wow I was

listening to this those people this

could be their ticket to paradise

you changed somebody’s life but when

they come even for a religious talk

sometimes religious talk in the Masjid

or and you have people sometimes who’ve

come there just to listen to what’s

happening the way we treat them the way

we look at them we make them feel like

you’re not welcome here what are you

doing here if that’s the case you’ve

just snatched your own happiness away

that’s what you’ve done but smile at

them make them feel happy the next time

you will see them in a better condition

the next time you might see them

somewhere else maybe at the beach you

might see them in a condition where you

need help and they came to help you

because they remembered you from

somewhere but we stopped doing this this

is why I challenge you today as you out


greet the people talk to them smile at

them say one or two nice things oh how

are you what’s happening don’t embarrass

don’t ask questions that’s going to turn

people away how much do you earn my

sister you know he said ask a few

questions I want to know how much do you

earn how much do I earn where do you

work you

to know where I work all these questions

are known as excess that which is going

to chase people away you don’t need to

know anything sister how much do you

weigh come on way that’s the last thing

you ask a woman in fact nowadays the men

are becoming conscious of it now love

forgive us

so when I say ask a few questions I mean

how are you doing mashallah I’m so glad

to see you here did you enjoy the talk

mashallah what are the points you

thought were good man oh you don’t need

to ask what are the points you thought

were good but you can say I thought it

was okay I thought it was you know this

point was good and that point was good

and I’m going to work on that by saying

that you’ve already made someone feel a

sense of identity I am a human being

they might think the same points you

raised a valid for themselves at the end

of the day were human beings but the

difficulty is okay we heard it was a

good talk we’ll go home and we’ll say it

was a good talk it was a good talk we

come back next year we’d say last year

was a good talk but nothing happens your

life didn’t change nothing happened to

you zero if that’s the case we’re

getting nowhere absolutely nowhere but

even if you don’t tell people it was a

good talk but your life has changed

people will know it was a good talk

because they’ve seen that it has

impacted on my life times we want to see

a speaker oh I want to see this person I

really desperately want to see that

shape and that’s Sheikh for what what’s

the purpose why what’s the big deal well

if that’s going to change your life

because you’re going to hear a good word

and you’re going to seize the

opportunity to be shaken then indeed it

was worth it

but if not and it was just ought to

“online tajweed classes”

become famous you know taking a selfie

with the Sheikh for example making me

famous what’s the point

like they say some people are known in

the heavens and not known on earth no

one knows about them but the Angels know

them very well because of the good they

do and others are well known on earth

but they’re not known in the heavens

because they’ve done nothing grand may

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

not make us from the latter so my

brothers and sisters I’d like to


you tomorrow on a different note all

together I want to speak tomorrow about

gaining closeness to allah subhanahu


and achieving forgiveness of allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala

and having hope in the mercy of allah

subhanahu wata’ala because that is a

beautiful topic we all want hope we all

want to feel that allah loves us there

is a way to do that there is a way to

achieve that but for now I’d like you to

reach out to the rest of the creatures

of Allah starting with human beings and

I end by saying do you know there is a

narration not one but several narrations

that make mention of people who were

granted entry into paradise by being

kind to a dog or a cat or some animals

I’m sure you know of those nearest to a

cat the woman who was quite sinful and

paradise kindness to a dog the man who

was quite a bad guy

and paradise when I say a bad guy I mean

he didn’t really have many good deeds

but he was kind to a dog and the sister

was kind – or the lady was kind – a cat

if kindness to a dog and the cat can get

you paradise what do you think kindness

to another human being who’s not a

Muslim will get you good question

and if kindness to another human being

who’s not a Muslim would get you to

paradise what do you think kindness to a

Muslim would get you

and if kindness to a Muslim would get

you paradise then what do you think

kindness to a family member would get

you and if kindness to a family member

would get you paradise then what do you

think kindness to your own spouse would

get you we all want paradise but please

let’s try and work towards it may allah

subhanahu wa ala bless you all

subhanahu wa’ta’ala grant us all

acceptance and may allah subhanahu wa

ta’ala grant us the love that we are

supposed to be feeling for one another

may allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala help us

work according to that love within his

pleasure and mail

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala gather us in Jannah

was allah allahu wa sallim wa barik ala

nabina muhammad subhanAllah Hemnes from

Hannah Karla Homolka and ik Machado

Allah Allah Allah entered

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