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Published on April 8th, 2020 | by Admin | Views:

How to Convert All Sins into Good Deeds?

last minute that we have for our
brothers in humanity the not yet Muslims
and even the Muslims who now they’ve
been away from Islam yeah and they are
coming back they watch some of our shows
they like what we have to say what
advice do you give to them to the not
yet Muslim and the Muslim some of the
basic things I can do right now to get
back on track or to get on track number
one you are in the opportunity of a
I mean gosh if you make Toba now if you
repent to God now and you change you
just you don’t even do anything yet you
just sincerely turn to God and say I’m
turning back to you I’m gonna change my
ways for you
then you are in a better position than
any scholar any worshipper any Muslim on
the planet why because your slate is
entirely clean that’s what DOMA is and
not only that Allah adds another
incentive maybe you have this endless
mountain of sin behind you
and you’re wondering how could I just
get rid of all of that God’s promise he
takes those mountains of sins for you
like are you bundle along say yeah team
has a not so little for pod
twenty-fifths Allah those are the people
the ones who sincerely repent to God
your turn turn back to God he will take
all of their endless mountains of evil
deeds and convert them to good deeds
just because they repented so not only
are you starting at zero sin you’re
starting at billions of good deeds
because all of your billions of bad
deeds have actually been converted just
from that one act this is the
opportunity you’re sitting on and Allah
knows the one who procrastinates
the one who holds back and what
describes that person on judgement day
and that person says they’re about to go
into paradise and a wall is dropped and
they’re like what happened we were gonna
come and then one of the first responses
of Allah kanakam fight on two men for
second without of busting you put
yourselves on trial you kept yourself
from coming forward and you
procrastinated you said I got some time
after this weekend one last party then
I’ll change one more Roma Bahn then I’m
good one more well just a little bit
more just a couple more semesters and
then I’ll stop your word that you were
the people have procrastinated so well
let’s dropped you can’t be from us
anymore so this is the opportunity you
have to avail now you have you and I
have no time left there’s no time like
now to make make the
so don’t don’t think you have time left
I shouldn’t think I have time left this
is why the profit so I saw them used I
mean look at him his status compared to
us he used to make the what to Allah he
used to repent to God ask Allah for
forgiveness hundreds of times every day
for what reason because he knows and
even all first of all if a mistake has
happened it’s converted to zero and all
the mistakes are turned into good deeds
why not ask for forgiveness all the time

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If Allah makes you stand up you will never fall, and if he lets you fall and leaves you to yourself, you will always fall.

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