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Published on December 29th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 878

online tajweed by skype

online tajweed by skype

How To Control Anger From A Religious Perspective, Mufti”online tajweed by skype”

we listen to a lot of advice we listen

to many lectures we listen to many

people speaking to us we know what is

right and wrong in most cases but

sometimes Schaben comes to us and makes

us either delay in terms of

“online tajweed by skype”

procrastination or sometimes he makes us

disregard the importance of a matter so

we do not change in that regard or

sometimes he makes us such that we leave

without remembering what was said and

sometimes we change our lives for a few

days then we go back to where we were

and sometimes we say that I will change

tomorrow or the next day and then by

that time everything is watered down so

the pieces of advice that come to us

from a religious perspective they are

definitely sourced in the knowledge of

allah subhanahu wata’ala

given to us through rasulullah

sallallahu alayhi wasallam and Allah

created us and he sent for us revelation

we have am beer

we have Allah MA we have people who in

our midst

“online tajweed by skype”

continue reminding us about what is

right and wrong and we should know and

realize that whatever Allah has revealed

and sent down it is applicable in my

life and yours and it will be such that

when I listen to it carefully it seems

that I am the one being addressed

because Allah knows my life and he knows


he knows my weaknesses he knows yours he

knows what issues I am going through and

he knows what issues you are going

through so he knows absolutely

everything such that when someone gets

up to talk to us all when we listen to a

program on radio or elsewhere or we read

a book many times

it will seem as though the person is

addressing me but sometimes they don’t

know the problems you have they don’t

know that issues you are going through

but they are only mentioning what allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala has revealed and in

it there is a reminder for myself in

yourselves in my life and in yours such

that I am going through issues that are

so relevant and what is being said is

helping me so these are different types

of reactions but the worst reaction the

worst reaction is he or she whom when he

is told what is right and wrong he

becomes angry and he becomes upset and

he becomes more entrenched in the same

he is committing and he defies to say

who do you think you are to tell me what

either will allow the killer for the two

laser to be even for her spooge aha

now Allah says such people such

hypocrites when they are told to fear

Allah they become more entrenched in

that sin and they become more powerful

and defiant to say who are you to have

told me what to do who do you think you

are so Allah says if that is the

reaction such people sufficient for them

is Hellfire may allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala not do that to us

so from this we learn one very

interesting point how do we treat advice

that comes to us

number one someone will tell you ok

brothers and sisters let’s read our

Salah let’s make sure we read 5 Salah so

Allah is the first pillar of Islam or

the second pillar of Islam and Salah is

so important through it insha’Allah you

will achieve this and you will achieve

that so we all know about Salah people

do not feel offended sometimes even if

they are not so strong in fulfilling the

Salah because it’s a common message that

message is common for everyone so we

will react to it where inshallah one day

it will click and we will start reading

our Salah one day it will click and we

will start reading our Salah inshallah

but may Allah make us strong I mean then

you have an issue of zakah or the issue

of Psalm and fasting the issue of Hajj

and so on amazing how these are common

points then sometimes people will talk

about how it is prohibited to drink

alcohol everyone of us knows it’s Haram

to drink alcohol so the speaker will

speak and he will say brothers and

sisters it is haram to drink alcohol in

toxic and say Haram this is prohibited

we are not allowed to engage in it we

can’t buy it we can’t sell it we can’t

transport it we are not allowed to have

any dealings that have in it alcohol and

in toxicants and so on because of this

curse and that curse that also is a

common message a day will come when

alcoholics will quit also by the will of

Allah may Allah strengthen us and let

that day be today by the way brothers

and sisters you are away and so am i

that any form of intoxication totally

prohibited in the Shariah Allah wants to

protect my mind and yours my body and


and Allah knows when he has made

something prohibited that it is bad for

us in one way or another and sometimes

in more than one way so it’s up to us to

learn either the easy way or the hard

way the easy way is to learn by the

experience of others and their guidance

so someone tells you look I’ve been

there I know what it’s all about watch

out and be careful do not engage in this

let’s say for example a man was or he

came to the prophet sallallaahu Salim

young and he sat in front of Rasul Allah

Allah sallam he says o messenger

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam now for him

he’s addressing the nabi of allah he’s

so lucky

he’s so fortunate and he is talking to

the prophet of allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

so he says o messenger sallallahu alayhi

wa sallam give me some advice now out of

all the advice in the dunya the prophets

Allah said I looked at him and told him

latter bub

don’t get angry control your temper

imagine a man went to a young man went

to muhammad sallallaahu salam the

messenger imagine you go to someone and

you think subhanAllah or you know that

this person is a top scholar and you say

please give me some solid advice and he

looks at you and says control your


imagine what you think so this young man

says okay give me more advice this is

control your temper second time says

okay give me more advice

he says control your temper that imagine

meaning don’t get angry la etapa bub

“online tajweed by skype”

actually means do not get angry

in other words control your temper watch

out now there are two ways of reacting

someone can say mashallah this is a

golden piece of advice no matter what

I’m going to force myself not to get

angry I want to stop there for a minute

all of us have some form of a temper all

of us some people they fuses 20ms so no

matter what 30 amps you put something

big they don’t get angry in a rush but

when it blows boom it makes a big blow

bang you know and they get so angry that

all that it was a waste of time for it

having been 30 amps other people – MS 1

amp you just look at them and what will

it be

that type of attitude so this is the

type of different people have different

temperaments they have different points

of boiling and some people they’ll get

angry after a long time and in two

minutes they back cool as a cucumber

once again my brothers and sisters

without working hard on forcing yourself

to extinguish your anger you are not

going to be able to help yourself you

have a temper or so do I you’re not

working on it well we do subhanAllah so

much so I give you an example

I was driving today and earlier on in

the day

I overtook someone and the car that was

coming was at a great distance

very far and he started hooting and he

started flashing and he started pulling

signs he started getting excited and yet

I had already tucked well into the lane

half a kilometer before he crossed and I

could see these signs and he’s passing

me and making all these piggy signs and

whatever else if it was a few years ago

perhaps I might have decided to turn my

car back and go and fix the man up

believe me what is he getting excited

for but after you simmer down and you

force yourself to laugh at it and to say

alhamdulillah people cannot gauge

distance Allah has given us the ability

to gauge it excuse the man let him carry

on he’s half-blind carry on you laugh at

it but what lie he some people will they

anger will drive them to start to turn

the car around to fly back next to the

guy who taught him to drive him push him

off the road to take out a gun put in

the diesel engine what did you do to me

but that happens subhanAllah even the

youngsters understand if you take a look


behavior is unacceptable totally

ridiculous because you caused 20

problems out of an issue that wasn’t

even a

it was a reaction it was someone else’s

problem not even yours

you made it yours so my brothers and

sisters today we are struggling on a

“online tajweed by skype”

community level on a family level

husband and wife are suffering children

are suffering so many people are

suffering in our businesses with our

workers with those who we work for

because of this temper because of the

anger that we have and you know what if

you are not going to force yourself when

you are really hot tell yourself no I’m

controlling this and laugh at it and see

what happens you feel calm do it 500

times and after that it will become your

habit you become a cool person and

people will say one year ago this man

was so hot-headed we don’t know what


it’s the consciousness of Allah you need

training it’s not going to come to you

automatically a lot of us have a lot of

money mashallah a lot of us have

everything our houses either we do not

depend on others besides Allah but we

forget sometimes that we depend on Allah

we forget why because we’ve got

everything it’s lay carpet where’s the

food where’s our food and it must come

that’s how it is and we get angry which

not day two minutes and the wife is like

what and she’s shaking and shivering is

not the wife than the cook and he’s not

the cook and someone else so they got

delayed they have a plan B you know we

tell people you need to be ready you

tell your children for example you need

to be ready at two o’clock we leaving

two o’clock one minute past two and

suddenly we’re swearing what is this

five past two half past two my brother

cancel your trip but don’t get angry

maybe Allah protected you from some

damage further up the line you might

have gone off on your journey two

o’clock and something might have struck

on the road Allah says you we want you

to leave at half past three you got

angry you fighting with Allah for

nothing for no reason you can remind

your children to say look my children or

spouse or whatever it is

inshallah next time when we say to try

and make it to or you can solve the

problem in another way where you want to

leave a – but you tell your family one

o’clock we’re going believe me

half one there will be the color – – in

your mind you only going it – you see so

there are several ways of solving the


it requires

it requires some Hanauma dedication you

want to solve it you solve it we prefer

to get angry angry for Who am I to get

angry Allah is the one he is the owner

of anger in the sense that he has the

right to get angry upon us because we

are the creatures of allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala and still we do not worship

Him exactly the way he wants we try and

our hope is pegged on the mercy of Allah

based on our trial don’t we agree we all

read salat Elisha who knows who Salah is

accepted we hope from Allah that he

accepted our Salah I mean how many of us

had 100% concentration in Salah I don’t

think even one of us so our hope is

pegged on the trial that we have coupled

with the mercy of Allah but he has the

right to get angry with us but still he

shows us his mercy so this young man

says what is the advice he was told

don’t get angry I told you the first way

the first way of advice is or the first

way of taking it is to understand that

and to put it into practice just by

being advised by someone learn by the

experiences and the wisdom and the

knowledge of others so they tell your

brother I’m just warning you to not do

this so we say okay I’m not doing it why

I trust what this man is telling me not

doing this that’s one way of learning

the other way of learning is to try it

out and to learn after we are print

sometimes and sometimes beyond repay so

now say for example the anger say at

your workplace you become upset angry at

the back of your head you know it’s

Haram to get angry haram meaning to get

angry for these minor issues there is a

certain scope of anger or should I say

you know a level of temperament that you

are allowed perhaps to get to when it

comes to certain issues of the deal but

we are talking of the general day-to-day

items you don’t just get angry you

dealing with items your children are

there as an Amana from Allah they don’t

belong to you they actually belong to

Allah but we think they belong to us my

son that’s a statement

Allah has allowed you to say but in

essence he’s a Las creature whom Allah

is gonna take away anytime my son and

this is why I said my husband my wife

you know what the belonging is to Allah

that’s the reality but for a moment they

are under our um our guardianship or an

Amana given to us only for Allah to take

our tests so how we treat them how we

handle them all this is from Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala now a man comes and

he says no I know it’s Adam but me I got

a problem I got a weakness and my temper

come on make dua for me I’m very angry

dua alone without making an effort is an

insult did you hear do I alone I say

Allah helped me that I don’t go to the

nightclub but I’m walking to the club

what are you talking about

I work say Allah do something to take me

away when I’m walking what is that you

say Allah protect my car where your

windows are open everything Ya Allah you

are Allah you protected I leave it to

you but your doors are open everything

what is that it’s called the tower cool

and the work cool is the proper trust in

Allah the word cool means to lay your

trust in Allah after having done

whatever was in your capacity then you

say I lay my trust in you that is called

Allah cooling tower Kalina our Allah we

lay our complete and full trust in Allah

that’s correct but our pool is where you

lay your trust in Allah in a false way

in the sense that you don’t even play

the little role that Allah has made you

play or placed on your shoulders and

giving you the ability to play and then

you say Allah will take care of that how

you don’t try hard and you say Allah

will take care so that we need to make

sure we mend so if a person in his home

say for example says okay I know anger

and temper is bad but I’ve got

problem and I get angry and he was

warned watch out you know you get

married you need to cool down calm down

that spouse of yours there are so many

things that would happen negative if you

lost your cool and so we find this

person says no I don’t think it’s gonna

happen to me

and he gets home and he starts screaming

at his wife and he screams at his

children so his children are watching

him scream at their mother right and

sometimes people become violent and

Allah protect us and people become you

know so vocal they say the deadliest of

words to someone who’s dedicated to

their life

to someone who’s perhaps served them

more than they actually should according

to Islam someone who’s given up so much

in order to be with them and we lose our

cool so badly the children are watching

so what we’ve done we’ve built a

generation of new boys and girls who

when they get married they will think

marriage is all about screaming and

yelling at your spouse that’s why my

brothers and sisters is the parents of

someone who you want to marry scream and

shout and swear at one another expect

that person to do the same unless Allah

has had mercy on them and they’ve been

in the company of someone or some

miracle has happened why they will

believe that this is how you’re supposed

to teach your spouse daddy used to clap

up mommy every other day so now you know

what you are my wife with a mummy of

these kids come for your plugs is that

the attitude if that is the case we’ve

lost the plot but where did they learn

it from you didn’t talk you didn’t tell

them but what you did showed you had a

temper so the little children as young

as four years old they’ve watched a dad

lose the call and say whatever so that

from that age they start screaming and

shouting when that is not they by the

way why he takes the place of my of the

father yet is only four years old and

the wife tries to explain to the husband

look this is what your son did no ways

my son can’t do that but you’ve been

doing it all day so this

is part of the repercussion of that

temper and anger we said you can learn

the easy way eradicated or the hard way

is you don’t want to learn you think

it’s not going to have an effect it has

a deep-rooted effect through perhaps

seven generations going all the way down

and where was the course myself or

yourselves why because we were not

interested in learning through the easy

way putting force on yourself fighting

yo enough to say I’m suppressing this

anger I don’t want it

it must be gone and like I said my

brothers and sisters we all have a tank

all of us what Lonnie fight it you do

not have to have things your way all the

time no you don’t you do not have to be

a perfectionist the towel must be

sitting there three centimetres on that

side of the pole and three centimetres

on the other side of the pole if it’s

not like that there’s gonna be chaos

here come on my brother

come on even if there’s no towel from

that day look at it and go and get a


subhanAllah even if you happen to drip

and slip in the bathroom

by you screaming what’s gonna happen

your bones are not gonna get better you

can tell the better next time please put

the towel whatever you want to say

because now you deal it but the way we

react to things sometimes really is so

detrimental to our own well-being that

we don’t realize you haven’t forced

yourself yet to become a better person

becoming a better person is not just

okay I listen to this lecture and that

lecture I started this talk by saying we

listen to so many different pieces of

advice how do we react to it we don’t

change a lot of attempts or it’s

temporary but to change you have to

force yourself you have to fight

yourself to get up for Fechter it’s a

war believe me

it’s a battle you have to force yourself

you have to fight to get to the Masjid

ten minutes before the time without that

you’re going to be a person who’ll die

on your mattress without having gone for

veget why because you never made an

effort so when we say effort is required

what is that what does that mean

it means fight you’re nuts and fighting

you’re not least control yourself force

yourself to do certain things you know

we tell those who are married that when

you are talking to

spouse force yourself to say the best

words force yourself to say the most

romantic and beautiful words for your

spouse’s the most loving words to your

children force yourself to say that they

need it without you fighting yourself to

utter those words it’s not going to come

and you know how your household can

change so positively just by a few good

words you will be amazed try it and

“online tajweed by skype”

tomorrow morning we’ll all be on

honeymoon believe me it’s a reality

tithe check check what happens try it

with your kids start uttering words of

affection you find they’re bonding they

will bond with you so much when they

have a problem at school it’s no longer

they confiding in their friends will

lead them to drugs they confide in you

as a dad and when they come and tell you

the most absurd thing watch your temper

because if you blow it they’re never

going to talk to you again you need to

deal with it it’s the crisis of the age

today we are facing bombardment within

the environment from all angles and we

as Muslim in have the solutions but

we’re not practicing because we don’t

force ourselves to practice wash

yourselves now Allah grant me the

ability to fight my own nerves and all

of us so that is the difficult way then

we say you get angry another thing

happens your blood boils so when your

blood boils you suffer blood pressure

after a short period of time but didn’t

we hear the Prophet SAW Salim said don’t

get angry

he said he tries if we wanted to learn

the easy way we would say our beloved

Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the

best of creation the highest of all

messengers the one who was sent to me

and you we are so fortunate to be from

his Ummah he said don’t get angry no

chance that I am going to go against

that statement that’s how we should be

looking at it he says don’t get angry I

am his follower

I want paradise the Quran speaks about

the people who will enter paradise and

one of their qualities is Volkov Amin

and why our laughing

Lajo but those who can suppress their

anger and forgive them look gender will

be filled with people like those filled

with people like those who can suppress

their anger and forgive people you know

we need to have an attitude way we tell


so what never mind it happened it’s ok

have personal London today we have a

crisis you know the meaning of personal

bump when you see someone doing

something think of the best the best

possible reason why they did it not the

worst well la his society has so much

pressure on us that TV has so much

pressure on us the Internet has so much

pressure on us the environment and the

surroundings have so much pressure on us

that the minute someone does something

automatically we think of the worst

reason automatically we say la la la la

we utter that statement but when he says

think of the best possible reason why

they did this we are actually now

thinking of the worst possible reason so

we stopped talking to people because we

believe this man passed me but he didn’t

wave at me purposely that word purposely

is what caused the split of a relation

one word had we changed the world to say

the man passed me he didn’t greet me

perhaps he didn’t see me they was not

going to be a problem but no I know he

saw me and I know they ignored me and I

know he’s a bad man and I so now

community is divided what we have

learned from the devil to say think of

the West even if he didn’t know you

purposely the goodness of your mind

would have made you think positive so

the crisis would not have continued

because now that you greet him and you

tell him brother I saw you in town but

I’m sure you didn’t see me he will think

to himself

whoa I rather just a little E we solve

the problem so this is why we say there

are so many benefits but we don’t

realize these are the small realities in

our lives day to day we experience these

things but our lives sometimes upside

down we have the world we have so many


but we are leading a life of misery

because we don’t want to follow these

basic teachings of survival in life

taught by Mohamed Salah mother 7 which

makes it and robada to follow so like I

said that temper what it will do it will

make your blood boil your blood boils to

3 things happen one is you get blood

pressure so now you won’t pose your

impulse now suddenly you start suffering

some other diseases because every pillar

has a side effect then when the blood

burns we get a migraine we get hot then

sometimes I was so angry the man says

that I dished out 3 Polacks one time

like it was biryani at a wedding dished

out one way 3 servings all at once and

then what happened it’s your temper my

brother you did not cool down cool it

you will destroy your life your family’s

lives then we go crying to the ulama and

the other scholars we want to cry here

and they why it was just your temper did

you ever go back to the simple hadith

where a man met the messenger

sallallaahu salaam the best of creation

he met him and says give me advice I

would have expected a nice long lecture

if so if you go to someone uncle give me

advice you know some of my uncle’s

mashallah they can talk for quite long

they’ll give you a long advice say uncle

switch off your advice tomorrow part to

each other and tomorrow we don’t see

them but this was short sweet sharp to

the point and relevant to everyone up to

the end of time last album don’t get


watch out your anger don’t someone did

something bad to you without getting

angry retaliate respond or see how you

want to deal with the crisis beautiful

way you don’t have to get any you get

angry you Mel treat people there was

once a man and he got so angry with

someone who worked for him who was a

Muslim that he swore him and he kicked

him and he fired him because of a

mistake it happened so that man went

away and so on and so forth and now this

boss one day I met him and he tells me

you know what I’m looking for this guy I

can’t find him I said why he said he was

from Malawi and you know I dreamt about


he turns and he was serving me water on

a hot day and he was greeting me so

nicely and he sat with Mary’s you know

and he says I think that means something

maybe I was unjust anyway

after some time I happened to ask a few

people who was this guy who was working

for this man it seems like he’s looking

for him and where is he going says we

don’t know where he’s gone but I tell

you that man used to wake up for


every morning he never used to my sister

had Jude every morning used to stay with

us at that location and the hydrat time

the man was awake and he’s took guy to a

line the masala so I went back to this

original man and I told him you know

what I heard about this guy who was

working for you this is what I had well

la he he cried and he said I swear by

Allah I’ll never let my temper overtake

me again after today and I ask Allah


perhaps I screamed and I yelled at her

at a rally of Allah at the friend of

Allah without me knowing his status he

says believe me today my life is upside

down ever since that day I don’t know my

family is crumbling this is happening my

business is going down everything is

going wrong why your tongue how did you

react you were angry your anger what did

your anger do it made you become a

person who oppressed someone who was so

close to Allah perhaps that today you’ve

declared yourself an enemy may Allah

protect us through what the tongue a

child became you don’t know the next man

next to you you don’t know so stop

pulling signs at him start getting

excited stop doing things that will

result in our own downfall no we don’t

want them and we need to force ourselves

to develop and that’s the model of

tonight may Allah grant us goodness when

we go home tonight one thing I just want

you to remember without forcing yourself

you’re not going to achieve anything

nothing it doesn’t just come for free

like that sitting and suddenly your

temper goes and you know there’s like a

chip in your head suddenly it’s out boom

and your tempers gone no you will get

very vexed

before you vent it you must cool it down


they say you phoned the fire brigade at

the beginning of the fire

you don’t watch how lack of the inferno

is and when the building is about to be

burned you say hey guys there’s a

building on fire that’s not how it works

as soon as the thing starts your phone

and you make sure that they come quickly

“online tajweed by skype”

cry the more it is going to be there for

the more property is going to be

destroyed the same applies with our

anger the longer we leave it without

that extinguisher fighting it the more

destruction there is going to be in so

many lives not just one life like we

said my life the people who work with me

the people who talk to me my health my

money is gone my happiness is gone my

sleep is gone when a person is very

angry that night they hip drops and they

don’t get sleep every one of us may know

that when you’re very very angry and

vexed that night you’re sitting and you

can hear a doom doom doom your pulse you

can hear it and you’re looking up into

the ceiling and perhaps you don’t even

know what you’re thinking about and

you’re getting more and more angry so

you have to calm down let things happen

like I said even perfectionist behavior

perfectionist behavior means you want

things every time on time on this on

that everything must be this way that’s

very good

but when it does not happen that way how

do you react not everyone is like you

everyone is different sometimes people

can be one minute late sometimes people

can be you know the one day there wasn’t

and this is a true story I was involved

in it one day there was a big problem in

one Masjid they wanted to fire one imam

so they asked me this Imam here very

better say what he said you know he

comes late for Salah Imam this so I said

okay when did he come late so someone

told me you know what he’s an amount for

15 years one day the man came two

minutes late so I’m thinking to myself

15 years that delay is two minutes so I

asked the man who told me that Jeff how

meaning the brother who was trying to

now fire this amount that how

nice Alice have you been late for he

says that’s irrelevant is the Imam he’s

being paid for it but 15 years the man

is delayed for one Salah you getting


come on he keeping because the next

Allah is venomous will be after 15 years

so you better keep him because now for

15 years you are set again according to

his own record may Allah grant us

goodness but why we get angry we get

excited and we lose track of how we are

thinking now a person comes at night and

he’s looking here looking at getting

more new tomorrow I’m gonna do this or

fix this guy

the best thing is forgiving and say Ya

Allah you deal with him and when you

sleep it’s over Allah so this is Islamic

counseling of the mind where we are

trained to think in a specific way not

according to the movies and according to

the TV know where someone does something

you know like on it on the TV what the

people are taught and on the movies when

the husband makes a mistake or the wife

makes a mistake one mistake it’s the end

of your marriage it’s over it’s over

it’s finished while you get a divorce

and you go now what happens another

mistake a third mistake

a fourth mistake then we can talk about

it one mistake in 15 years believe me

that’s a brilliant track record Allahu

Akbar Allahu Akbar you look at it as a

Muslim we are not saying don’t deal with

it deal with it but in a humane way

bearing in mind that you too are a human

being you to have made errors perhaps

Allah has covered you perhaps Allah has

not exposed you so why do we want to

deal with it according to how we are

trained by today’s environment over and

above how we are supposed to be trained

by Islam a person makes a mistake we are

supposed to be taught to perhaps rectify

the error in a beautiful respectable

manner all the marriages listen very

carefully all the marriages that have

got together after a crisis are happier

than those who have not yet suffered the


you know if you shared warm tears and

you learn to forgive one another and

promise that you will both develop

correctly and start a new leaf

believe me the happiness and the bond

would probably even be stronger than the

first day you got married why because

that’s the way that islam teaches us to

think yes if there’s a major crisis

marriages do break and sometimes they

break for the right reasons there’s a

bit too much oppression on one side and

it it nothing is being done about it

then alhamdulillah Allah has kept it as

a point of mercy but here we’re talking

of losing our sleep becoming angry you

know breaking things and destroying

things because we think that that’s it

we are the ones this is difficult so

this is why we say the advice we hear

they will always be pieces of advice

that pierce our heart what does that

mean like I said solarz a car and so

many other things it’s common we’ve been

hearing about it very regularly but say

for example someone is eating interests

and they happen to be an influential

person and this happens in most

societies and communities and then we

get up someone gets up and says brothers

interest is Haram you’re not supposed to

do this do that and the man is busy

thinking hey is he talking about me yes

he is

I’m gonna fish this guy up now let’s

stop there I am gonna fix him up because

he’s speaking the truth and I don’t like

it did you hear them that’s the reality

I want to fix him up because he’s

telling me a reality and I don’t like

him who is he to come and tell me why

and yet that Imam was innocently talking

about something in the Quran and he was

innocently mentioning something in the

hadith but because I am guilty and I am

doing something totally wrong I think he

is exposing me in the Masjid so I’m

making sure he’s fired before the next

Salah because I’m the one who pays his

salary I donate to the mosque that is a

sign of rejection from Allah why should

we think that way but the reality is

Allah sends to us advice through the


of the scholars and other people that

will be directly affecting us to say you

this is your problem but the Imam

doesn’t know you he doesn’t know your

problem but it will be affecting you in

a way that you are convinced in your

mind someone told him something but you

don’t know it’s a miracle of Allah Allah

knows you and he knows he loves you

enough to send someone to remind you to

say hang on enough is enough

don’t get angry so people don’t like

direct advice for example you have a

person and it happens committing

adultery openly every other day so now

the Imam comes up and he says look

brothers and sisters adultery is Haram

and so on and the hadith says that

people will continue to be deserving of

the mercy of Allah for as long as they

do not commit the sin openly shamelessly

you know one is a person is committing

adultery but he’s worried he says hey

who’s gonna see me what’s gonna happen

you know so on very bad very very bad

but one who is worse is he who open his

you know what this is my cheek why was

the hider from you guys it’s my

girlfriend come on I’m not a hypocrite

what you see is what you get that’s a

worse attitude why we are encouraging

vice that’s the reason why other people

will see the terror tomorrow I’ll take

mine out of the closet also now the

uncles say I’ve got three closets llahu

akbar allah protect us why because we’ve

now encouraged this type of behavior so

the hadith says that for as long as

people are not exposing and shamelessly

doing things there will be hope that the

others will also find it difficult to

commit a sin so there is still deserve

ends of the mercy of allah subhanahu

wata’ala when the Imam is saying this

the man thinks did he see me with her or

what I’m gonna sort this man out that

attitude is from the devil straight from

“online tajweed by skype”

Japan it shows that we need a lot of

counseling to think Islamic Lee we don’t

understand the miracle of Allah he works

in my life and yours Allah knows us

personally completely he knows every

issue in your life and he will send you

messages somehow at some stage he will

send it

how you react to it depends and whether

or not you get more than one message

also depends this is why when the people

of Jahannam may Allah protect us from

Jahannam will be driven towards hellfire

the gatekeepers of Jahannam will ask

them a question what was what is the

question the question allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala makes mention of it in more

than one place in the quran in surah to


towards the end Allah Subhanahu WA

Ta’ala says walk our ladder home hasanat

were an inept Akuma soul umi-kun yet

noone higher income RTO become wyona



c’mon these gatekeepers the Angels will

say to those who are being driven into

Hellfire did messengers and Warner’s not

come to you from Allah Subhanahu WA

Ta’ala reading the verses of Allah to

you reminding you of this day and the

people would say yes they did but what

can we do we didn’t listen what does

this mean this means Allah sends

messages to every one of us so don’t get

angry when you hear solid advice when

you want to get angry against a man who

is giving you proper advice perhaps you

are living in denial perhaps you might

be a person who needs help perhaps you

might be wrong perhaps it might be a

reaction that will result in your

destruction and you don’t know like I

told you there are people who have told

us that after a certain action of ours

our lives have turned upside down may

Allah forgive us all so we don’t want

that to happen to us sometimes a saint

comes to you and you don’t know his

connection with allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala a pious man and he tells you

something that might offend you but it

is a reality it is the truth instead of

you getting angry and fighting a friend

of allah calm down and make dua for

yourself and for him and think carefully

and deeply over what he is trying to say

what is the message is he right some

people today they not only threatened to

attack someone who gives them direct

advice but they organized gangsters to

go and break their bones because what

they said was correct but we did not

like it who is he to say it well he has

on his shoulders a duty and so do all of

us to advise and to remind and to

continue because it is only through that

way that we will all be able to live a

life becoming closer and closer to what

is correct if I’m not reminded by anyone

how can I become correct nobody reminds

me like someone told me something of

hudes ago and I told them ok do you want

me to get up on the member

and say my brothers and sisters please

go so there’s no harm enjoy it make sure

you have good tea around day and enjoy

nice biscuits I’m sure the chocolates

are also not bad those are all many

creams are also okay and you guys gossip

about everyone and make sure it’s about

ninety nine hundred people a day is that

what this lens is that what you want us

to say or all we say you know what you

guys back buy it no problem accuse

people as and when you wish just say

anything about anyone as soon as you see

someone just start accusing them of this

and accuse them of that and that’s the

Islamic way of doing things please open

your heart and accuse whoever you want

is that what you want us to say so now

when we say do not accuse people to say

who are you to say that well that means

you’ve accused someone that means you

are guilty that means you are so guilty

that it’s irritating you that’s the

verse I read of the Quran that some

people they are so hypocritical they

don’t even know they’re hypocritical

because they become angry when the truth

is uttered they become so upset they

become like they want to beat you up

because you are speaking the truth so

the question I want to end with seeing

that now I’m almost clocking my 45

minutes is that which category do we

fall into that’s what I want you to

think about am I a person who gets upset

when someone tells me what’s right am i

a person who gets angry that I want to

beat people up when they tell me what

pierces but he’s correct

think about it may Allah make us those

who can change may Allah make us best in

our homes may he make us in society and

community such that we can stand up for

one another no matter what color you are

no matter what tribe you belong to no

matter where you come from you utter the

Shahada we will try our best to work

with you and we will try our best to

support one another that’s what it is

may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala bless us

all my brothers and sisters I am here as

you know in passing because I’m driving

up north and every time I get caught

here in this beautiful city so nowadays

before I get caught I actually say okay

I will come and don’t worry we’ll meet

up and inshallah perhaps we’ll say a few

good words may Allah grant me the

ability to practice upon what I have


may he make me from amongst those who

can control that temper come what may

and may he make us all the same

believe me you become a different person

totally different but without an effort

from you that change is not going to

happen even your sicknesses can go a lot

of things can go why you’ve calmed down

it’s the advice you took it and you

forced yourself to become a better

person you know to greet people doesn’t

just happen you have to fight you enough

to greet someone and to smile a smile

requires energy well I it requires

energy but when the hadith says it’s a

sadhaka it means the beautiful effect of

that smile is so powerful that no money

“online tajweed by skype”

can buy that imagine if we all have to

greet UT the problem is twofold and I’m

going to speak about the other side also

but let’s talk about this when we greet

assalamu alaikum my brother how are you

doing and you know al hamdulillah how’s

the family what’s happening and we walk

away you know the bond we feel makes you

feel like coming for the next salah it

makes you feel like you want to be part

of the community but why is it that we

are all running away as soon as we see

the doctor we start feeling sick as soon

as we see the lawyer we have a case we

need to deal with so in the Masjid the

doctor poor doctor cannot come because

everyone says hey doc lucky I saw you

yeah you know what I’ve got a pain in my

back ask the doctors they’ll tell you

it’s true the guy who’s got a hard way

soon as we see a you know what I needed

the stockmen you know so this is not

Salaam why alaikum assalam it’s not a

smile you are putting pressure on

someone to say next time please stay far

from it it was me I asked you for a

discount when I see you in the Masjid

and I asked you to do the deal you want

the doctor phone is surgery no matter

how close you are make an appointment

and go there on time if it’s something

very urgent perhaps you might want to

bypass it but don’t use the platform

Allah has given for a bada to come and

now attack a person in the field of his

no ways no ways believe me it’s

something important I’m saying and this

affects all of us in our own fields no

matter what you are you’re a you’re a

butcher there’s a shortage of you a

brother my village don’t forget

you see a lock but and you telling me my

Philip’s don’t forget me allah subhanho

wa taala bless us all so this is why we

say we must protect ourselves from

tricking people in the way that they

feel pressured when they see us they

must not feel pressured when the doctor

she alaikum masha’Allah Allah cohousing

what’s happening it stops they go out

there from your mobile phone phone he

said it and find out when can i book I

got a sickness I got this may Allah

grant us kill may Allah open our doors

so these are the beautiful ways of Islam

where we can increase the muhabba and

the love between us in a way that we

feel happy smile but an effort is

required even if you feeling gloomy you

know when you’re feeling down and

upsetting you know you just like soullow

try breaking out into a big smile the

people around you you will feel good

believe me why it isn’t a bad

that’s why break out into a smile and

you see your expression as people see

you they start smiling as well because

your expression is such that the smile

is known for your face not the frowning

so much so can I give you another tip

this is obviously a tip some people they

age very quick which means there’s still

20 but they look like 40 and some people

they they don’t age one of the secrets

or should I say two of them one is

temper anger management anger makes you

old very fast very very fast and two is

your expression on your face when it is

more of a frown you become old very fast

because you get all these wrinkles on

your face and so on but if you leave

your face expressionless or you smile

more than you frown you age far slower

than others where are all these you know

beauticians of today you don’t need all


subhanAllah makeover at the age of 60 so

I want to look like 20 makeovers we

don’t just follow the Sunnah smile and

see at the age of 16 and say are you 45

and you say a thanks a lot man I can

laugh hey Allah Allah bless us all grant

us goodness we need to smile we need to

make the environment more loving because

there’s too much hate on the globe and

people really are cursing one another we

should help one another in China by the

will of allah subhanahu wata’ala here we

are about two o’clock fifty minutes five

minutes over ten may Allah Subhanahu WA

Ta’ala bless us and the skis and

goodness I’ve enjoyed my few moments yet

Emeline what I’ve said better it comes

from the heart by the will of Allah and

I hope it goes straight through to the

heart and I have not said anything

intentionally to offend anyone but if

anyone felt that way

I hope not protect us all or sallallahu

wasallam our barik ala nabina muhammad

so hannah my family is a panic alarm or




but who



Ismail Musa Menk was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. He is a student of knowledge trying to disseminate the Deen in the current age.

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Note: This Channel is not Mufti Menk channel or in relation with him. It simply shares reminders from his videos to preach the light of Islam.

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