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Published on February 12th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 489

learn quran online

learn quran online

How to Change Your Life? | illustrated | Nouman Ali Khan | Subtitle (learn quran online )


Stories about people who got into Islam Log on to “Free Quran Education“on Youtube.


 So let’s now talk in these few minutes we have together about how to at least practically build that solution.

When we talk about reminders we talk about grand things.

When we talk about advice I believe we’re talking about advice from a very practical, even minimalist point of view.

Things that you can practically do.

And that’s why I don’t like to share much, personally, even though I read them for myself for inspiration,

I don’t like to share stories of the Tabi‘un and the Sahabah,

the companions of the Prohpet

Who prayed the entire night. Or recited the whole Quran in a week.

Or made Dua and it started to rain. Those stories.

I don’t share them. You know why?learn quran online

Because you know what happens to most of you when you hear that?

Man, they were so awesome. I am so bad.

Assalamu’alaikum (peace be upon you)

Man, Sahabah were really cool.

I am so going to hell. That’s it.

Lets start little by little.

The Arabs have a saying, it says…

It is in many other cultures too.

The first of the heavy rain is just a drop.

Then it pours.learn quran online

Let it build little by little.

The first thing you got to do is you have to discipline your life, people.

I have to do it, you have to do it.

Do you know what it means to discipline your life?

Go to sleep early.learn quran online

Pray Isha and go to sleep.

Don’t go to the hookah joint until 12:30 AM.

Don’t go see a movie, don’t go hang out with your friends.

Don’t watch islamic lectures until 2 in the morning.

Do not! It is not beneficial for you.

Pray Isha and go to sleep. And wake up early.

Wake up before Fajr.

Give yourself 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes…

I know it seems impossible. It is only impossible because of Netflix at night.

Ok? That’s the only reason it’s impossible.

Give the nightlife up!

Let the night be for sleep.

At least you are not accumulating sin every night.

At least you are not burying you heart under more sin every night.

At least you are sleeping, at least you are innocent for that much.

At least that much.

And you wake up and you pray. At least start with the routine of praying Fajr on time.

Start with Fajr on time.

And guys… at least once a week make it to the Masjid for Fajr.

At least… I don’t ask you every day.

Just one day a week.

Give yourself one day a week.

And you don’t catch the second Rakka right before the salam.

And then after you finish making it up you are like… uhh, Masjid today.

You’re like pointing at the writing…

You wrote that down, you got that? Fajr!

Get to the Masjid early.

Let me tell you something about Fajr in the Masjid.

It has a spiritual impact that only people who go to it will experience.

It can’t be explained in the lecture.

When you go to it, when you go to the prayer,

and you sit there in the Masjid quietly,

and you wait for the prayer to start,

and you sit there and recite Quran,

and you ask Allah to forgive you in those morning hours,

and you stand next to other believers,

and countless armies of angels,

and you stand and you pray in front of Allah,

and that early morning giving up your sleep.

Which only happened because you gave up your nightlife.

When you do that even once a week,

the joy you will get out of it, as you are walking out of the Masjid you will wish to yourself you did that every morning.

I swear to it.learn quran online

I guarantee it.

You gonna walk out of that Masjid saying: Man, I wish I can do this every morning.

You really will.

But start with once a week.

Start with once a week.

We would like to thank especially the generous souls whose contributions make our dream possible.

Please make special Dua for them and their families if you have benefited from these videos.

learn quran online


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