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Published on February 19th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 409

tajweed meaning

tajweed meaning

How to Become A Better Muslim? – Nouman Ali Khan – illustrated – Subtitled”tajweed meaning “


What do you know about the pewer of Surat An Nas and Al-Falaq?Log on to “Free Quran Education“on Youtube.


The first of those areas is worship. That’s the first area. I’m going to improve in the

Second area that you really [have] to work on

That you really really have to be concerned with is

knowledge is

knowledge and

“tajweed meaning “

How am I going to grow in my knowledge this year and by the way I separate knowledge from worship

I separate the two because some people focus so much on knowledge, and their worship is terrible

They don’t worship. They think their knowledge is compensating them

So they’re studying lots of Tafsir, and they’re know a lot of tajweed, but they don’t even pay attention in Salat

I mean, what are you doing?

What’s that knowledge for?

I am mentioning these things in priority first thing was

Worship the second thing is knowledge

“tajweed meaning “

And I don’t mean become an alim and get a degree in Sharia those of you that want to do that congratulations

I’m talking to everybody here not everybody here is going to be above the mufti or alim, or whatever, but you have to be educated Muslims

You have to be at there’s needs to be some minimal [level] of education in your islam and my recommendation for you

For that is that by the end of the year the coming year you’ve studied at least a couple of things you’ve studied the selah

the life of the prophet

Sallallaahualahei wasalam once and now you should do it every year once and actually you should read a different source on

The seerah every year for the next Few Years and really study it

So if you take one book, don’t ask me which book you should read on the seerah

read all of them

But take one at a time take one and go [through] it one year then go again to the Seerah again again another year

Then again another year, and you you know what because that is the life of that man

Sa allahu alehei walehi wa salam is our vision is our inspiration. [so] you have to keep going back to it

That’s a part of your education, and it’ll give you perspective and it will open doors for

for reflection and contemplation for you that study of seerah in and of itself there are wonderful resources on that available and

I don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding them inshallah

“tajweed meaning “

At the same time you have to make substantial gains in that same year you have to make substantial gains in your quran

I’m still in the area of knowledge

first area was worship second area is

Knowledge right in this knowledge you have to make some substantial gains in your quran which let’s just say you decided this year

You’re going to try to memorize. I don’t know surah Al Kahf. Let’s just say

So you set a goal for this this year? I’m going to memorize Surah al Kahf that means I’m going to memorize it

I’m going to study it’s tafsir. I’m going to read it in translation

I’m going to try to understand every word in its vocabulary

If there’s a lecture series on Surah Al Kahf

If there’s an article [in] paper, on Surah Al Kahf I’m going to take it, and I’m going to consume it

This is surah Al Kahf for me

Next year might be surah Al Rehman year the year after that Surah Al Baqarah a year

I don’t know maybe it is a couple of surah [a] year but every year you make a substantial gain in your quran

[tangible] I don’t just say I’m going to study the quran don’t do that [and] don’t just pick random passages

Take a Surah take a couple of surahs and focus my biggest criticism of most of you [today] [is] we don’t have focus

Focus on one [thing] get it right at least you can look back and say alhamdulillah this year

I accomplished one more surah two more surahs three more surahs something and

When you study a surah you don’t just learn its meaning since a student [came] up and asked me

What’s more important you think understanding the quran or memorizing it and I said, how do you think that those two [things] are separate?

Why do you think that you know why we memorize the quran so we can repeat it over and over again?

And when we repeat the ayat over and over again Allah gives us more [room] to think and reflect

More and more and [you] start seeing things when you recite something ten times that you didn’t see when you recited at nine times

He opens more doors

“tajweed meaning “

It will lie

This is true [of] the quran the more you recite it the more you understand it and the less you

Recite it the less you understand it. It’s not like any other book and

memorizing it is a

fundamental piece [of] understanding it it is a fundamental of

Understanding it so the surah you’re going to study and understand better be the surah you’re memorizing

Those two things go ahead, and so I talked about seerah and I talked about Quran

Now I’ll add one light elective

This is your islamic semester for the year for yourself, right?

I’ll add an elective to this semester and the elective is at least three or four


Four Duas

You you study them you memorize them [and] they became a part of your day

This is actually combining [knowledge], and I got ten mins is like an eternity. I don’t need ten minutes, but that’s okay

you know

Memorizing a few duas from the prophets that you can make a part of your day now you’re combining knowledge with practice

You’re combining both of those things okay?

And actually each of these three areas of knowledge that I mentioned and I didn’t mention others

I know there’s fiqh. I know there’s aqeedah. I know there’s tafsir. I know there’s other areas of knowledge

I I mentioned these three things on purpose because these three things will make you a better muslim immediately

Immediately they start having a practical impact on you your salah starts improving because you’re reciting quran that you’ve understood

You know your love of the prophet sallallaahu salim is increasing because you’re learning about his life every year

So every time you send salawat upon him it’s it’s deeper

That salawat are deeper felt

Your knowledge of Dua is bringing you closer to Allah because now you know what you’re asking him
you Know what you’re actually [asking] him now. This is knowledge

“tajweed meaning “

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