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Published on December 11th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 444

How To Be A Successful Person

assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi


smile ar-rahman ar-raheem in the name of

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala most gracious

most merciful alhamdulillah all praise

is indeed due to allah subhanahu wa

ta’ala wa salatu wa salam o allah of

alam be a l-mursaleen nabina muhammad wa

ala aalihi wa sahbihi ajma’in e we send

blessings and salutations upon muhammad

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam all his

companions his household may Allah bless

them all and bless every one of us and

I’m sure every single one of us has so

much of goodness within us and I’m sure

each one of us feels that inshallah we

can do much more I want to start off by

mentioning something interesting that I

thought about while half of Imran was

speaking I was on a flight that was

coming in from Monrovia to Freetown a

few weeks ago and we were flying from

Freetown to Accra and they happened to

be a brother seated next to me and we

got chatting Muslim brother from Liberia

Salam alaykoum share how are you so nice

to see you etc and we were speaking and

I told him you know people get excited

when they see me when they hear about me

they sometimes go beyond the limit and

my father may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

grant him good health and a long life to

keep on doing the good he is doing he

always reminds me you know what you are

just a number that’s it don’t ever think

that you’re better than the people you

are speaking to and don’t ever think

that you’re higher than anyone else

because if that’s the case you will

never be able to reach their hearts

speak as though they are better than you

and you just need to get a message to

them so I was telling this brother and I

want to learn something from you tell me

tell me something that I can take to


and he looked at me and he said

something amazing he said look I’m a

businessman man Marshall I’m here seated

on this flight I fly every week and he

says every time I think about how I

started how we were when we were young

and I want you to pause for a moment and

every one of you think about yourselves

or your fathers or grandfather’s where

they started they must have been a time

when they could not afford shoes I’m

sure you all know that right

there was a time perhaps when they could

not afford school fees okay but they

were much more content than us and we

today are sitting here

such a beautiful function Subhan Allah

and still we have more complaints than

all of them put together we complain

more than what we used to when we did

not have because that’s how materialism

works when you run behind the dunya

guess what it always runs faster than

you Subhan Allah you can never catch up

you have the latest phone today the

saddest news tomorrow morning there’s

one later than that you’re depressed

again may Allah forgive us so this

brother was telling me I recall the day

when we struggled we suffered then I

entered into business and subhanAllah I

did well and suddenly boom everything

went because of something that happened

now sometimes the brother didn’t explain

to me but some people they have their

factories burnt that’s the plan of Allah

I told him how did you cope with this he

says it took me not long it did not take

me long to figure out that I can never

ever suffer a loss never why because

when I came into this world I was naked

I had zero so whatever I have today is

more than what I had the day I was born

that’s it that’s my motivation I tell

myself oh Allah the clothes I have I did

not have when I was born so Ya Allah I

can never be below zero subhanAllah he

says I was clothed when I came onto

earth I was given things imagined


whether it was your folks or someone

else is besides the point someone was

kind to you you and that’s why you had

clothing but when you came onto the

earth you had zero and when you are

going to leave you will still have zero

with you besides your deeds obviously

and I was very impressed by this I

looked at him and I digested what he

said and I thought about it for a long


and Here I am sharing it with you my

brothers and sisters we have been

blessed by Allah in a billion in one

ways while internet metella hila to sue

in san elevado


and indeed if you were to try to count

the gifts of Allah you would never be

able to count all of them for indeed man

is not only oppressive but he is

ungrateful filled with ingratitude

that’s what Allah is saying but we are

mock meaning we are different we should

be filled with gratitude part of

gratitude is to understand the plan of

Allah many of us do not understand the

plan of Allah Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

speaks about it in the Quran the Quran

is revealed and the sunnah of muhammad

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is there in

order to teach us why we are here and

what is expected from us while we are

here so Subhan Allah Allah says in the

Quran Allah Bankim Allah

fear is ball indeed in sustenance Allah

has raised some of you above others

there is a reason the reason is to test

you what are you going to do I’ve given

you and your neighbor I haven’t given

him as much as I’ve given you what are

you going to do that’s also when you die

there are two things what you earned is

one and what you spent is another

subhanAllah you’re going to be asked

about both and you know what will happen

in the case of a lot of us we’ve earned

way beyond what we were able to spend


so allah says we gave it to you you know

in another verse allah speaks of banu

israel and the tests that came to banu

israel and then he says lee yong-go what

a fat animal on it was in order for him

to see what do you do what’s your deeds

i’ve tested you to see what are you

going to do i’ve given you to see what

are you going to do so what happens

we’ve been given we’ve been blessed

every one of us is blessed in our own

unique way have you identified that

blessing some have been blessed in more

than one way the blessing i have you may

not have but you have a blessing that i

may not have it does overlap at times

mashallah but what do i do with it if i

am the top educator in the country what

have i done with it have i only made it

a means of income for me to live on

earth if that’s the case I’ve forgotten

about the Hereafter I’ve taken it out of

the equation I’ve really miss fired I

haven’t understood unless blessed me

with the intellect that intellect is

from Allah and I happen to be the best

educator or teacher of a specific


have I ever reached out to people

without wanting monetary reward and said

I’m going to spend some time teaching

those who can’t really afford to get to

me and I’m going to spend a few moments

volunteering they don’t always want your

money perhaps they might be able to

benefit from your expertise way beyond

what your money would have done

I always tell people that I learned from

the verse that Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

says you help lead a party come to

Berkeley no soda particu


meanwhile oh you who believe do not

nullify your charities through bragging

about it and harming those whom you’ve

been charitable to you know what that

means that means I must be the most

humble person when I’m giving

considering myself fortunate to have

been given the ability to give whatever

I’m giving considering myself fortunate

to have been witnessing a need and it

was made clear to me that there is a

need do you know it’s my duty to give

and it’s my duty to search and to look

for who I should give it to I don’t need

to sit in my business my shop my school

wherever else at home and wait for

people to come and beg from me know your

duty as a Muslim is to go out and hunt

and look where is the cause where can I

give where can I help where can I

volunteer where can i donate where can I

assist where can I be a help a helping

hand where can I fit in some might not

have much but trust me you can make duaa

you can pray and when you pray you need

to thank Allah that he’s given you a

heart because that’s the beginning you

will never pray for people suffering if

you don’t have a heart whenever I’ve

seen and I’m sure 100 percent of us

whenever we’ve seen what’s going on

across the globe we bleed look at what’s

happening in Syria up to this day we’re

not happy it’s not like we’re excited

about it we are so upset we are

desperate we are frustrated so what do

you do the first step is to call out to

Allah that’s the first step it’s the

most powerful step it’s not the only

step because then Allah is given each

one of us a different capacity to do

different things and all those things

that we choose to do should be

constructive and not destructive you

need to remember that the same applies

what’s going on in Rohan’s aright now

none of us could say that we are not

bleeding we are frustrated we want to

see a solution even

non-muslims want to see a solution they

don’t want to see the ethnic cleansing

that is being perpetrated there it is

frustrating it is sad not every one of

us can go there but guess what Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala has given us a

chance to get her foot ahead Jude butshe

fan comes to us and makes us point

fingers what is he doing he’s a famous

guy he’s doing nothing by saying that

what have you done he’s he’s this guy

he’s done nothing what have you done

you’re passing the buck stop it don’t

pass the buck you might want to

encourage people you might want to raise

awareness you might want to say

something but it starts with you if you

were really concerned get up for Salah

to tahajud Allah says that through your

difficulty he draws you closer to him

you know when you have a massive problem

diagnosed cancer may Allah grant cure to

all those who are struggling and

suffering with any form of disease beat

cancer beat HIV beat anything else

whether it is terminal or not may Allah

grant you cure say I mean when you’re

diagnosed do the disease people react

differently a Mormon becomes closer to

Allah it’s a gift of Allah and I can

explain quickly why it’s a gift but

before that I want to tell you a person

who doesn’t have belief distances

himself from Allah a person who’s a man

is dilly-dallying starts questioning

Allah becomes angry with Allah why me

why is this happening

what are you doing Allah I’m calling out

to you I’m asking you you’re not doing

anything for me what are you doing my

child is struggling and suffering Allah

I’ve called out to you for the last

three years what’s the problem of Allah

may Allah forgive us Allah forbid never

let that happen

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala says innallaha

either I have Bab the knee patella when

Allah tests a worshiper when Allah loves

the worshiper he tests him so if you

have a difficulty guess what it will do

to you you did not read used to read

Salah you did not you used to do things

according to what Allah wanted but now

when I was tapping you hey hey come over

what do you do you took a bit of time

Allah says hang on now you’ve got a

cough you’re still taking a bit of time

Coffee is nothing I’ll get the coffee

Misha I don’t need to read Salah for

Stubblefield hola but sometimes

subconsciously that’s our attitude then

unless is okay give you something bigger

if that’s gonna bring you because I love

you I need you to come to me so then you

get something bigger and what happens

you still go to the doctor and you’re

still not reading your Salah you’re

still not fulfilling your duty unto

Allah and unto the rest of the creatures

of the same Allah that’s an important

point it’s not just a duty unto Allah

part of your duty unto Allah is your

duty and to the creatures of the same

maker he made them being a Muslim

non-muslim white black tall short in

Africa or anywhere else in the world

they are the creatures of the same maker

who made you you are no better than them

in creation they’re the creatures of the

same Allah you have a duty unto them

because he made them for a purpose

that’s what it is

so subhanAllah when you are turning

towards Allah because of your difficulty

and your hardship and because of your

sickness it’s a sign that you’ve really

been gifted by Allah and Allah keeps you

that way so now you start praying

because now you start thinking to

yourself you know what I need to cry and

you get people praying for you and now

you become a softer person you start

becoming conscious of others with

similar problems you start joining

little groups of people who have issues

you start calling out to Allah and you

start reaching out to people and you

that makes you feel better it makes you

become a softer person and that’s what a

religious person is all about you want

to know who is the closest to Allah he

is the person who has the most beautiful

character your closeness to Allah is

very closely reflected in your character

those who are harsh and hard-hearted

they cannot be close to Allah fabbi

merrimette Amin Allah Allah Tala whom

while I want a fun fun evil villain for

boomin how onic it is by the mercy of

Allah that you have become lenient

towards those around you had you been

hard-hearted or harsh they would have


they wouldn’t even want to be in your

company but when someone is very polite

when someone is very concerned about the

goodness reaching you you want to be in

their company you you are impressed you

feel so much at home you feel like you

know them you feel so close because

you’re a human you have feelings you

have a heart you have a mind just like

this and they are appealing to you

because they’re speaking the language of

humanity as a believer so Subhan Allah

Allah draws you close through your

difficulty I mentioned the two points

the one is some people through their

difficulty they get closer to Allah

those whose a man is weak their belief

is weak they question Allah but

sometimes Allah keeps you in your

hardship you know why he knows if I were

to take this away this person might just

go back well Allah knows for certain we

don’t know so he says I love the way

you’re worshiping me you’re crying to me

you’re softened you get up every morning

you’re reaching out to others you speak

so politely finally with your daughter

you’re not sorry to give that example

but anyway you speak so politely with

those around you finally subhanAllah and

you’re such a lovely person because of

your difficulty sunglasses country keep

you like this for a little longer and

you want it today now well I want to

give you good news can allahu Fiona

Labadie my colonel a Bidoof ionia he he

the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

says Allah remains in the assistance of

the worshipper for as long as that

worshipper remains in the assistance of

another if you want help the first thing

to do start helping others you get the

help that’s what the Prophet Muhammad

peace be upon him says and like I said

earlier it’s our duty to go out and hunt

you know I read the hadith of Mahad

imageable out of the allahu anhu and abu

musa al-ashari out of the allahu anhu ma

when the Prophet SAW Allah sallam sent

Mahad imageable to Yemen one of the

things he says about zakah he said you

should teach the people one two three

and then he said

lamomam Anala after ovale him sadaqa

tanto hadami narnia in photography for

para him let them know let them know

that Allah has made incumbent of

compulsory upon them that they give a

charity it shall be taken from the rich

and distributed into the poor

subhanAllah that is why Allah gave you

more Allah did not give you more so that

you can amass it to the degree that you

have forgotten to build your Hereafter

Allah gave it to you so that you can

give others what I mean like a levy at a

command so rotten or Allah says give

them from the wealth of Allah that he

made you a custodian of you know what

that means it’s not yours

ma Lila the wealth belongs to Allah not

to you

you’re a custodian of it when you came

onto the earth like I started off by

saying you had zero when you shall leave

you shall leave with zero what you did

in the center in the middle your

transactions and the way you transacted

that is what will help you in your grave

and in your Hereafter so build build

your palace in the Hereafter it is

everlasting way beyond your imagination

and this is why my brothers my sisters

today we are seated here 30 years of

Africa Muslims agency half a Imran made

mention of my father I was going to say

that anyway that I recall your dad may

Allah give him genital ferdos and for

your information that’s the reason why

the moment I received a call I have a

soft spot for Africa Muslims agency I

told him brother I will be there he told

me we will cover your costs we will this

I said listen brother I’m not interested

in covering any costs I will be insulted

if you gave me anything I’m coming for

the sake of Allah and I’m coming because

I believe it’s good work and I’m coming

because I’m impressed by what has been

achieved a little seed that was

and don’t you dare think that oh this is

money from the Gulf states no way if you

think that it’s the devil making you run

away because of some bad deed you’ve

done from giving it is money from here

that’s distributed across the globe I

promise you the South African example

shines across the globe it’s one country

that Allah has blessed in and cont in a

continent that really needs a lot of

help so thank Allah keep on giving when

you give allah will give you more i

promise you

monica Summerlin min sadaqa the prophet

sallallaahu salam says nobody has ever

become bankrupt because of giving

charitable subhanAllah that’s a

guarantee from your messenger if ever

you fear poverty give charity it will

come back to you multiply I promise you

it’s in the Quran if ever you fear

poverty give the charity it doesn’t have

to be all your money like Abu Bakr al

Siddiq of the allahu anhu those were the

superheroes we could not compete with

them but what it definitely is small

portion 1 r & 5 r ends and this is why

when you read surat al boja if you were

to read it with its meaning your life

will change the Prophet Muhammad peace

be upon him by the choice of Allah

divine choice he was an orphan why isn’t

that consolation to all the orphans

across the globe that the best of

creation the most noble of all prophets

the top of the top was actually an

orphan this hope for you more than there

is for me who had both parents Wow Wow

Allah has chosen you my beloved orphan

child Allah has chosen you way above me

your head start is a few kilometers in

front of me because the most beloved

already there was a quality from birth

that you share that I don’t have that’s

why Allah says I’m Melea tema fanatic


as for the orphan

be hard on him don’t be harsh don’t

rebuke don’t abuse and often be kind

subhanAllah and the Prophet Muhammad

peace be upon him speaks about an orphan

he says anna wa kafa luleå Tameka hurt

anything Jenna myself and the one who

takes care of an orphan shall be in

paradise like these two fingers and he

joined the two fingers that I’m showing

you right now the first and the second

why those are in need

people say innocent children yes but

they’re in that condition because it’s a

test for you who are around what will

you do solely for the sake of Allah will

you help there is a widow

the hadith says those who spend their

day or those who assist widows and

orphans for the sake of Allah are

equivalent in reward to the one who

stood in prayer all night every night

and the one who fasts every day on

condition that you do it for the sake of

Allah today she’s a pretty lady

let’s help subhanAllah you know what I’m

talking about it’s facts but she’s old

you know she might not be that

attractive subhanAllah what hypocrisy is

this is that what we’ve become

is that how low we’ve become I’d like to

hope it’s not the case you help for the

sake of Allah and Allah alone Allah

alone and remember if you don’t help

it’s quite simple it’s going to come

from someone else and it’s been proven

read the verse of the Quran well in that

our lowest Abedini common comes on

Malaya kun

I’m telling cumin if you turn away Allah

says we will replace you with those who

won’t be like you they won’t be like you

they’ll be better so don’t think the

work of Allah and don’t think reaching

out to the poor across the globe is

connected to you alone

no if you are on it it’s a favor of

Allah that he convinced you he put it in

your heart to give but if you’re miserly

trust me the work will continue even

beyond your imagination with others it

will continue I remember there was a

brother who told someone at one of the

organizations that you know what after

pledging so much he says I’m not giving

because he had a little misunderstanding

as he walked out of the office there was

a brother sitting outside he walked in

he put down a figure twice the pledge of

the brother who just walked out Wow

I witnessed this with my own eyes and I

was just looking and I said yeah halal I

mean oh Allah you have indeed spoken the

truth replace with someone else this man

walked out another thing my brother’s my

sisters this evening I said it elsewhere

and I’m repeating it a pledge he’s as

good as a bird in the sky remember that

a pledge is as good as a bird in the sky

when you catch the bird and put it on

the table you have now fulfilled your

pledge otherwise I know of many who

pledge huge amounts they never put their

money where their mouth is never I hope

we’re not like that are you hearing what

I’m saying we can pledge the

organization’s come and showcase for us

while we’re on our beds through the

month of Ramadan and at other times and

we sitting flicking and we hearing you

know these people are dying in Neesha

and this is what’s happening and so on

you know my brother my sister it’s your

duty to feel the pain of all of those

where is the hadith al-amin unical just

said in wahid in esther coming who o do

that there are LaRussa it all just said

they’d be sorry when Hama the monona

like one body if a single part of it is

struggling suffering in

Payne the whole body shall struggle with

sleeplessness insomnia pain etc and

perhaps fever what was happening and

what is still happening across the globe

we all want to help well I can tell you

I started off by saying make dua after

that reach into your pockets and you

know what you will not all be able to go

there physically I’ve been to some

places not all and what could I have

done very little had it not been for a

lot of people behind me having sent me

with a reputable organization to say you

know what we would like to assist can

you take this and make sure it gets to

the recipient and if they’re honest

Subhan Allah you will feel the blessings

in your own selves and your children and

your loved ones and your community so

don’t think for a moment that you know

what what are they doing know what am i

doing what did I do

how much do I have what can I give

subhanAllah I was saying your father may

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala give him

genital feathers I’ve met him many times

I met dr. Abdul Rahman a soul mate many

times and they’ve been with Shahada

polyp to my house sitting so many times

you know sometimes together and

separately as well what was the

discussion all about I was a kid I was a

child remember 30 years ago I must have

been what 15 gave my age away Oh stress

but at the same time subhanAllah I

recall and the discussion was all about

going I used to go out with them to

rural areas I used to go out and we used

to see what was happening we used to

distribute and you know what that

continued all along so when I see the

children of the same man doing the same

work with the same dedication if not now

that it’s three people perhaps a little

bit more but the Baraka of that

generation was something else trust me

I always say this is a sign of

acceptance from Allah I know with us

we’ve taken from my dad in my family

subhanAllah and I start thinking to

myself when people continue the effort

that was good of their fathers it’s a

sign that Allah has accepted it I see

amongst us some seated here and I know

their fathers some of them are late and

their mothers in some instances and I

promise you the brilliant work they were

doing is continued I want to cry when I

think of what’s happening but there are

others who keep pointing fingers and

their job is only to look for faults

rather than to help to assist I’m doing

something wrong please come to me and

guide me tell me correct me I’m a human

I’m your child I’m your brother come and

tell me listen son listen my brother

I think this wasn’t right how you said

it what you said what you did

I will improve myself I promise you you

don’t have to go out and attack in a way

that subhanAllah you’re destroying the

entire Ummah and this is what’s going on

today we don’t do the good work and we

don’t want others to do the good work

leave them alone my fathers taught me

that the best of people are those who

don’t harm you

subhanAllah I don’t need your help

anymore that’s what I understood from

what he said my father has a policy he

says never ever go out for a collection

I said but why not we’re doing work with

millions of dollars he says the work is

open for everyone to see if Allah puts

it in their hearts the money came from

Allah if you scrounged it out of the

people perhaps their dirty money might

come and contaminate the work and we

will be divided and split in no time

that policy is not everybody’s policy

it’s a very high level it’s a very high

level that’s the reason why you might

have known me for so many years you

actually don’t know what I do in real


maybe some might know you don’t know

what I do in real life

you just know me for a man standing in

front speaking and lecturing that’s it

and perhaps tweeting now and again may

Allah bless you all and bless us but

yeah we have a favour of Allah people

are coming to you to show you how many

messages and it’s a fact it’s not it

sounds so huge but you know what it’s

the Baraka that Allah has bestowed upon

some and I’m not saying it’s the only

organization but I am saying there’s a

lot of good work happening let’s try and

support it through dua

reaching out into our pockets put in a

little bit imagine there’s a Masjid

being built or let’s say right now

people are going to row hangar in order

to try and help the people and you gave

a thousand rands when you see the people

were lying well lie when you see

pictures of how the the aid is being

distributed won’t it bring a coolness to

your heart to think me my thousand is

their hamdulillah you know there’s a

hadith which is number nine in let him

as jidam bana lahu lahul Batum for

Jinnah whoever builds for Allah this

place of worship Allah builds for them a

house in Paradise we might not be able

to afford the large amounts that are

required but trust me the mercy of Allah

is even if you’ve donated a single brick

by the will of Allah he’s not just gonna

say right here’s your brick now that’s

it in the akhira he’s going to give you

the whole house even through that brick

by his mercy so be charitable

reach out make dua for those who are

charitable and guess what if you don’t

have much create an awareness by

speaking to your friends your family

members those who are wealthy or

acquaintances in a nice way just create

an awareness say you know this is a

really good cause mashallah you know it

might strike them to say let me give

something and if they do you get a full

reward a doll or a little hairy gorilla

he the one who showed others towards

goodness gets the full reward of all of

that goodness

amazing amazing so I can’t afford it but

I’m talking to people who can in such a

lovely way that I’ve convinced twenty

guys to give they gave two million

grands I’m sitting millionaire but

please please don’t let yourself become

arrogant because of that when you give

if you want to know I’m going to say a

few things today that you will take home

in Charlotte when you give you’ve got to

remember the test is humility thereafter

the best charity is that when you’ve

given you don’t want to score or clock

mileage out of that giving know yes

someone might respect you they might

invite you they might call you you’re a

donor they happy they want to show you

the activities and so on but when you

start requesting your perks you’re

getting paid for what you’ve given in

that way then the reward of it you’re

cutting it

because you’re getting something the

best thing give and don’t expect

anything besides what Allah will shall

bless you with listen to this verse of

surah to Darla’s in no taurima calmly

watching heel heel and to me the true

believers those who give genuinely for

the sake of Allah do you know what they


we have fed you for the sake of Allah we

don’t even want from you a recompense

nor do we want you to say thank you I

don’t even want you to say thank you


I don’t want sugar from you thanks I

want it’s Allah my reward is with Allah

it’s okay what I’ve done for you is

actually for Allah but because Allah

made a need come in front of my eyes it

was my duty to do something about it I

did something and I carried on that’s

why the end of surah taha allah says

what a mess LFL attend her as for the

one who is asking don’t rebuke him you

know the beggars you see no matter where

they are those who come to you in order

to ask no matter who they are don’t

rebuke them don’t insult them don’t

belittle them that’s a verse of the

Quran there’s someone begging on crumbum

here down the road every year I come I

see the same guy if I can’t give him at

least a Nokomis Salam how are you my

brother or maybe don’t say anything if

some people say no you guys are giving

you’re gonna support these guys you you

you you’re gonna create a huge syndicate

whatever hang on hang on hang on relax

either you give or you don’t give the

choice is definitely yours do it with

respect that’s all don’t harm the man

like I said earlier it is better to be a

person who doesn’t give and doesn’t harm

than to be someone who gives and harms I

give and you’ve got to here for the rest

of your life you know I’m a person I’m

gonna let you in on something personal

to accept a gift from people is very

very difficult even if that gift is

worth 10,000 rands

I try my best to avoid it the reason is

I know the payment of it shall be fifty

thousand rands I’d rather keep your gift

we maintain that respect and I maintain

my freedom subhanAllah I’m giving you

something about my self why did I learn

that it might help me yes you wanted to

give me a mobile phone thank you I

appreciate your gesture but guess what

I’m not gonna take it the reason is I

love you so much I don’t want it to come

between you and I I don’t and I know I’m

gonna have to pay for it because

tomorrow you phoned me 12:00 at night eh

I need this I need that I feel obliged

I’m now a hypocrite I’m not doing it

because I want to I’m doing it because

hey the guy gave me a phone man do you

see what I’m saying it’s tough not

everyone thinks like that I am one who

prefers to say listen maintain your

independence and you can make your

decisions the point I’m raising is when

you give someone something ensure that

it’s respectful if I gave him it’s for

the sake of Allah if I didn’t I maintain

that respect and I walked away so this

is Allah Allah plan a last plan is that

he will give you more than what you need

in order to see what you do with the

extra excess a lot of the times we have

extra we forget about building the

castle of the akhira while we’re

building our palace here and I always

tell the brothers mashallah you know who

work really hard and mashallah when you

get to the age of forty five fifty sixty

you finally made a little bit of money

well nowadays for our daughters we

looking for the wealthiest of the

wealthy they must already have a house

and a Porsche and a Ferrari as well as a

Porsche because a Ferrari apparently is

supposed to be better than a Porsche

Subhan Allah but we don’t realize when

we married when our fathers married they

didn’t even have a house they didn’t

even own a car in a lot of cases and

they worked for 30 40 years and we were

so happy we used to go to school and

come back not knowing it’s a rented

property not knowing the guys working so

hard when he’s sweating and he’s making

us but before our daughters we looking

for those who are already the kings you

know wealthy otherwise so what happens


promised the quality of individual

because we’re looking only at wealth

that’s what it is

why am I saying this because the average

human around in fact do you know the

majority of the people on earth who can

never own a home and they will not own a

house if you have a house that belongs

to you and you sleeping it in it you

already top 30% of the globe

did you ever know that check the

statistics tonight there’s a that

you can rely on for those type of

statistics known as share Google yeah

and to be honest you’ve worked so hard

and now you’re 50 years old fifty five

sixty you’re building your house finally

finally masha’Allah what’s happening

it’s gonna take you two years to build

minimum two years to belief you in

Zimbabwe you can add a zero to that

because we famous to do that anyway but

it’s gonna take you a while when you’ve

built it how old are you fifty-five how

many years do you have to live if you’re


twenty seventy five right that’s a

brilliant age if you beyond seventy five

you beyond average beyond seventy is

beyond average according to the hadith

sixty-five is about average so Hannah

may Allah grant us good health I see

people are looking at me so worried it’s

okay don’t worry relax well I give you a

long life may Allah give you health and

happiness and contentment but you’re

gonna live in this house for twenty

years and after that where you where you

going to go for another already people

have passed away for longer than they

were alive have you ever thought of what

that means people have passed away for

longer than they were alive those who

died a thousand years ago they live for

60 70 as those who died 200 years ago

they lived for 60 70 years if they were

lucky so they’ve been dead for longer

than they were alive but they prepared

for those 20 years in a way that they

forgot about preparation for the rest

Allah says if you want to prepare for

the rest reach out to others will do the

rest for you you link with Allah

absolutely important prime it’s number

one don’t compromise that but tonight

we’re talking about charity so I’m

telling you you want to build your

akhirah you want to build your hereafter

you want to build your paradise learn to

give and give

so much that Subhan Allah Allah keeps

giving you I remember once I was sitting

and discussing this matter and one of

the Allah MA said something that I’ll

never forget he says when you pledged a

monthly amount to a certain good cause

say for example two orphans right I

pledged a thousand rands every month or

500 and or a hundred rands every month

for this orphanage for example its

sustenance written for them not for you

but Allah gave them through you so Allah

has to give you before you gets to them

so you will always have you following

what we are saying I pledged it and it’s

gonna continue a day might come when you

struggling a little bit how am I gonna

give this give it Allah will give it to

you but please understand you need to

work for it and Allah gives you the

Baraka because you worked for it in the

name of Allah you don’t just sit back

and say right guys did you hear what the

mufti said the other day given you shall

receive I gave seventy thousand now I’m

sitting at home looking at the ceiling

hoping the tornado might come and wash

your ceiling of may Allah not do that to


could happen is a that’s the angel

opening up here no way something grossly

is gone wrong you’re lazy you’re sitting

back go and work if you work Allah will

give you blessing can I tell you this is

by far probably the most powerful

statement you can hear this evening

zakat is the two and a half percent in

most cases that you have to give of your

savings and there is a way of

calculating what you need to look at and

after the year you need to give two and

a half percent for who for Allah it

means that belongs to who to you or to

Allah to Allah the wealth was Allah and

he gave you 90 7.5 in it you hang on two

and a half is my change where is my

change you need to give it to Allah it

was never yours if you left it in your

system he’s going to take it from you by

hook or crook through sickness through

illness through accident through disease

through fires through anything the money

is going to go from you it was never

yours he’s going to take it if you gave

with your heart Alyce’s it will cleanse

you who’s mean my name sada potato pie

hero whom take from them that charity

that zakah which will clean them it will

cleanse them it’s our wealth we want

that back we gave you a hundred and you

know we told you in advance that hey

we’re waiting for the change someone

comes to your store they buy worth

ninety seven fifty they give you a

hundred dollar bill and you say thanks

what I’m waiting but the amount is

negligible negligible or not it’s my

change you’re gonna be in trouble if you

don’t give it to me okay

same happens with Allah in fact

well-aligned methalone Allah the example

of a lies far higher than that this is

why they say when we are struck with

calamity and lots of money is spent or

gone first question you ask yourself

have I paid my zakat properly I’m sorry

to say it is a question you have to ask

yourself you may have if you have you’ve

ticked that off it’s now something else

sometimes it’s just a test from Allah a

lot of the times if you’re patient Allah

will grant you much more it’s just the

test but it’s a question you need to ask

like when you’re not well you go for a

blood test to check all your markers not

because you definitely have a certain

disease but to take it off to make sure

it’s not that so it’s a question you

need to ask yourself subhanAllah if you

want to know the type of person you are

if you want to know more about yourself

your character because the hadith says

the best form among you are those with

the best character that’s a hadith the

best form among you are those with the

best character so if you would like to

know if you would like to know where do

I fit in there is a test that must test

you can test yourself ask yourself one

question the answer of it will tell you

who you actually are

what’s the question the person whom the

world considers the lowest whom the

world considers most insignificant whom

the world considers all

irrelevant how do you treat that person

will determine who you are finished

there’s no other way did you hear what I

said you see a man cleaning you see a

man guarding the cars you see someone

coming to serve you on the table do you

acknowledge they’re human do you

acknowledge they probably have families

do you know what made them do this do

you realize it could have been you do

you greet them

do you actually smile at them does it

does it bring you inner peace when you

see them smile back and acknowledge you

hi madam how are you how’s your evening

and carry on for the sake of Allah just

because I wanted them to feel important

then you are definitely very high in

character and conduct don’t ever forget

what I said tonight all those whom the

world considers insignificant you should

never consider them insignificant

it’s your test Allah put them in front

of you for a reason to test what did you

do so you can convert it into a huge act

of worship by being kind by reach a lot

of the people don’t want your money they

need you to just be kind be okay you

know that’s it may Allah Subhanahu WA

Ta’ala make us from those who can reach

out to one another subhanAllah if you

want to know how generous you are how

generous you are then there is a test

what is the test what do you give over

and above zakah that’s when you will

know how generous you are zakah does not

determine generosity you’re just

fulfilling an obligation that’s it

above zakah what do you give then you’re

a generous person may Allah make it easy

for us may allah subhanahu wata’ala help

us I have so much to say I’ve spoken for

45 minutes and I think that was way

beyond my own time that I had set myself

half an hour but subhanAllah it’s

amazing it’s a lovely evening it’s so

beautiful here and I really pray for

everyone who’s here to be able to carry

this message throughout the globe those

who are listening perhaps on the

television those who may listen to this

a little bit later may Allah make this a

means of motivation for all of us means

of Mahavira for the late Muhammad ferry

to Nara and all those who have set up

this the late dr. Smith

Abdul Rahman of Smith also whose

brainchild it was and I’m sure there are

so many of us doing so much of good work

whatever you’re doing may Allah accept

it from you may allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala make you from those whose work

can actually be increased and let’s

learn to cooperate with one another

let’s learn to cooperate with one


that’s my last message we must cooperate

with one another because at the moment

the Ummah is struggling do the Ummah is

struggling due to us bickering and

pointing fingers and becoming disunited

over small matters I don’t need to think

like you or believe exactly what you

believe etcetera etcetera but I need to

respect you if I respect you I can be

united with you with my difference


may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala bless us

all and may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

grant acceptance to this work and

ultimately may Allah grant us all

genital fear those in paradise say I’m

in a cola-cola hatha wa sallahu wa
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sallim wa barik ala nabina muhammad


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