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Published on February 17th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 347

learn quran online with tajweed

learn quran online with tajweed

How Shaytaan Attacks | illustrated | Nouman Ali Khan | Subtitled”learn quran onlinewith tajweed”


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Because you made me slip, because you made me do wrong You trapped me into it.

Secondarily, he blames Allah too.

I will sit waiting for them

qa’ada lehu” in Arabic means to sit somewhere and wait to ambush somebody

learn quran online with tajweed

qa’ada” means to sit somewhere and with the “lam” means to wait, and you’re waiting to ambush somebody

Like imagine on outside the door one of you guys is behind the door of the masjid with a baseball bat

Waiting for your friend to come out

Not with the baseball bat with flowers or something I don’t know

but the idea is you hide and you wait for somebody to show up and then you attack them

and somebody who’s waiting in ambush is exposing himself or not?

He’s not exposing himself. And does he attack all the time or at the right moment?

“learn quran onlinewith tajweed”

He waits for the right moment and then he attacks right, so that’s captured inside “la-aq’udenne lehum sirataqa-l-mustaqim.”

“learn quran onlinewith tajweed”

I will be on the straight path, but I won’t come out all the time

I’ll find the right moment

and then I’ll slip something in and slip out before they can realize I was there and I said something to them

Then I will come at them from right in front of them

What is right in front of us? The straight path leads to Jannah

I will come at them and say “Don’t go here”

Don’t go to Jannah (paradise). Jannah is too far man! I’ll give you something right now.

Why you gotta work for Jannah? I’ll give them short-term benefits.

I’m giving you

One of the many interpretations of each. He’ll come at them from in front of the woman. I’ll come from behind them (khalfihim)

I’ll come from behind them, pulling them

“learn quran onlinewith tajweed”

you know

“learn quran onlinewith tajweed”

Somebody who’s attacking you from behind

Wants you to stop. You’re making progress and they want you to stop and they want you to head back

This expression is used in the Qur’an

“Inqalabtum ‘alaa a’aqaabikum“. You’re gonna turn back on your heels, you’re gonna reverse.

You were making progress towards Allah, you start reversing.

I will see that they’re making progress, and I’ll start yanking them back. I’ll attack them from behind.

“learn quran onlinewith tajweed”

wa ‘an aymaanihim waan shamaailihim” – I’ll come at them from their right and from their left.

This has been interpreted in many ways, but their right means they’ll be among good company,

and I’ll still come to them. They’ll be in bad company, I’ll still come to them.

Because on your “yameen” (right), you’re doing good

The right side is associated with good deeds.

“learn quran onlinewith tajweed”

The left side is associated with bad deeds. So, from their right, even when they’re doing good deeds,

I’ll still slip myself in. Even when you’re reading Qur’an

He’ll slip himself in. That’s why Allah says “Fa idhaa qara’te al-Qur’an fa-sta’idh bi’llahi min as-shaytaanirrajeem

When you’re reading Qur’an, seek refuge from shaytaan

“learn quran onlinewith tajweed”

You’re doing a good deed. What is shaytaan gonna do with a good deed? I’ll come at them when they’re doing good deeds.

I’ll attack them when they’re doing bad deeds. I won’t stop.

“learn quran onlinewith tajweed”

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