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Published on November 18th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 282

How Satan traps You

Then Shaitan comes to you and says
he comes to both of them
[Waqasamahuma] (Quran 7:21)

“he came and swore to both of them”

[innee lakuma lamina alnnasiheen]
(Quran 7:21)

“I mean well for both of you”

“I’m telling you, this is for you”

“I care for you”

“I know how you feel”

“I mean well for you”

he can be very convincing

he will swear to you

you will feel like this is your own feelings – it’s Shaitan at work

he’s very good

he’s very good at convincing

and this is my favorite part of Shaitan’s tactics

that if we learn about


[Fadallahuma bighuroor]
(Quran 7:22)

what words!

[سبحان الله ! مآ جبا هذ الكلام !]
Praise be to Allah!
What a speech this is!

[dallahuma bighuroor]



in Arabic actually means

to lower a bucket

it come from [dallu-an]

[dallu] means a bucket

when you lower a bucket


also [dalla] means

if you have a bucket

it’s got to a carrot in it or something

and you’re trying to catch an animal

so you’ve got a rope tied to your bucket

and the animal comes to the bucket and you pull it a little

then you pull it a little

and you pull it a little

and the animal’s slowly coming close to you

and you get him

does that happen quickly or slowly?


when you’re pulling the water out of the bucket

it happens quickly or slowly?

Shaitan got them slowly with deception

it wasn’t one [waswasa]

he came

and he came again

and he came again

and he came again

little by little, “I’ll get them closer to the tree”

“I’ll pull them closer, one step at a time, I’ll take my time with them”

“I got all the time in the world”

“because I’ve got until Judgment Day to get with these guys”

“so I’m going to take my time”

so Shaitan will not come to you, my young brother on campus, one time and say “hey look at her!”

“Just look one time. come on. nobody’s there. it’s not MSA”

“it’s okay”

“it’s just Bio. it’s lab. she’s your lab partner after all. it should be halal here”

“it’s all right”

“just look”

and you say “NO!”

“no Shaitan! come out!”

“stop it!”

“I’m your friend, bro”

“it’s not haram. I’m telling you. may be you can give her Dawah”

oh… yeah… Dawah!”

“Deen and Dunya”

“this is great!”


you know

he’ll come, then he’ll come again

then he’ll come again, until he gets you

and he will not stop until he gets you

If he fails one time – you said [audhu billah min ‘sh-shaytanir ‘r-rajim] and he runs off

he scrapes off his burn marks, and he comes back for more

he says “come on, I’m your friend. why do you got to do that for?”

“why you gotta burn me like that, bro?”

You know – “we’ll burn later together”

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that’s his line


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