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Published on March 25th, 2020 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 1


online quran classes

online quran classes

How do I Express Anger؟ illustrated Nouman Ali Khan

online quran classes


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When someone gets on your last nerve and you
ran out of patience and the person replies,

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“this is because of Shaitan!”

How do you respond?

You don’t respond!

When somebody gets on your last nerve and
you explode, first of all you shouldn’t

have been in that position, you should allow,
you know a lot of times we confuse bottling

things up with patience, when you just stay
quiet and don’t say anything that does not

mean you are being patient.

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Patience actually means that you can remain
calm but when you are being offended or something

wrongs being said, you can respectfully speak
out and say that is not true or that is not

acceptable, that is not losing patience and
if you did come to the point where he had

to snap and somebody took advantage of that
and called you Shaitan or that is because

of Shaitain, you know what?

May be they are right and you know what if
at that point you don’t really have any point

in continuing the conversation what you are
going to get out of it, no it is not Shaitan,

what you are going to do?

Those are the kinds of situations where you
say, “salam ‘an peace and we cannot have this

conservation any more, insha-Allah we will
talk another time”.

Any situation you are in where you are losing
your calm, you should try to avoid and if

it is getting to that point you should actually
let the other know that they are being offensive

or you know they are hurting your feelings,
it is as sample as that, and you know when

you think staying silent or not saying anything
is the same as patience, that is your mistake,

it is not anybody’s else’s.

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Human beings cannot keep things bottled up,
they cannot, it is the way in which you express

your frustration that is patience, you can
express your frustration calmly and say this

is unacceptable or you can explode like you
do to a person who asked this question, that

is a lack of patience actually, so I pray
that Allah gives us the strength to communicate

our sentiments with respect, with love, with
courtesy and at the same time not to, you

know, not to fall into this extreme of anger
as a result of bottling things up, that is

certainly yes!

The anger does come from the Shaitain, you
know, what the other is doing is also pretty

evil, but you are no less if you allow yourself
to get overwhelm with anger.
May Allah Azzowajal protect us from anger
and certainly protect us from His anger.

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