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Published on November 17th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 294

Honesty: The First Step to being A Muslim

do we take responsibility?

how? okay now I know I have to be responsible, but how do I do it?

how do I do it?

I’m not going to tell you one hundred steps

I just want to tell you one step

when you do one step, then you come back to me…

we’ll have some lunch, and I’ll tell you step 2

but right now, let’s only worry about – what?

step 01

when did the Messenger ﷺ become a messenger – at what age?


and at the age of 40, he started doing Dawah (inviting to Islam) – yes?

He started doing Dawah


was he living in Makkah before then?


did people know him before then?

what did they call him?

they used to give him some nice names

what were the nice names they gave him?

[al-saadiq] = [the honest]

[al-ameen] = [the trustworthy]

did he ever talk to them about Islam before the age of 40?


he did business with them

he lived with them

he was neighbors with them

he was friends with them

he ate with them


he talked with them every day

he helped them

he gave charity to them

that’s all they had with him

for 40 years, the only thing they knew was [al-sadiq] and [al-ameen]

and they knew that the most responsible person in our entire city is one person – who is that?


they don’t call him Rasool Allah ﷺ yet


that’s your step 01

your step 01

as an Ummah (nation)

my step 01 as an Ummah

is we have to show the character of Rasool Allah ﷺ

[as-sadiq] and [al-ameen] to the entire world

so when they think of muslims, they think of someone honest

when they think of muslims, they think of someone they can trust

right now it is so bad, we can’t even trust each other

we can’t even trust each other

we lie

and we cheat

we lie and we cheat in business

we lie and we cheat in our families

we lie and we cheat in inheritence

we lie and we cheat in our jobs

we lie and we cheat in our tax forms

we lie, we cheat

every chance we get, we lie and we cheat

the guy who is in the store, selling cloth

you know – the ladies – they go to buy clothes

the guy bought it for 10

but he has to make a whole story

so you can get her to buy it for 99

OK.. Ok.. you just take it for 99, it’s OK!

and he makes this whole story

you can’t even sell something without lying

how are we going to earn [sadiq] and [ameen] for the entire world

we don’t even think each other as [sadiq] and [ameen]

we don’t think each other as [sadiq] and [ameen]

you know – when you go in the Muslim world

somewhere – not here – anywhere in the Muslim world

and you get in a taxi

if they can tell I’m American

three times the price


Is that Amanah (honesty)?

Is that Amanah?

you go to a mechanic

Muslim mechanic – Masha’Allah!

Muslim mechanic

he opens your car, takes out the transmission

we’re cheating people

we’re lying to people

we’re dishonest to people

and then we talk about the Deen of Muhammad ﷺ

the Dawah to Islam

the Shariah (law) of Rasool Allah ﷺ

wait a second – hold on – 40 years first

step 01

step 01

nobody thinks we’re honest right now

nobody thinks we’re trustworthy right now

that is our priority

that is when Dawah actually makes sense to people

because before you even open your mouth

they love you

they love you

this is what a Muslim is supposed to be

so many of your co-workers are Hindu

so many of your co-workers are Christian in this country

so many of your co-workers are Buddhist

or may be even athiest or agnost

the only thing about Islam they know of

is not the Quran – they don’t know the Quran

the only Islam they know is YOU!

you are Islam to them

you are the ambassador of Rasool Allah ﷺ to them

so when you tell your coworker

5 minutes – I know the Sunni (traditional) 5 minutes

5 minutes means = sometime today

and the best one is

you haven’t even left home yet

and they call you

you’re not on the way

you haven’t even brushed your teeth

you’re driving from like another country – you’re driving over 3 hours away

3 hours – you convert them into -you’re not in a helicopter man!

you’re in a car

be honest in these little things

if we can not be honest in little things

Nouman Ali Khan:

Who is Nouman Ali Khan ?

He is a Pakistani preacher who grew up in America.

What is his job?

A preacher and teacher of Arabic language and Islamic studies, Fiqh and Hadith.

What are his most important achievements?

He has been ranked by the Royal Islamic Researchs Center in Jordan as one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world.

What is his most important scientific achievement?

He has hundreds of videos on YouTube, Facebook and TV on the Tafsir (interpretation) of the Holy Quran, Arabic language and Islamic studies.

What are his most important written achievements?

Nouman Ali Khan has written two books: one of them is  “Divine Speech”, and the other a book ” Revive your heart” : Putting  life in perspective … He has also co-authored and self published two  Arabic textbooks for “Al-Bayanah” Institute courses .

When did he become famous?

His fame came five years after he presented many videos in Tafsir (interpretation) . His fame passed through two stages, The first was when he began to move from one state to another in most American mosques explaining the Arabic language, the Tafsir, the Quran and Islamic studies, until he became famous in America.

Then he established the “Al-Bayanah” center for teaching Arabic and Islamic studies in one of the United States, and it has received a great fame in America and Europe, and recently his fame increased in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India as well as Arab countries.

What is his latest work?

His latest work was “Al-Bayanah” online website , The site helped thousands of science students in studying Arabic language, Islamic studies, and the Holy Quran online, It has saved time, effort and money for many students, The student is now studying Arabic, Quran and Islamic studies online. , All you need is good internet and a good laptop.


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