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Published on February 4th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 313

Online Quran Teaching

Online Quran Teaching

Hold onto Allah’s Promise | Subtitled”Online Quran Teaching”


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He says[fastabshiroo bibaya’ikumu allathee baya’tum bihi]
(Quran 9:111)

come take – you know – appreciate and

be congratulated – feel congratulated over the sale you just made

the sale of giving yourself up and your money up in exchange for Paradise

feel congratulated over that sale

everyone around you will say “you’re a fool – you’re missing out on life”

“you could have been doing so much with your youth”

“man, you’re a good-looking guy/ you’re a young woman”

you could have had anything you wanted

“and you’re wasting it away with that Hijab on your head and that scruffy beard you’re trying to grow”

“and you’re trying to go to the Masjid and pray and this and that”

man, we could have been having so much fun -you’re just – you only live once – YOLO”

you know – you only live once

apparently to the disbeliever, yes

“Online Quran Teaching”

And he says “you’re such an idiot – you’re just wasting your entire college years – you’re in the dormitory”

you’re by yourself – your parents aren’t here”

“you can hear the boom boom boom from down the hall”

“you could be part of that party man – they’re having the time of their life”

“you know, I think your lab partner likes you too – it’s all good”

“don’t worry about it – it’s not even Ramadan yet”

you know and you say “no, I just want Paradise”

“you’re stupid man – you’re stupid”

“why can’t you get smart?”

and then you just say “I can’t take this pressure anymore, everybody’s telling me I’m dumb – I’m making dumb …”

“am I really missing out on life? am I doing this right?”

and then you open Allah’s Book and Allah says “congratulations -you made a good sale”

the only one that congratulates you in this scenario is not going to be your friends

it’s not even going to be your family sometimes

the only one to congratulate you will be Allah

“Online Quran Teaching”

the congratulations will come from nowhere else

nobody else will think you’re making a wise decision

there are so many families – a father who owns like a liquor store decides he’s going to get rid of it

and when he gets rid of it, they have to sell the house because he can’t make the house payments anymore

so they’re going to go from a house to an apartment

and the whole family is going crazy

“what are you doing?”

“we need the house – how are we going to live in an apartment?”

“this is a wrong idea – I don’t know what’s happened to dad – he’s gone crazy”

but the father knows – the only one who’s telling him

congratulations, My slave! you’ve made the right call”

the only one who’s telling him that is who? it’s Allah

it’s Allah

when you trust Allah then let me tell you

people around you will question that trust

and they will make you lose that trust

and that’s when you need to hold on to Allah’s Book

because when you open that Book and you read it to find hope

that’s the only way to survive

this is why I started by saying we need a nation that is directly connected with the word of Allah

the promise of Allah – the promise that never fails

which was the title of this talk

every one of you needs to hold on to that promise

I see it as part of my mission to try to understand that promise

and try to share what that promise is about as best as I can

but that’s not enough

“Online Quran Teaching”

all of you have to be on your own journey to understanding Allah’s Book

and not for any other purpose but to seek Allah’s advice

and strength of will – of decision

that you can hold on to the right decisions and not back off again

not slip back into the darkness again

some of you guys that are here

you’ve done some horrible things this year

but at least you’re here now

and at least you heard some of this

and maybe some of this goes into your heart

and you decide from here on out

“I will take the promise of Allah seriously”

“whatever happened, happened”

“You know what – it’s in the past, but it’s not going to determine my future”

I tell you this is the last one – I promise – I’m 3 minutes over my time already

people will give up on you

people will give up on you

Allah never gives up on you

people will give up on you all the time

parents will give up on you
a spouse will give up on you
friends will give up on you

but Allah will not give up on you

people will judge you and can condemn you

like “this guy is bad and that’s it” – case closed

Allah will never close His doors off of you

the only one who can close those doors permanently is yourself – Allah doesn’t do it
Allah does not do that (Subhanu Ta’ala)

“Online Quran Teaching”

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