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Published on November 23rd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 285

quran for kids online

quran for kids online

Highest Degree”quran for kids online”

the sisters a very important point I

raised it last week and raising it again


your prayer don’t miss a prayer never

never no matter what the circumstances

are do not miss a pray if you miss a

prayer from one of these five

“quran for kids online”

wallahi you would have actually swerved

away from allah subhanahu attack you’ve

swerved away from his mercy and trust me

there are two three types of people when

it comes to this one those who do not

allow anything to hinder them they are

above that particular point of you know

breaking so nothing will break them when

it comes to fulfilling their son but

those people also fall into a few

“quran for kids online”

categories some of them are humbled the

more Allah has granted them is to

fulfill their duties unto Him the more

humble they become the more they are

full of humility but the more they treat

people kindly the more they look at

others and try to search the goodness in


that is the best those are the people

who have really worked on themselves to

a level where they are content they are

happy Legrand has contended Allah

promises us you do good I’ll give you

contentment in this world he didn’t say

I give you what you want in this world

but he says your heart will be a year

back your life will be pure it would be

good you’ll be happy you may contain

whatever comes your direction you you

have a link with the Supreme Being who’s

in control of what has just come in your

direction so you know it’s from him
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so that’s the height

“quran for kids online”


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