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Published on June 28th, 2014 | by Ummay Abdullah | Views: 3713



Hear, hear… Ramadan is here !

The month of Sha’ban is about to end and Ramadan Kareem is about to start. All Muslims are eagerly awaiting the month of barakah and rahmah. So many sins that need to be repented for, so many dues to ask for but still many moments of ajr are lost in the hustle bustle of sahoor, iftar and daily chores that before we know it, the holy month of Ramadan is over. How to achieve more out of Ramadan, how to gather more ajr from it? Here are a few simple steps that would ensure that you get the most of your Ramadan experience this year, Insha Allah!

1. Make a list!
Research shows that it is easier to achieve your goals once you have written them down and can constantly view them. Sit down and think for a while. What do you need done this Ramadan? Asking for repentance, making a particular dua, special dua about your children, calling your loved ones, taking up a new sunnah, achieving higher level of Taqwa, taking care of your body as an amanah, memorizing a new surah or dua; anything can be your goal. Make a list and put it on fridge or somewhere where you can regularly see it and try to achieve as many of your goals as you can.

2. Calculate! Be smart and save precious Ramadan moments by calculating your zakat beforehand. Calculate the amount you need to spend as sadaqah and set it aside as well.

3. Clean & Arrange!
Instead of summer cleaning, this year go for a thorough Sha’ban cleaning. Give your house a thorough clean before Ramadan so that you don’t spend much of your time in cleaning afterwards. Arrange all the cupboards. Take out all the spare crockery and cutlery that you may require during Ramadan. Choosing a place to pray is also a good idea. Keep all the prayer mats, Quran and tasbeeh if you like nearby and within close reach.

4. Shop!
Grocery shopping for Ramadan in advance is highly recommended. Look for food that can be half cooked and frozen. Include healthy and nutritious food that release energy all day long. Granola with dates and nuts is a good option for sahoor if you are looking to manage weight, too.

5. Utilize!
Don’t forget to utilize each and every moment. If you spend time traveling in car, try utilizing it by saying various adhkar; You can also buy CDs of Quran or Adhkar or Islamic lectures regarding Ramadan and listen to them while you drive. You should make it a point to go through Islamic authentic books written on the topic of Ramadan before Ramadan. Ask your children to go through them, too, or at least discuss with them the key concepts so that all Islamic concepts regarding Ramadan are refreshed before Ramadan.

These are only some steps that will help you prepare for Ramadan. Let’s pray that May this Ramadan bring Barakah in our good deeds, hidayah, Imaan, rizq e halal and tayyab, offspring, life, health and happiness. Ameen.



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