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Published on November 21st, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 906

Haya From ALLAH (To Stop Sinning)

Allah subhana allah is all-aware of what

a person is doing that hiya

if a person has within him or herself

subhanAllah it will take him to great

heights haya from Allah if that I my

Allah has done so much for me why do we

have that concept in front of my mother

I’ll keep quiet in front of my teacher

I’ll keep quiet in front of my

grandparents no I can’t do that why

because I’m intended to them they’ve

raised me from day one they’ve done

everything for me out of respect for

this elder who has done so much for me

I’m gonna sit my mouth I’m gonna control

my emotions that’s what we do my my

brothers and sisters there’s no one who

showered us with more blessings than our

Creator our Lord from day one till the

last day and beyond that once we’re in

the grave and then when the real life

begins of the hereafter we are only and

only at the mercy of our Lord Almighty

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala there has to

be a level of from allah subhanho wa

taala as well and if that’s lost then

the opportunities to sin are going to be

endless as we move forward today in

these days in this modern day and age

technology has made sinning something of

a second nature sin is something which

is in our pockets with witness at our

fingertips it is with us in the Masjid

it is with us at the harem it is with us

in Islam it is with us in Hajj and Umrah

it is with us in the month of Ramadan it

is with us in the graveyards it is with

us everywhere the ability to commit sin

of all sorts is that our fingertips a

person can use a cell phone to gamble a

person can use a cell phone to order

drinks a person can use a cell phone to

look at Haram to order Haram all kinds

of stuff can happen with a person’s

fingertips credit card as their phone is

there there are possibilities of sin are

endless the possibilities of sin are

endless now at that time

subhanallah for a person to not be able

to fall into this trap what’s gonna be

required higher from Allah what is it

mean to have higher from allah subhana

wa ta’ala brothers and sisters the

prophets of allah i said explained that

and he explained that it would be that

half the rus when allah protects the

head and whatever it comprises them

meaning protect that tongue protect

those ears protect those eyes protect

the mouth from eating consuming haram

this tongue is moving at a very fast

pace in seconds I can tear away at

someone’s honor I can attack someone’s

honor in seconds in one second I can

attack a whole community a whole mission

a thousands of people a nation gender

ethnicity very quickly this tongue can

do damage that a huge arsenal of bombs

can do very quickly a person and with

this tongue can dig such a deep pit for

himself that the world’s bulldozers

won’t be able to dig such a deep pit for

oneself as quickly as this tongue does

by the misuse of it whether it’s

backbiting whether it’s slander whether

it’s accusations against one another

subhanAllah raising doubts against

people about people’s honor all of that

is done so I’m Allah protect the tongue

protect the ears from listening to liebe

listening to people you know useless

cheap jokes about people’s honor you

know indecent type of jokes protect our

ears from that because they have an

effect don’t think it’s out the one here

in the one year and out the other you’re

absolutely not it’s damaging like

looking at a murder scene Allah forbid

Allah protect us from having to ever see

some like that but you know it’s

traumatizing right this is traumatized

psychologically similarly watching

sitting listening to sin is traumatizing

to the soul because it’s trauma the

spirit the rooh if the soul has suffered

it was beaten up horribly it was abused

at a young age so much sin was committed

so much sin was

was seeing so much sin was heard that

now it’s very difficult for that soul to

get purified we’ve never given a chance

to heal

you know subhanAllah you’re beating down

upon someone give him a week two weeks

to heal but when he came to the soul day

after day night after night it was back

to it back to the sand back to the sand

that the soul did not get an opportunity

to rejuvenate the soul did not get an

opportunity to connect itself with Allah

and get some energy like this raw

spiritual feed for our soul in the Vicar

of Allah in the recitation of the Quran

in Salah and performing hulu and feeding

the poor in a wiping our hands over the

heads of your friends these are things

that bring spirituality to our heart

give strength to our work but if a

person didn’t do that and constantly

sinned again and again day in day out

then that spirit that soul takes a huge

hit the eyes of course are part of the

head as well that a person whatever he

sees yes it sure the uses those eyes to

see that which will take him to allah

subhanaw taala looking at me I’m of

Allah looking at the nature of allah

subhana wa ta’ala pondering over if this

flower is so beautiful if the sky is so

beautiful if then if the starlit sky is

so beautiful imagine the holic of this

how beautiful this must be subhanAllah

imagine the creator of this how much it

must be brothers and sisters we need to

gain an appreciation of our Lord we have

thank you cards for each other we have

we say subhanAllah thank you to Tony for

someone who opens the door for us we

feel obliged to someone who gives us a

bottle of water for someone who

subhanallah waited for us to to do or

bypass them at a red light or a green

light and we wave at them everyone we

value what they do for us save a loss of


that is that one I lots of Hannah with

Adam how often do we sit and say Allah I

am so thankful for what you have done

for me I’m so grateful for what you have

done for me you have showered me with

beautiful parents you’ve showered me

with a beautiful spouse you’ve showered

me with children you showered me with

health and wealth all that you have

given me Allah

I want to simply say thank you I simply

want to say Ya Allah that I am

appreciative and I am not deserving of

this continue to shower me with these

blessings do not allow my ungratefulness

to become a means of myself being

deprived of these blessings
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